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Possibly the most ancient race in the galaxy. They are also called the ghosts of the galaxy.

Appearance and Biology. Edit

Their most natural appearance is that of a ghostly silhouette of light, which may at time bare of corporeal face.

They exist and beings of pure energy, operating at a higher level than the Von or Shadows, and because of that, they are bound to certain laws, by Cosmic Beings.

History Edit

In truth, they are the last of the Ancient Mechanoids. Whether due to corruption, or simple arrogance, unlike the rest of their kind, they did not 'ascend', possibly due to their pride and greed. They have sought dominion over the mortal races and can intervene only in select and often times indirect ways.

It was they who lead Maxion Prime on his path to become a Mechanoid, first turning him to weapon to use against their superiors. A plan which failed, and for which many of them were destroyed.

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