The Galactic Pan Species Alliance, also called the Alliance or the GPSA, is a collection of races from the Vandoran Home Galaxy.

Government and Policies Edit

The Alliance is an alliance truly, while all member species obey their overall laws, each species/civilization mainly just goes about its own business, usually in the name of profit. While the Alliance has an overall military, each member species has its own military.

The Alliance hinges on capitalist practices, with large corporations and trade federations having sway in its politics, even as much or most than some entire species.

They are run by a High Council, composed of the various races, Civilizations and Trade Federations, which in turn is ruled by the Interim Council of five members.

Their colors are Grey and Black

History Edit

The GPSA was formed from the alliance of races who were plagued by the Vandorans and their hunts. Together they fought a war with them that ended with the use of the End and the bombing of their homeworld. Over the centuries that passed, the Alliance grew as more species joined until it became one of the great powers of the galaxy. Their current enemies are the Cross System Empire, the Covenant of Flames and the Planetary Federation.

Member Races Edit

  • The Castra: A feline race and a founding member.
  • The Rogan: A warrior race, a founding member.
  • The Kerri: A founding race, they take the form of large jellyfish like creatures with cybernetics.
  • The Salan: A founding race, they known for being physically weak, but very intellectual.
  • The Morgan: An all female race, the later joined. They are deeply spiritual.
  • The Kalis: A military minded avian/reptillian race.
  • The Tok'Kor: An insectiod, humanoid race that live in bio-suits and bio-domes.
  • Pending.

Starships Edit

Military Edit

  • GPSA Trooper: Standard Soldiers
  • GPSA Council Guard: Special Elites who guard Council Members
    • GPSA Shadow Guard: Special Elites who undertake special missions, directly from the Council.
  • GPSA Inquisitor: Special forces, tasked by the Council with difficult missions, or mission of questionable morality. Short of treason they are given permission to do what is needed.

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