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Series: Galactic Robot War
Name: Maxion(s)
Owner: SolZen321
Previous Episode: Super Robot Diary: Log 1
Super Robot Diary: Log 2
Next Episode: Galactic Robot War: Episode 2

Characters Edit

Part 1 Edit

Narrator: Maxion

My name is...well I don't suppose it matters right now. I don't know what it is. My drones, and robots refer to me as 'master' and that title is a little too pompous for me to take as a name. Since my arrival I have done nothing but built, a base, robot servants, machines, but now I have decided to explore. With this Mark 8 body, I am now seeking new worlds to explore.

Out here, I have built satellites to monitor any travel in the area of this solar system and I have sent probes to other system as well. This, however marks the first time, to my knowledge, that I have moved beyond my home.

I wouldn't say that my ship was primitive, but I wouldn't call it advance. It had the basics, plasma turrets, a jump drive, energy shields, a reactor, thrusters and a communications array. It was a basic long rocket shaped vessel with four engine pods at the end.

The reason for this was, hard to explain. Some time ago I was attacked by an energy being, it awoke me to the possible dangers that lurk out here, now I hear something, in the back of my head. It was a call from across the void and I decided to find it.

It didn't seem logical, but logic, it seemed, would not get me back my memories. So I took of, on a shipped manned by my droids, using the data gathered from my probes to map this corner of the galaxy.

I must admit, my first jump was most, discomforting. To see space around you warped like putty and then snap back in place could be at times...psychedelic to the unprepared. But like that, we were in another system, some hundred or so million kilometers away from where we started and then the cycle began. We had to wait for the jump drive to charge back up again. In the mean time, we dropped more probes to go and study the nearby planets. This only told me what I suspected before, the systems around me were devoid of life, but now I knew that they bore battle scars or some ancient war.

Only one world was seeming spared this fate and the creatures upon its surface were so viscous that they ATE my probe! I would hate to think of what sentient race would ever arise from there.

Eventually I jumped into a new system, to find a ship.

Part 2 Edit

The ship was small, at least for my liking, but I remembered that most races where smaller than me. I then realized this shuttle was a corvette. The front was a semi-circle with a back in the shape of a C. On its wings were guns and it bore several square shaped thrusters on the back with a pair of circular ones that were turned off.

I was excited, finally, someone else to talk to, hopefully, maybe. I didn't know who or what was on it. I ordered the drones to hale the ship, but they didn't answer. Instead, they opened fire on us. I turned and ran, honestly I didn't know how my ship would fare against this craft, even if I was bigger, but the fact that my shield were quickly draining, put the thought in my head that I was the primitive one.

To make matters worse, I quickly learned that, my ship was the slower of the two. The corvette was making passes on my ship and I was force to return fire, not that it did much good. My guns were too slow with their targeting system, and their superior shields could hold of more damage.

All seemed lost, until it happened. In my chest, my 'heart' skipped a beat as I felt something. The massive ship just jumped in front of us, holding both of us in a...a tractor beam. This ship dwarfed both of our crafts, it was long with rectangular engine pods on the side and a slanted front. Its hull was a dark gunmetal grey. However the most interesting part of this ship, was that it felt...familiar.

I soon found my ship being drawn closer towards the vessel and I could feel it, that same sensation only now vastly stronger, no longer in the back of my head, it was all I could think about.

"I am leaving..." I said to the drones, "begin repairs..." They did as they were told as I made my way towards the side exit. Upon exiting the air lock I found myself and the ship in a large hangar. Looking out I could see the other ship held out in space, whatever, whoever they were, they were of not interest to whomever controlled this ship

I found myself on board and being lead about. Doors closed and opened and I kept getting closer and closer to the center of this sensation I was feeling. Until I found my way to the core. It was a massive metal sphere touching the ceiling and floor of a room composed of piping, some metal, some showing the dim streams of plasma running through them. It took me a moment before I figured it out. This wasn't simply the ship's power source, this was its heart, like me, an energy being, powering, and driving a mechanical body.

I moved to speak to it, when I was hit from behind by something, something that stuck to my person and sent vast amounts of bolts through my body. I seized up and looked around, humanoids, in full body armor and jetpacks. They had tails and sported some shotgun looking blasters, but one had a pistol which he had used to him me with a restaining bolt. I collapsed and went offline. That would've been the end of that, but it wasn't

Part 3 Edit

This ship had been calling me, like me, it generated the energy field that moved its body and it had been sending it out to me, giving me dreams, giving me nightmares. As I slipped into unconsciousness, I slipped into another realm, another body.

