The Supreme Leader of the Cross System Empire

Appearance Edit

While an Imperial, Mileous wears a large black full body suit of armor, with several buttons on his chest. His helmet sports red eyes and a frowning, growling expression. He also wears a red cloak.

Underneath that is a scarred Imperial face.

Personality Edit

Mileous is rather serious, having learned the price the arrogance and complacently in his youth. While he has no qualms throwing away individual lives, he thinks towards the greater good of his overall empire. Despite opinions of him, he is not a warmonger and sees, war as a risky business venture, whose costs must be weighed against the ultimate goal.

Despite his positives, he is threatening and can be conniving, using round about methods when the direct path to his goals are blocked.

He loves his daughter, but does not trust her to be a good leader, due her mentality.

History Edit

When he was heir apparent, he nearly died to an assassination attempt from his brother. Surviving, he slaughtered his siblings and became Emperor. He is currently a cyborg, needing his suit to survive

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