Special Elites who undertake special missions, directly from the Council.

Appearance Edit

Similar to the Council Guard, but all black with a starry appearance.

History Edit

From among the Council Guard, certain members are put back into active duty, performing black ops, under council orders.

Armaments Edit

  • Radiation Protection: The body suit protects the wearer from mild levels of harmful radiation.
  • Space Suit: The helmet and body suit allow the user to survive in space. The armor's 'bakcpack' hold extra air for breathing.
  • Elite Blaster Rifle: Standard Armaments: These blaster rifles, fired repeated shot continuously before overheating, or running out. However like all blasters, they quickly loose their accuracy. unlike the troopers, theirs do not fire volley but single shots, with improved accuracy
  • Ablative Armor: The armor is ceramic and made to absorb kinetic power from projectiles, but it also evaporates in layers to reduce the effectiveness of blasters and other energy weapons. Shadow Guard armor, also has stealth features that absorb radar, and other similar sensor waves. The material is expensive.
  • Pockets: For holding extra gear and equipment.
    • The 'pocket' on the forearm hold an arm mounted touchscreen computer.
  • Helmet:
    • Com System
    • HUD Display: Holographic images on the inside of the helmet are controlled by eye movement, or react to the arm mounted computer

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