An eldritch technology that allows for the animation and programming of inanimate objects. It is usually used in the form of a ray. It is a trick based on force field mechanics and typically only used by the more advance races of the universe.

Nature Edit

An static electric field that animates objects like puppets. However it is limited to things capable of holding, or experiencing an electric charge. As it is electrically/static based, it can possibly spread depending on the affected target.

The list of potential targets ranges from straw scarecrows, corpses, to piles of junk. The energy field can also incorporate coded instructions/programs. The major weak point of things affected by this field, is the center of electrical activity in the body, in the case of most organics, their brains.

Trivia Edit

  • Based off the Scarecrows (their explanation at least) from the Doctor Who Episode Family of Blood, and commentary/review of World War Z (the book) by internet reviewer SF Debris.

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