Episode 1Edit

The metal titan stood tall in its hanger. Blue paint glistened on the robot’s adamantium-metal frame, and silver vents stood out on its body. It was Echo-113, a prototype combat mecha built to combat and destroy giant monsters, or kaiju. The machine was easily capable of fulfilling its mission, as its wrist-mounted cannons could easily punch through most kaiju armor or exoskeletons.

Red lights flashed on and sirens started to blare in the hanger. Pilots and mechanics rushed through, while an announcement came in over the sirens: A kaiju codenamed “Thor” was rapidly approaching. A lone pilot ran up the mobile stairs to get in the cockpit of his anti-kaiju mech, Echo-113. Two massive hanger doors slowly opened, and Echo stepped out for its first field test.

“Thor” advanced through the burning city towards the hanger and the blue titan standing in front of it. The beast let out a roar and sprinted towards the mech, its four bladed arms cutting the air as he ran. Echo’s fist slammed into the kaiju’s chin, and wrist cannons fired shot after shot into the beast’s forehead, ricocheting off of “Thor’s” armored body.

Bellowing with pain and rage, “Thor” twisted and fired a stream of glowing blue plasma. The superheated gel struck Echo-113 and slowly began melting through the mech’s adamantium armor. The mech raised its arms, and unleashed a volley of bullets from its wrist blasters. Even “Thor’s” armor couldn’t take the assault, and the beast collapsed.

Echo’s pilot scanned the inert body of “Thor.” The kaiju was dead. Echo turned and walked back to the hanger to be repaired. When the next kaiju strikes, Echp-113 will be ready.

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