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The following page (Gaigar (Lord Omniverse)) contains material that some viewers may find offensive and/or inappropriate. It is strongly advised that viewer discretion be used before proceeding. Note that the contents of this page does not reflect the view of the Super Robot Fanon Wiki Community as a whole, and we apologize to any troubled by such content.
Gaigar is the name of Unicron only heir before he merge with Primus. He is born when some of Unicron's essence hit a meteorite. The meteorite is warped by the sheer ammount of chaos energy inside
Genesis Gaogaigar

the substance and form him. He can be called a son of Unicron

Appearances Edit

Gaigar is a robot that Transform into Lion.

Power And Abilities Edit

Even through he come from Unicron bloodline. The fact that all the Yuusha have both Primus and Unicron blood inside them make Genesic Gaogaigar just as half strong as any other Yuusha. Althrough he still have enough power to destroy most of the Omniverse.

Personality Edit

Gaigar is a Fanboy in the purest sense. He considered the Yuusha to be a milestone that he want to archieve. And will follow their order like a dog to his master. He called them Sensei and alway admire them. Even through they spend most of the time to spy on girl bath, taking lewd photos of their girl. Contradict themselves everytime.

He refuse to do the vile thing that most of his other disciple do. Such as "that vile thing start with R". This gain him a strong point in Shining eye as he dislike "that vile thing that start with r" very much. Only Goldymarg and Mic Sounder 13th share the same moral compass. So they get along very well.

Form Edit

Gaogaigar: His first combine form, this form increase his power by the number of 100%

Star Gaogaigar: He get this form after joining and become Shining disciple. All the T.S.A.B Tech piece has been replace by Zen Seibertron Teikoku tech

Gaofighgar: Gaogaigar get this form after he being repaired by Honoka Yukishiro, using Brave Police tech

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