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The life blood of all Transformers, at least until they all learn how to use Chokon Power.

Characteristic Edit

Each cube of Energon contain a kilogram of "Cyber-Matter", a form of matter create by primus that contain 5861520000000 time more latent energy than normal matter. When use at a form of energy, Energon actually convert iself into raw energy without any outside help. This is what make Energon the most powerful Energy in the Universe, or the Multiverse for that matter. The formula use to calculate Energon is: E= MC^2 x 58615200000

Also, Energon are highly explosive when use in space, but relatively safe when use on Earth.

Variation Edit

Energon also have two type of Variation:

Energon Z: Have 9000 time more energy than Energon.

Super Energon: Have 50 time more energy than Energon Z

Avaiability Edit

Since there are no Great War in this Omniverse.Energon are super cheap, in "Zen Seibertron Teikoku" the production rate of Energon are 1 million time higher than the consuming rate. And it get higher when the Transformers stop using Energon. But the production chain are still running to supplied the "Zen Seibertron Teikoku" with a abundant supplied of Energon. So abundant that the main concern for them is not how to "make" energon. but how to "store" all the Energon they are making.

Long story short, energy are not a problem to "Zen Seibertron Teikoku"

Relation to Nucleon and Ununtrium. Edit

Energon and Nucleon since the begining of time have a distinct relationship. A Large ammount of Energon is needed for the formation of Nucleon. To make one gram of Nucleon, 1.9891 × 1030 kilograms of Energon will be condensed to the point it become one grams of matter, but with the Energy un-changed. After that, it will turn into a sun and being transfer into a temporal field that make time flow much faster than normal space-time continum. Then the energon will collapse into a specialize black hole with the same ammount of energy contain in the sun, and the black hole will be condensed into a gram of Nucleon.

To make a gram of Ununtrium however, they need to make 1.9891 × 1030 of nucleon USING SUPER ENERGON. And turn it into a sun, then they collapsing it into soild matter using a field that combine dark magic with techonology. The total energy release in a ten ton of Ununtrium is 9.392442e+105 joules

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