The Vandoricon equivalent to Sparks

Appearance Edit

Embers resemble swirled of blue fire with sparkling white partlcles, orbiting a central white light that shines through them, as electricity arcs between the center, the flames and as the streams of flame.

Nature Edit

The physical substance of Embers is similar to Plasma and Matter-Plasma, thus they have a somewhat physical property. They can be held and pushed against. They are encapsulations of the 'spark of life' and holds a Vandoricon's consciousness. Embers generate the energy field, that moves the body and with a T-Cog transform it.

Embers must constantly be fed fed, ignite and expel as energy. The best substance is Engen as it burns clean, anything less takes its tole on the considerable life span of the Ember, through impurities. While Embers do eventually naturally fade that could take hundreds of thousands or even millions of years.

History Edit

They first became wide spread when the Vandorans awoke from their exodus on their now desert home planet, in robot forms. Embers meant that they could no longer naturally reproduce, making their species endangered

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