In the Super Robot Academy series, the Engen Matrix is a powerful device awarded to Transformers, usually of the rank of Prime.


A matrix can take many forms but it generally appears as a glowing circular diode inside the bot's body. While it can be more than just a circle, each on has a glowing circular diode in the center.


A Matrix is a reservoir of Engen. Each TRUE Matrix is linked to the homeworld via Subspace Capacitor and serves as a store of natural Engen, which is replenished overtime. When in use, the owner's power and recovery are greatly enhanced.

The One True Matrix

Not seen since the last True Prime, Magnus Prime, the Matrix is said to be a piece of the core of the home planet of the Robots. It was believed destroyed in the final battle with the Darcons that ended the great war. It is said to have existed since the time of Myths and Legends and connects to Axion, or the power behind it.


All Matrixes

  • Physical enhancement: The power of a matrix can be called upon to enhance the owner
  • Sped up Recovery/Minor Regeneration: It can also be used to heal them of minor and medium injuries.

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