The Star Empire which covers the territory of the southern quadrant of the Scorpio Galaxy

Location Edit

The Imperium now occupies the space previously held by the Galactic Alliance, Planetary Federation, Cross System Empire, Chromium Commonwealth and the Convenant of Flame, making it the largest Star Empire in the southern Quadrant's history.

History Edit

Coming almost a thousand years after the previously mentioned Star Empires, the Imperium was previously known as the Galactic Republic, but after a civil war was reorganized into an Imperial Society.

Culture and Policies Edit

The Imperium is effectively ruled by a Basik royal family, resulting in a 'Basik' first mentality emerging and a Noble class holding power.

The society is also very militaristic and due to its somewhat oppressive nature, to the more non-humanoids, it has to deal with numerous rebellious elements.

Organizations Edit

  • Mechanism Fraternity: The official scientific body
  • Imperial Knights: Cyborg warriors in power armor and using heavy weapons
  • Mecha Academia: The organization devoted to training and maintaining mechs
  • Imperial Navy: The division of the army that commands the space ships of the Imperium
    • Imperial Marines: A ground division selected for special operations and combat aboard starships
  • Shadow Watchers: The Imperium's Inquisitors and Assassins
  • Imperial Guards: Normal ground soldiers.
  • Navigation Guild: An all female organization which oversees space travel.
  • Reploids: An advance form of sentient droids, built to resemble Basiks, they are essentially a slave race to the Imperial Regime.
  • Imperial Parliament: The central organization that governs the Imperium with the Emperor

Technology Edit

The Imperium uses Plasma Technology, but it's main power source on anything from bases to starships can be large Nuclear Fission, Fusion or Anti-Matter reactors.

Their main form of FTL is the Warp Drive, but they use Jump Drive based Jump Gates for quick private, official or military transportation. It's primary technological focus is the military.

The Imperium also seeks out a substance called E-Z-0

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