A noblewoman with a keen interest in Super Robots, she hopes to find Maxion's secret.

Appearance Edit

Margret Hilary has long curly blonde hair a tall slim build and blue eyes. She typically wears a long black dress with a large black head piece of some sort and a jacket.

Personality Edit

Proud and aloof, Margret believes in the superiority of her country, company and her lineage. She is intelligent, knowing the ins and outs of the standard Super Robot build and is a capable pilot herself. She has gained an interest in Maxion, desiring to learn it secrets.

History Edit

The daughter of a Duke, Hilary was a genius and worked against her family's wishes to become an engineer for Super Robots, making Fusion Industries what it is today. Her position in the company gives her a great deal of autonomy and resources since her family cut her of. She is helped by her butler at all times.

Abilities Edit

  • Car: Her car is modified to have equipment such as computers, boosters, bullet proof glass and other gadgets.
  • Mechanical Knowledge: The Dutchess is an expert in Super Robot construction and operation.
  • Pistol: The Dutchess carries a hand gun at all times.

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