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GN-XVI is the main mass-production mobile suit of Earth Federation in the 41st Millenium. It was mainly featured in Grimdark Precure.

Technology and Characteristic Edit

GN-XVI is powered by a Minovsky Ultra-Compact Thermonuclear Reactor and two GN Drive. It was armed with a GN-Chain Sword, a GN-Bolter Gun and 8 GN Bit

Weapon System Edit

GN-Chain SwordEdit

A chainsaw blade with green edge. It can direct GN-Particle through the edge to increase the cutting power, or to generate enough heat to destroy the enemy. Each edge can also create a beam blade

GN-Bolter GunEdit

A gun the shoot out packet of condensed GN-Particle. When the beam penetrate the enemy armor, the packet will exploded.


GN Fangs are a collection of 8 remote controlled weaponry. The GN Fangs are equipped with a beam emitter each that can fire beam shots or emit a short beam

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