The official ruler of the Empire, he is dismayed by the Senate's undermining of his attempts to advance his people to be more than the tyrants of the galaxy.

Appearance Edit

Ravion wears a typical Imperial suit but with a red cape and a golden key like pin on his left side. He has long red hair and pale skin with blue eyes. He is of a fit build and always armed with a blaster.

Personality Edit

Unlike previous emperors Ravion sees the flaws of his civilization and seeks to change it. He is well aware of how the other races of the galaxy view his species and how they how archaic much of the Empire's technology is. He despises the Senate for blocking his attempts to raise the Imperials from a race of Tyrants to intellectuals.

Ravion is an educated gentleman and is well studied in the technology of other races and legends. He is particularly interested in Maxion and Maxion Prime, not for Ubonium but for the intellectual boon they can give his people.

He also dislikes First Prince Kajin

History Edit

Ravion came to power as the last remaining heir to the throne. Him and his cousin, the lady Delores, were the only survivors of a short civil war among the royal family due to their unimportant positions. During this time he was sent away for his safety and learned about the greatness of the civilizations the Empire had conquered, not with military might or technology but their powerful WMDs.

Ravion has sought to change the empire for the better but has been blocked by the Senate, filled with old men who wish to maintain the status quo and the continue the dogma that rules the Imperials. While he has made some changes, they are small and not to his liking and have earned him an unfavourable view in the eyes of his people.

He has recently survived attempts on his life by presumably the Senate or his replacement that they have groomed. This ended only because of the war with the Drakons which he has managed to prove a capable military leader.

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