A gargantuan Vandoricon Construct. He is sometimes just called Fortress

Appearance Edit

A head taller than even Maxion Prime, Fotress Maxion is large blocky style giant robot. His shoulder armor sports numerous missile turrets, his hands also sport gun turrets. His armor is white with a grey face. He has layer waist armor and two large barrel to the side of his head.

His updated version had more smooth armor and curved armor.

Nature Edit

Fortress was built not too long after Maxion's first visit to Vandorica, which caused great cultural change. It was built with the express purpose of fighting him off should he return by the Senticons (military). It was built after the Predabot rebellion and during the eventual Imperial Occupation. While its original purpose still stands it is a secret weapon meant to deal with any threat to Vandorica and her people.

Fortress was constructed using Transmetal, but lacks a Spark, he is powered by a Warp Core, and covered in mostly Heavy Metal Plating in double or triple layers. Due to the tech used to build him, he is clunky and slow when walking. Some of his weapons are now outdated by Vandoricon standards.

When not in use, Maxion takes the form of a large build of the same name that serves as a military base.

Armament Edit

  • Missile Turrets: Automatic turrets one his shoulders and legs which act to shoot down air born targets.
  • Gun Turrets: On the side and front of the arms, these are intended for ground enemies.
  • Gravity Gun: Experimental when first used, hidden behind his fists are powerful gravity guns that can tear through even Heavy Armor.
  • Plasma Turrets: Unlike the normal turrets these are user operated. They can devastate light and heavy plating, they are especially devastating when the target is in space and the high heat gas expands to damage more of the ship.
  • Transformation System: Maxion can transform into a large building

Updated Edit

  • Plasma Turrets: Replacing the turrets on his shoulders
  • Warp Core: Providing greater energy.
  • Heavy Plating Knuckles: Created to improve close quarter combat
  • Laster Turrets: Replacing Gun turrets:
  • Improved Gravity Gun:
  • Warp Thrusters: Graviton Thrusters that push the machine up to escape velocity and then to FTL.
  • Transformation System: The new Maxion can transform directly into a space ship
  • Gravity Walls: They repel most physical projectiles, even those from Graivty Guns. They are located in the most dense sections of armor.

Trivia Edit

  • He is based on Metroplex, while his name is from Fotress Maximus, both characters from Transformers.

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