I found myself in a white void, in robes of heavenly white, looking at a pale skinned female humanoid, similarly dressed, with red eyes and silver hair. I was also organic now, with a tan skin tone and clawed hands, though my build was ever slender.

The vision didn't last long, the girl told me something and then it was over. I found myself a humanoid ghost of blue flames, floating in a see of pixels surrounded by currents of data, all leading to the source, a great source of light.

"I know you..." I said hoping it would understand "but I would know your name..."

"I am Maxion..." said a calm, but thunderous voice "and I sense within you the code..."

"Code, what code. I am a being of energy..."

"We are all energy, past our crude matter is but luminous beings such as us. In more ways than one. All matter, all substance, is but code, all is bound by the WORD, yet each of us perceives it differently, both physically and mentally. The world is a mirror but we all see the same mirror."

"I fail to see how that helps..."

"Well, in all fairness you are not here for me to help, I need your assistance..."

"To do what...?"

"To survive, my spark, my ember is dying, it is old. Where once it was a great sun, it is now but a cloud of cinders. To acquire the energy I need to create the life force I require, I must merge, if but for a time..."

"Who are you...?"

"I am Maxion, last of the Titans, or as far as I know..."

"Who am I, for I do not know. I came here looking, hoping for answers..."

"Then let us find them..."

"I don't know why...but, I feel like I can trust you..." I moved into the light and touched it and it touched me and in this union, this fusion, it was like a gate was thrown open and a flood of energy came roaring out.

I saw it, this being's memories, I saw a war across the heavens. I saw titans of metal combat horrors made of flesh and bone. I saw worlds die, I saw stars burn and I saw forces too great for me unleashed, but the worse what I a learned, what I remembered. I remembered my name, I remembered what I was a Vandoran. That was why they attacked me, the Castra, they recognized the language of the signal. My people were organic, they were hunters, warriors and they were butchers. They incited war in the name of honor and glory and paid for their bloodlust with their world. What was once green jungles was now the sphere of countless deserts I called home...again. Worse yet was what I did, what I unleashed upon our enemies and my people, I did it, I brought about the end, I, I...

"I see into your soul..." said Maxion "I see fear, misery and suffering...yet there can be more..."

"No, no there can't..." I said defeated. Then Maxion sent a surge of energy into me.

Part 4 Edit

I awoke, back on the ship. The Castra warriors were busy looking at the core, trying to figure out why it was suddenly pumping out more power. I on the other hand, was in a state of shock. My chest opened up and my energy spilled out and it arced into the floor and the ships energy arced into me. I was doing something, not the machine I called a body, the sphere of energy in that. I felt myself condensing, as my body shot to its knees. The Castra trained their gun on me and one kept pressing to shock me again, not that it would do anything now. Liquid metal poured out of this body. The Mechanical Cells I designed, only these were different, they were like the micro machines I built, these Soon I also fell out, and realized I was producing these cells, quickly, and without end.

The cells rearranged themselves into a humanoid shape, into a new body. They were at a lost what was going on, and were even more dumbfounded when the core's casing opened and let out a ray of light in my direction. The pain subsided as my newly formed body become more solid and eventually became another mechanoid. This wasn't like my previous body, which was mostly cubic in build. Everything looked organic, skeletal. My bare skeleton was visible, underneath layers of wire, tubes and metal fiber muscles, covered by curved, organic style armor plating that sported symbols in a strange language I had never seen before but knew. My face, besides my optics, its was metal plates arranged, into eyebrows, cheeks, lips and a forehead, under a helmet. My fingers were now clawed.

I was reborn and like some newborns, I was hungry. I turned on my former body, and shoved my hand inside, to the fuel cells, igniting the fuel and absorbing the plasma directly. I grabbed the head of my former body and began to absorb the files. Despite my body being organic, it was still machine like in some regards. Like that my new body body began to change.

What was once gun metal and grey, became primarily red, with white and a few golden lines. My lower legs became larger and my toes larger, my helmet now sported a gold V crest over a red stone and best of all a face plate to a red helmet. My chest area became red, gaining mass and layers as did most of my body. My lower arms became oval in shape and much of my internal workings were now covered over as the armor expanded.

The core shut itself and the Castra aimed their guns at me again.

