Possibly the most ancient race in the galaxy. They are also called the ghosts of the galaxy. The were originally the Eboncons.

Appearance and Biology. Edit

Their most natural appearance is that of a ghostly silhouette of light, which may at time bare of corporeal face.

They exist and beings of pure energy, operating like tha the Von or Shadows

History Edit

Originally a splinter group of Soloids, after the Matrix went dark, they abandoned the way of Sol and turned to other means to try and create new members of their race. This splinter caused them to war with their light-sided cousins. Eventually as the war died down, their turned to arcane sources to sustain themselves, while their cousins went away. This has cut them off from Sol directly but ultimately left them able to exist outside their mechanical bodies. They have since sought dominion over the mortal races but Sol acted against them. They were cursed that if they tried to force their way upon mortals they would fade away until they relented. Thus they are now fewer in number and rarely interact with mortal beings.

When they encountered Maxion Prime, he had already became a mechanoid but upon learning that Maxion, the Titan chose him, they suspected that he could have reignited the Matrix. Thus they captured him, and warped his mind, turning him into their instrument, despite the loss of their numbers. Eventually this was stopped by Maxion who had gotten Empyrion the keeper of the Matrix. In their presence the Matrix shined as Sol unleashed his wrath on them, and freed Maxion, who did not remember these events.

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