A powerful manufacturing and mining company, which specializes in 'Space Engineering' and mining. They are one of the leaders in the Space Travel market and even have their own military vessels. Their primary goal is to advance their technology to be able to achieve FTL. They are rival/partners of Satellite Heavy Industries

History Edit

They arose through the cunning and perhaps unethical means of Maxine Potter who merged two rival firms into one super corporation. Rivaling even Satellite Heavy Industries, who fortunately have different interests, which creates a sort of partnership between the two.

Their main source of income is the mining of asteroids and the production of goods used to build technology in space and on Earth. To this end they produce mining ships and asteroid based mining facilities.

Main Products and Services Edit

  • Military vessels and weapons: Such as Gatling guns and rocket turrets for base and ship defense.
  • Mining Facilities: They construct bases around asteroids to mine for resources
  • Mining ships and drones:
  • Resources: Which they use themselves for themselves or sell.

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