A member of the Mechanism Pantheon, he was known as the World Builder/ Rebuilder.

Appearance Edit

First Form Edit

In his original form Empyrion had a metal face with a cylinder shaped helmet. His armor was cylinder in shape, along with his large shoulder guards. He had variable wings on his back and typically was with a sword. His armor was silver with gold tribal markings

Second Form Edit

Empyrion became a handsome looking humanoid with short hair and a short beard. His shoulder armor is the same with semcircular chest armor. The rest of his armor is the same pattern as before, and he bared a flight ribbon on his chest. His fold up helmet can cover his face with circular pieces for ears.

Personality Edit

Empyrion is spiritual, with a deep respect for life and is seen as the wisest of the group and thus the leader. He is typically peaceful and has a deeper insight into the universe than the others, who often don't listen as it is not scientific. He is the most stable of the group and keen to protect the universe. Despite this, he has nothing against merrymaking. He is seen as a father figure to the others.

Powers and Weapons Edit

  • Telepathy:
  • Telekinesis:
  • Healing:
  • Vector Blade: The blade the other Pantheon swords were based on, it is able to rupture space-time
  • Resistance to Eldritch Powers

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