The main character of the Destroy All Super Robots series.Her full name is Gabriel Carpenter

Appearance Edit

Gabe has messy red hair, an athletic build and slightly tanned skin. Her blue eyes and freckles, all point to a mixed background. She rarely seen in a skirt, even her official uniform is modified to have some form of pants.

Personality Edit

Head strong and sometime confrontational, Gabe is wise for her years. She absolutely abhors the existence of Super Robots. Despite her gruff appearance, she is a mechanical genius, and is much smarter than what people expect.

She values her freedom and 'victory' above even her own life, but still cares for others.

History Edit

Raised by her grandmother, Gabe was originally raised by her uncaring mother before staying with her grandmother who raised her to stand for herself. She is also possibly an alcoholic

At the start of the story she is Seventeen years old.

Abilities Edit

  • Photon Gene: Gabe is able to pilot the Super Robots
  • Mechanical Genius: Gabe can take apart and put back together most devices around her, she also had a working grasp on advanced and complicated topics.
  • Brawler: Her fighting style means she knows how to take a bunch, and judge her opponent.

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