"An interesting trick", said one of them. He took out another pistol and shot me with another restraining bolt. This time, my body just soaked up the energy, not that they noticed. All they knew was that I didn't drop this time from the shock. "Okay, now that we have you attention..." he said, translating the dialogue to my language. "Who are you and where are your creators...?"

"My creators?" I said "They are gone, war took them."

"Then what are you...?"

"I am that, which was left behind..." Honestly I don't know how true that was. I remembered being Vandoran, but I don't know why I am an energy being, or why I awoke back on my home world.

"Rampant A.I...!" said one of the others.

"Rampant would imply I have gone against the will of my creators, their absence leaves me unsuitable for that categorization..."

"You're a CPU with an opinion..." he said with spite.

"And you are an animal with an opinion, yet I do not care..." He reached for the button, their leader had and pressed it. Everyone tensed up when I did nothing.

Part 5 Edit

The boy pressed it again and again, but still I didn't react. I instead pulled it of and crushed it between my fingers.


"I drained the energy..." I replied "Now, if you are finish, I will be leaving, my business here is complete..." The boy fired again, the damage was only cosmetic and I scrapped the carbon scoring of my chest. "That is enough. I hold no interest in harming any of you, and I have no more business here." I turned to walk.

"Mercy, from a tin can..." he was clearly the leader, with the arrogance and bravado in his voice. The way he said 'tin can', irritated me. It was only when I growled that remembered, I was Vandoran. It was very easy for this to get nasty and not because of them, because of what was in my genes. This body, it had a code, a biocode, based of my original DNA. In it was millennia of aggression, of hunters, of killing gnawing at the bars to get out, and I was the only thing keeping it all shut in.

I turned around, from the way they walked back I clearly had an unhappy face. My hand retracted into my arm, the top part of my forearm armor split open and out formed a barrel which extended out. Just like that I fired a large ball of plasma. They scattered, ducking behind the power core of going into the air and shooting at me.

"What happened to 'holding no interest'?" shouted the leader from behind the power core.

"I have anger issues...!" I shouted back as I waited for gun to reload. We all had anger issue, we Vandorans, I suppose it was why we invented 'The Hunt'. That didn't matter now, right now I had to figure out how this weapon worked, how to get it to reload.

It didn't matter, Maxion, the ship ended the battle. His core gave of another burst of light. When I came to I was in my ship, at the helm. Looking out Maxion was gone, and I guessed that the others were in their ship as well. With one hand useful, I programmed my ship to head home.

Along the way, I began trying to fix my arm. It was odd, there was a gun barrel on my but I felt every part of it. It was not like my previous body where I was just aware of where the wiring went, but I felt the barrel, the special coils inside and the store case. Then I remembered the sensation of when I first changed. It took some concentration, but I eventually got back my arm. Then I looked at myself in the reflection of the console.

Prior, I didn't have much reason to care about my appearance but now? My face was made of metal plates, my cheeks were two layers of curved plates, seperated by the rectangular piece that was my nose. My optices where in sockets between my cheeks and my brow under my helmet and with sculpted metal pieces for eyebrows. My lips, two shaped metal pieces, my shin, my lower jaw, all pieces of metal seemingly formed into the proper shape to make a face.

My helmet was also made of pieces. There was an arc, running from ear to ear with circular diodes, my ears on each side. Another layer was inside, covering most of my head, while it was topped with my crest. My upper arms and legs, above the wiring and metal, where bands of metal that wrapped around my limbs to be armor. My forearms had long red bands of armor which made a rather oval like shape. My lower legs, sported plates of armor on the side, and arc over my back calf and over my shins layers of armor. My shoulders sported three pieces of armor, one on the front, back and on top. My upper body sported to pieces for the chest plate, a piece for my under arm, a solid plate on my back and double arcs on my shoulder blades. Finally there was my waist armor, an arrow head shaped piece, with plates of metal making a short skirt protecting my pelvic joints. My upper body, my helmet, my forearms, lower legs and pelvic armor where all red, while the rest was blue, save my face which was a gunmetal grey. My eyes, they shined with the same color as my energy self.

This was all new to me, yet the face I saw in the reflection looked familiar. It was sculpted after my original organic face, but that wasn't what I meant. I had seen this face, or a face like it, somewhere, most likely in the span of time cut of from my memories.

When I returned home, I was different, I felt the heat of my desert world, I felt the aching heat of the day and the merciless cold of night. I went to work studying my new form, but I also went to work remodeling the place, to accommodate me.

