A female Mechanoid, an assassin for Megatronix

Appearance Edit

A red and grey robot, Faron, is slender in build with high heel soles, and large shoulder pads.

Personality Edit

Viscous, and merciless, Faron wholeheartedly believes in the superiority of mechanical beings over flesh beings and loves to show her superiority over 'pretenders', like Maxion and Hans.

History Edit

A minion of Megatronix, Faron is his go to bot for getting rid of high risk targets. While originally a Clerk class bot, she was outed from her position for Circuit Boosting and fell into Megatronix's crowd, where she rose up the ranks as his premiere killer.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

  • Dual Blaster Pistols: Twin blasters that can combine into a rifle or a plasma caster.
  • Cloaking: She bares a cloaking device that allows her to hide from eyes and sensors.

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