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A form of goverment made between various faction of gods, with the goal of keeping the peace in the Omniverse and humanity in check. However, due to their opinion about how to monitoring human, Zen Seibertron Teikoku, they enraged Zen Seibertron Teikoku, whom them proceed to murder them all.

Formation Edit

Billion year ago, all version of Earth in the Omniverse has been ruled by various pantheon of gods along with the Primus familly. Each of those pantheon ruled human differently and set different rule. However most of them seing human as a form off insect with the only faction that treat human with respect are the Primus Familly.

Most if not all the god seing Primus Familly as a threat and to counter that threat, they formed the Federation to counter them.

Human Living Condition Under Federation Of Gods Edit

Federation Of Gods main goal is to use human as a source of labor. Treating them with less respect than a bacteria. Under there rules, human are force into working as slave both physically and sexually without any break time or dignity. Man has been forced to work 24h per day under the supervision of there excutioner, the ancient, Xeno, while woman are use to please both the gods and the Xeno sexually.

Culture Edit

Federation Of Gods are a peaceful community with no war among themselves. All the god are teach since birth to treat human like garbage and everything that not Human with respect. Their favortite type of being are the "Xeno", whom they blessed with the gift of science and civillized. Thank to them, the "Xeno" alway enjoy the gift of good life condition ... atleast before the war.

The First War Edit

However, their treatment to human will not go un-punished. Gaia, who piss off after witnessing the detoriating living condition off human. And hearing them called her children "ape", "garbage". Declare a war against them, with then escalate into a full blown war between the Yuusha, the Transformers and the Federation.

Even the Xeno join the war, but not going against the Zen Seibertron Teikoku, but the humanity under Primus Familly rule, whom has the gift of "magic", and has been give the mission to liberate the rest of humanity. The mission is an success, with the full defeat of Xeno, and the rest of humanity being liberated.

The Temporary Peace Edit

After the human are liberated, Federation Of Gods are forced to sign a truce with Zen Seibertron Teikoku, whom overwhelming them with pure millitary might. The truce purpose is to give them time needed to strengthening their might.

And then, time goes by, several million year later, the Humanity and Zen Seibertron Teikoku now become one. Due to a biological aspect planned by Primus. Transformers and Human can reproduct with each other.

This form of co-existence give birth to a form of socially change happily accepted and promoted heavily by Zen Seibetron Teikoku called "wife-fearing". Under that change, the yardstick to measuring a man in ZST is how he fear his wife. And men who not fear his wife are being look down. To promoted that further, the genetic makeup of all Cybertronian are now being altered, with a new code that give all Cybertronian pleasure when being boss around by their wives and being beat up by them. Thank to that, all Cybertronian man are under their woman thumb, and those who don't seek a woman, just for the sake off being in her thumb. That effectively give human female, the ability to command her husband. After married, a Cybertronian will immediatly eat his brain, and formed a new one using pure love for her. This action proved that he have enough love, determination and courage to crush his own brain and sense of reason along with logic to become her slave, happily.

With wife-fearing, nearly every single member in ZST become a beast that can't be reasoned with, making them dangerous to every single other being in the Omniverse. And then, another war with this at reason.

The Second Wars Edit


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