While my home became more comfortable, I made so little progress with my body. Oh I understood it, metallic cells where an easy concept to grasp. Getting this body to work, not so much.

Nothing logical was working for me, in So I made an illogical choice, I took a walk. A long walk into the desert with little more than a blaster rifle and a cape of synthetic materials. I took a walk into the radioactive desert, where mutated horrors awaited me.

Part 6 Edit

In my journey I learned a few things, one, this body needs sustenance, it is more than just fuel. With my old bodies, the operating system told me when I was low on fuel, here it was hunger. I had already devoured most of my fuel cells for my blaster and I was since using it as a club. It was already bent out of shape and useless as a gun.

Out here I had faced sandstorms that nearly ripped of my armor plating, had I not buried myself. The experience left my cape in tatters. I had to face the merciless sun that cause me to overheat and black out several times. I dealt with the cold that put me into stasis lock, I shut down, barely conscious, as my nerve, or circuits froze. Neither experience was pleasant.

I had to beat of four legged hunters that roamed in packs, I beat back large spiked lizards that waited underneath the sand to spew fire at me. I faced more golems, and found crystals that where charged with energy. Many of the creatures had developed metal shells or skins, which I found useful as food, my bodied stored the material as bio-mass to heal my injuries. The crystals, were a great relief, they proved a suitable energy source. They were an interesting study and I believe I figured out a way to make an artificial version.

While this was all interesting, invigorating, terrifying, it was moot point to the issue that bothered me. I was being followed. I had noted several shadows in the distance, humanoid shapes, I couldn't say how big they were, but their number continued to vary. At one time there were five. It was hard to say what they were or what they wanted. I had thought them golems at first, but they were the wrong shape and moved differently.

This was strange, there should be no others on this planet, I've scanned the whole sphere enough to times to confirm this. The only logical possibility was that they came after. I would say I would've noticed, but I've been away from the base for several days now. They could've arrived here some time after my spirit walk, and I would not have notice.

I decided it was too risky, so I made the decision to head back to the base, or at least within its communication's range. The satellites I had put up into space communicated with each other and the base through laser transmissions. The radar only had around fifty thousand Mega-Klicks (kilometers) in range.

It was on the way back when it happened. Something hit me, sending shocks all over my body. Given what my optics saw, and what I felt, it was most likely an EM pulse. It was most likely intended to put me off line, whoever hit me was clearly intending to fight something metallic.

They landed, mechanoids with cubic armor, humanoid in shape. I was face first in the sand and didn't seem them until one of them kicked me over. They were all cyclopes, with cylinder shaped heads bearing one single optic, which seemed somewhat...'organic' in appearance. They all carried guns and looked at me as I laid there playing dead.

"I was expecting it circuits to be fried..." said one of them. It was strange, to my knowledge this was the language of the Salen, small, even my humanoid standards, yet they would never build machines like this, nor would they bother piloting them, as their bodies were rather fragile.

"They were clearly better designed than we thought." said another

"If you two had listened..." said a third "you would've known that this thing adapted to a restraining bolt. We may have only a few minutes or hours before it comes back online. We need to recover it quickly, scan it."

This was when I moved, my arm quickly transformed into cannon form and I shot several spheres of plasma, most of them went into the chests of these attackers, the other took of half of the head, of the last one, the one that said to scan me. Regardless they were all taken down. I scanned the radio frequencies, nothing. They seemed to be alone, so I took my time. From a few of them I ripped of some armor plating and ate it, typical materials, steel with carbon fibers, tough, but nothing my teeth couldn't handle. What was of more use to me was their energy packs, square objects with glowing insides, they appeared to hold some manner of gas, an excitable one.

This was the means by which they powered their weapons, take the packets of gas out of the pack quickly, into the barrel, excite it and use magnetic forces to hold the gas, now plasma, and drive it down a barrel. This made me question how my own gun worked. I took the packs and one after the other injected them into access ports I generated on my arm. My body absorbed the gas, turning it into plasma, which was quickly metabolized. Each pack felt like a rush as my energy returned.

"What are you...?" said the third one.

Part 7 Edit

I was surprised, I had thought them all off line. I scanned him, nothing, I scanned the others. Whatever mechanism was protecting the survivor was gone from the others and I say it, inside each of these mechs was an organic creature, a jellyfish like creature, mixed with nanites and cybernetics. They were in the chests of the robots, which is why my shots killed them and not this one.

