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A Yushou Kishin blessed by the spirit of Exkaiser. It pilot is Emperor Hoshikawa "E" Kaiser, whom actually the La-Chikyu version of the Exkaiser human form.

Construct Edit

Exkaizard design is base on Exkaiser but feature sleeker leg and stylized design. Since La-Chikyu lacked the techonology to make the transformation system possible, Exkaizard is constructed without the Transformation in mind. Exkaizard midriff is design to look like a pair of teeth, while it chest is design to look like the fore head of a lion. The lion eye, unlike Exkaiser, is actually a breasplate just like Mazinger Breast Fire. It arm is based exactly on Exkaiser, but dissed the blocky design and favor a more sleeky magitek one. Also it have two wheel in it shoulder.

The material used to construct Exkaizard is Cyber-Titanium, an alloy that ten time harder than Durabylium, the most powerful natural metal in all existence, whom people called "The Hardest Metal In the Universe. It reactor are the Quad Core Ultra Matrix, with power rating of 400 kilogram of Ununtrium. Or 3.90846493E100 KW. In synch with the reactor, the Pilot actually using his Prana a.k.a a form of Chokon Power to fuel the machine. Making it a machine run on both science and magic.

To control Exkaizard, the pilot using a form of motion capture technology to translated his movement into the machine. It can also use magic, just like the pilot.

Weapon and Attack Edit

  • Spike Shooter: Shuriken summon from Aether to attack the enemy
  • Impact Boomerang: Exkaizard retract it hand into the arm, two blade then pop out of it arm. After that Exkaizard launch the arm into the enemy.
  • Lionet Impact: Exkaizard create a magic circle that launch his hand into the circle, the hand then come out as a pair of energy lion head. This attack is the upgraded form of Impact Boomerang
  • Familiar: Exkaizard lauch it shoulder tire into the Enemy, while the tire rotate with blade pop up all around it.
  • High Familiar: An upgraded of Familliar, Exkaizard create two magic circle then launch his tire into them, the circle turning tire into a pair of deadly energy saw blade.
  • Kaizard Flare: Exkaizard created a magic Cycle that sprout out flame.
  • Kaizard Nova: The upgraded form of Kaizard Flare, Exkaizard created the magic circle, then it midriff teeth open to reveal a flame thrower that sprout flame to the magic circle. Then the flame being stronger and burn the enemy
  • Kaizard Crash: The lion forehead siide open to reveal a big energy shooter that shoot triangle beam.
  • Kaizard Sword: Exkaizard pull out a magical sword from a magic circle.
  • Kaizard Sword - Thunder Slash: The upgraded form of Kaizard Sword, Exkaizard charged energy into the sword, and slashed from afar, creating a form a cresent moon projectile to crush the enemy
  • Kyoudai Gasshin: Exkaizard can combine with Kaizard Loader to become King Exkaizard.

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