Weapons to work by polarizing forms of energy into one direction

Nature Edit

All energy weapons work on a similar principle, a form of energy is polarized to move in one direction, primarily at high speeds

Appearance Edit

Depends on the designer and technology.

Examples Edit

  • Blasters: Fires condensed packets or 'bolts' of charged particles/plasma
    • Plasma Caster: Similar in nature to a Blaster, but instead of small condensed bolts of plasma, they fired larger condensed spheres. The relationship is like the difference between a pistol/rifle and a grenade launcher.
    • Fusion Weapons: These are directly powered by Fusion Reactions and/or reactors, leading to a mix of Plasma Caster and Blasters, but ultimately more devastating than both.
  • Laser Weapons: These fire beams of radiation and/or charge particles
  • Warp Cannon: These fore focused beams of Gravitons
  • Disruptor: These fire condensed magnetic fields that disrupt molecular bonds.

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