The crown Prince of the Empire, he was raised by the Senate to uphold their point-of-view. He often undermines the Emperor's attempts to change Imperial Society.

Appearance Edit

Kajin with a teenager with short blonde hair, blue eye and a frail build. He wears an Imperial uniform with a large fur coat and a key like pin to show his rank. He is known for a constant wicked smirk.

Personality Edit

Kajin is arrogant, believing entirely in Imperial Dogma, that his is the perfect civilization its people the most evolved. He views all other races as second class citizens, viewing them 'equally' in that regard. He has a severe distrust of machine, primarily A.I. and due to this hold great prejudice against mechanical races like the Vandoricons, seeing them as threats to 'his' empire.

He views the current Emperor as a pathetic wallflower, and believes he should be in charge.

Despite his views about himself, Kajin is nowhere as smart or as competent as he view himself. Unlike his predecassor and like other previous Emperors, he has lived a closed existence, having never interacted with non-Imperials and not having the wit to pull of any of his plans, having to rely on others. In the end he is also just a puppet for the Senate and doesn't even realize it.

He is also a coward, who will try to hide behind his rank if the situation gets out of hand.

History Edit

Kajin is the son of the Lady Delores, cousin of the Emperor. He was raised by Senate agents to be a 'proper' emperor. He was raised to uphold traditional Imperial values and replace Emperor Ravion.

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