Alternate Form(s): None
Age: Plans(blueprints):10 years, After Construction: 3 years
Height: 46m
Weight: 46,000t
Home world: Earth
Series: None
Type: Villain
Family No one(since he(Connor) was an orphan at 3 years old and that he isn't married)
Affiliation IDEA (Industrial Developments in saving Earth Association) (Before)
Created by Clee26

Originally, EXO-1 was a spaceship made for Connor Jackson, who volunteered to go exploring outside of our Solar System, to find a new inhabitable planet after World War III (also known as World War N), which devastated Earth. But along the way, EXO-1 was bombarded by a bunch of random space energies that caused the pilot and ship to fuse together into one, humanoid robot. But Connor became mentally unstable, making him return to Earth to destroy it...


EXO-1, stands for EXploration Outside of our Solar System. And 1 means that it is the first model.




  • Energy Canons: EXO-1 is originally equipped with the most sofiscated energy canons to destroy any incoming objects, but now, it is used to destroy humanity.
  • Durability: EXO-1 is made of an alloy created by fusing a bunch of things together to survive any thing that hits it, including it's own energy canons.
  • Strength: It possesses immense strength, capable of creating magnitude-8 earthquakes.
  • Thrusters: Thrusters that allow it to fly past Mach-4.
  • EMP: EXO-1 has EMPs to dis-activate his enemies' tech.
  • Power Absorption: While his enemies' tech. is disabled, it/he can drain its power source, strengthening himself.

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