Known as the Peacekeeper and Strategist of the Mechanism Pantheon, Flarion was the only feminine member of the group

Appearance Edit

First Form Edit

In her original form Flarion a red and orange feminine mechanoid, with slender limbs and a helmet that resembled fire and bangs. She had green eyes and was slender in build compared to her comrades.

Pantheon Form Edit

In her new body, she resembled a tall pale skin humanoid in oriental armor. She had a flight ribbon, red armor and a black shoulder guard/collar. Her golden head piece/helmet resembled flame and had a red visor along with a face plate that came down.

Personality Edit

Flarion, despite her appearance, was a calm bot, who always preferred to analyze a situation. She was fond of intellectual pursuits and was wholly devoted to the goals of the Pantheon.

History Edit

A member of a peaceful race of Mechanoids, Flarion was the tactical officer, who was in charge of planetary defense. She is the last of her kind, who were wiped out by the horrors the Pantheon now faces.

Powers and Weapons Edit

  • Laser Sword: A large energy broad sword like all pantheon members.
  • Sunlight Aura: In her ascended form, she was able to manipulate her aura to heal, empower or protect others and herself.
  • Telepathy: She is a skilled telepath.
  • Flight: Like each pantheon member in their second form, she could fly on her own.

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