Evolroids are human made giant robots which make use of the Light of Evolution for power control. However, they are not as safe as most would like to believe... They were all mostly piloted by the Sisters.

Mark 1 Edit

Resembling more basic giant robots, with a cube for an upper body and a head located in the middle of the chest, these robots were armed with double cannons on their forearms and missile launched and where their shoulders should be. They had the nasty side effect of turning their pilots into subhuman monsters due to exposure to the radiation of their reactors.

Mark 2 Edit

Now resembling more advance/articulate Super Robots, the Mark 2 were noted for their back pack, more humanoid appearance, gundam style heads, and the lion/cat faces on their chests which held cylinders. While not as strong, they were faster and mounted better weapons and were capable of flight.

The heads on their chests were not for looks however, they were part of a physical system in the machine that limited and controlled the radiation output.

They are mounted with missile pods on their backpacks, double cannons on their forearms, turrets on their temples. They have also been equipped with energy sabers.

Their strongest weapon is the Red Light Ray, a beam fired from the lion head on their chest. It is a beam of Red Light Radiation, which essentially causes the target Kaiju to 'over-evolve', with its cells bursting and reducing the beast to a sludge. However it is not often used as there is no guarantee that the beam will have the desired effect due to various reasons.

Problems Edit

While arguably the best defense against Kaiju, the Evolroids are plagued by the fact that they use the same power as their foes, the red light. Overexposure to the red light can result in either death, or transformation into a subhuman beast that is overly violent.

The mechs are also, basically possible to pilot for someone with the Sol Factor as that power exists in an antagonistic relationship with the Red Light.

The Sisters Edit

The Sisters are a group of Clones, all grown at accelerated rates, and force fed information into their brains, to pilot the Evolroids. They are, for the most part, rather expendable, except those manage to survive one or more battles, and resist the corruption of the red light.

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