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The newest member of the Atlanta crew. He is known simply as Flurr

Appearance Edit

(look at the image! XD :Flurr)

Personality Edit

Flurr is young, excitable and immature. He is also inexperienced with the world and is unaware of things most other Mechanoids would know. His immaturity is also reflected in how he may start shouting when bothered and he can be easily bothered. Ultimately he is a well meaning individual.

Flurr, is enamored with the idea of space travel, and has heard of the Atlanta and its adventures and practically worships it and its crew.

History Edit

Flurr is a stowaway.


Weapons and Armaments Edit

  • Arm Laser: Flurr's arm transforms into an arm laser, the kind used for mining. Which makes it useless in combat.
  • Energy Blade: Flurr's left arm can transform into a green energy blade, but he almost never uses it.

Gallery Edit


  • Flurr transforms into a Mining Drill Tank

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