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A Corvette size ship used to police GPSA Space. They are used both in space, and in atmosphere, and during war times, function as massive fighter craft.

Appearance Edit

Resembling a cross between a speed boat and a rocket, it sports a back with twin engine pods which split into four in an X formation. This alternate state is to improve maneuverability. They have twin cannons on the side near the front and a turret on top.

Armaments Edit

  • Warp Drive: They can travel to other systems, but their version is limited and cannot go past one or two systems before the ship needs to be refueled.
  • Blaster Turrets: Their main cannons and the Turret controlled by a gunner.
  • Plasma Engines: Main form or propulsion.
  • Shields: Rudimentary Deflector Shields. Not all that powerful, but can let it survive one or two hit without worry of damage.
  • Concussion Bombs: Ionic bombs used in bombing runs.

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