The Mechanoid servants of the Engineers. They are composed of Rodanians

Appearance Edit

They are humanoids with cubic armor. Their armor is white and gold and the high ranking members have V shaped wings. They all carry swords and triangular shields.

Arms and Weaponry Edit

  • Danger Blades: They carry straight swords
  • Shields: Their shields can bare small plasma fire. The high ranking bots have guns on theirs.

Notable Members Edit

  • Maximus: Their leader who was nearly killed by Magnus Before.
  • Nova: A high ranking warrior who has a one sided rivalry with Magnus.
  • Sting: Unlike most he carries a sniper Rifle.
  • Wall: A large warrior who carries an axe.
  • Zeta: An ambitious bot who seeks to rise to the top.
  • Tyrest: A former rebel who turned traitor, is not trusted by his companions
  • Countless others

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