ESP-001 Gundam ESPECIAL is the titular Mobile Suit from Gundam Especial. It is the first maneuverable Gundam produced by the ESPALIER Project. It is made to be optimized for Esper use. Using data collected from all known Espers it can adapt to each Esper's ability for a different "ZENER" style. It has multiple pilots, each with a different ZENER. ZENER can be used to refer to both the pilot and their ability.


Silas ZichtEdit

Silas' ZENER allows him to predict uncoming attacks and make quick calculations. These abilities are very similar to "Newtype" abilities from the original Gundam. When Silas pilots the ESPECIAL it's eyes turn yellow.

Klanz Deu'ContreEdit

Klanz' ZENER lets him take control of the opponent, ranging from having them unknowingly fall into his plan to having them fight each other. When Klanz pilots the ESPECIAL it's eyes turn blue.

Slein BrandenEdit

Slein's ZENER gives her pyrokinetic powers. She can use these powers to increase the power of the ESPECIAL's weapons and to weaken the metal of enemy Mobile Suits. She can also combust Mobile Suits with concentration. When Slein pilots the ESPECIAL it's eyes turn hot pink.

Darren VergayerEdit

Darren's ZENER is telekinses. He uses this to fight fight melee while the the beam-sword acts akin to a scorpians tail. When Darren pilots the ESPECIAL it's eyes turn sickly green.

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