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The first universe in the omniverse and the most important one. If Earth-Mahou Shoujo being destroyed, whole Omniverse would fall apart. Due that importance, Zen Seibertron Teikoku make this universe their capital univerese. This universe Earth is also the hardest one to conquer since it has the largest number of dangerous "multiversal" being defend it.

Characteristic And ZST Activity Edit

Even through this universe is the ZST capital, the ratio their activityin it are actually very low. Since this universe are so "positive" they doesn't need to be "active" in this universe. The Xeno life are alreadly a living hell so they doesn't have to worry about them attack Earth. Because if their life alreadly a living hell, they won't even considered bothering Earth anyway. Instead, they will be busy improving their life condition. A feat that are impossible because the every time they find some way to improved it, ZST immidiately screw up their plan.

They want the Xeno life condition to be a living hell, and even considered screw it up to the point a Xeno bed for dead every single momment in his life. But the plan when "cancelled" not because of moral reason, The only reason the Xeno are just a lving hell instead of something is because ZST doesn't even "bother" to make their life worse. ZST have better thing to do anyway.

In case the Xeno attacking Earth, ZST has set up an autonomate satellite that shoot down every single Xeno ship come near Earth. The satellite soon become obsolete, when Gaine and Da-Garn are awakened. After the Brave Robot came to live on Earth, ZST activity become un-needed. Since the every Brave Robot are considered to be one of the most dangerous being in existence. A large ammount of them defending Earth will ensure the planet safety. However, even if the Brave and ZST doesn't come to Earth, the Pretty Cure can defend Earth anyway. Even through they doesn't look dangerous, and even "cute". Thy are just as dangerous as the Brave. A fact that has been confirmed by the Time Space Administrative Bureau.

Also, the people of Earth in this universe doesn't hate Pretty Cure or the ZST. They worshipping them like they're their saviour god. And will gladly let them rule the Earth, whom the ZST refuse, because their mottos is "Freedom Is The Right Of All Sentient Being ... unless you're a Xeno". In this version of Earth, there also no war and people treat each other nicely. The poverty rates is un-existance and life condition are great. Ever since the Xeno attack Earth, however "logical" mind are considered a taboo on Earth and "emotional" approach become dormant. The changed from "logical" mind to "emotional" mind also bring the ZST, Pretty Cure and the people of Earth closer.

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