A fuel originally based primarily on Ethium, and used to replace it. It is a plasma based substance.

Appearance Edit

Engen comes in several colors, mainly a golden green (made from Ethium), or a blue. It also appears as energy currents, of that color and arcs of energy of the same color. The most common form is pink.

Nature Edit

Engen is a plasma based substance, it is made of plasma, and like it, it can behave like the other three states of matter but thanks to the Photonic Particles in its makeup it is much more stable. It can take the form of a gas, a liquid or a solid. In solid form, it naturally takes the form of crystals, which can be cultivated or grow naturally, absorbing elements from around it.

It is toxic to most organic life forms when ingested or inhaled, and can wreak havoc on unprotected circuitry.

It is much more fuel efficient and powerful that common fuels like Uranium or (especially) fossil fuels. It is even more safe than normal Plasma, but retains the power of it.

  • Green: Allows mechanoids to eventually heal as it is made from Ethium.
  • Sickly Green/Necro Plasma: Highly dangerous to life forms.
  • Yellow: Yet another color. It is like pink but less fuel efficient.
  • Pink: Basic Fuel. It is artificially created.
  • Chronogen: A golden/orange fuel that is used for time travel devices.
  • Blue: Most effective, powerful fuel. Used it to create Embers for Plasma Hearts. It is the hardest to achieve
  • Proto-Matter: A form of Engen fused with metal, it is basically programmable matter and is used as the base for some mechanoids. It is also called Metalized Engen and is the only form not used as fuel.
  • Ultra Engen: A special enhanced form of Engen that gives a temporary power boost.
  • Super Engen: A special form of Engen that energizes the body of the mechanoid that partakes of it.

States Edit

  • Ore: When seeded on a world, Engen takes the form of crystals and ore embedded in the ground
  • Liquid: The most common and stored form, can easily transform into plasma and electricity, it leaves no waste.
  • Gas: Causes electrical malfunctions in the air and can produce energy storms on a planet, if its presence in the atmosphere becomes too great.
  • Radiation: Basically Gas, but with an electrical current. In this state it can cause devastating damage to electronics, even for mechanical beings that generally feed on Engen.

Engen Derived Products

History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Engen exists because I don't want to use the word Energon outside of Transformers fanfiction.

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