"You're organic..." I replied "what are you, who are you and why did you attack me, why do you speak Salen?"

"You know that name, yet you do not know us...?" the creature replied with genuine surprise. Clearly I was unaware of something known to most. "We are the Kerri, though we are known also as the Cyber Medusans. We were elevated from simple creatures by Salen science."

"That would explain why you speak their language, but not why you attacked me..."

"We are the Kerri Anthrodroid Guard, we provide a service of guards and law enforcement for a fee."

"Mercenaries, nay, police for hire..."

"Our main source of income is combat against mechanoids such as yourself..."

"Mechanoids..." I thought about that word for a moment, and I stumbled upon memories concerning such things. While the word meant I sentient robotic being, it was mainly used for the Anthrodroid subsection, the mechanoids that were bipeds like myself. But all of these memories corallated upon one name. "Like the Chromiums." A race of humanoid robotic giants, like myself, but yet I knew they were different.

"Like yourself..."

"Hardly, I awoke on this planet, with nothing, not even my own name and past. I was a sphere of energy, manipulating matter to create robotic platforms to house myself. Then servants, then a house, then better bodies, fuel, energy, as my power is limited. Yet, it was only by meeting that titan that I was given this, a body of living metal..."

"A titan...!?" he said with genuine concern. I didn't know why, nor did I know why I knew what to call that being, Maxion. "That was a titan, a TechnoMorph Titan...?" I should know that name, I feel like I should know that name, but I don't and I know that is wrong and much as I know that was the correct name for what Maxion was, and that bothered me. I walked over to him.

"Why is he so important..."

"Do you really not know..." he said with disbelief. I bent down.

"I find that I am missing memories, I know thing and do not know why. I know the name TechnoMorph Titan, but I do not know why. I found myself here, ignorant of my nature, power and past, but discovering my talent in building machinery. I suspect that my memories have been tampered with...what is the standard galactic year?"

" GD-2734.93..." I stepped back. I stumbled back. That was, that is...

"Four, four hundred years..." from what last I remembered. I remembered war, I remembered leaving this world, four hundred years ago.

"That would put you around the time of the formation of the Alliance, the eradication of this planet's ecosystem." What!

"This world, what is it called...?"

"Vandora..." I tried not to show it, after all I already knew this world was wiped out, but this just confirmed it.

"I see, why this world...?" I asked standing up "This Alliance, I would ask you questions but I fear you have no more answers..."

"I will not give up any secrets that would threaten them." I turned and ripped of one of the heads of the others. My scanner told me there was data in it that I could access. I turned to leave the Kerri where it stood, most likely one of the locals would devour it. However I was not ready for what happened next. Large and long bolts of plasma shot up from base in the distance and down, destroying it. The reactors went off, creating a mushroom cloud, the shockwave of which hit me and made me stumble.

I was in genuine shock. That was my home, my place of rest. Now it was gone.

"You are alive because, I am alive, we do not so simply abandon each other." Said the Kerri "Surrender and you will be spared..."

"For what I asked, dissection...?"

"No, you have information we want..."

"On the Titan, but once that is revealed, you and your masters would just dissect me, to see how I tick..."

"I won't deny, especially when there is no point in hiding it, you are an enigma. You devoured the metal like a nutrient package, absorbed the fuel of our energy packs like a Hydrospanner. Yet, you are metal. Who are you...?"

"I knew my name now, but it didn't matter, it was a name for another person, the name of a slave. I'm afraid, terrified, but I refuse to be subservient to anyone ever again! I clenched my fist.

"It is..."

"Maxion Prime..." said another voice.

Part 8 Edit

Neither I, nor the Kerri expected this. It was the Maxion and he transformed. His front split in two, becoming legs, his engine pods unfurled to form arms, his back thrusters moved to make way for his head. He landed and the ground shook.

"I...I don't understand..." I said. I didn't shout, I instinctively knew he he could hear me.

"You are my pilot, Maxion Prime, our souls bonded and that makes you my commanding officer." I didn't believe him, something about it, something in the back of my mind and from the experience he spoke of, tells me he is lying. Yet, there was at least one battleship up in space (because what else could've destroyed my base like that) and I had no other way of getting of this planet.

"Do you know why I was put on this world...?"

"It was close to you, or you had some history with it..." I didn't doubt that response. Yet I knew it was disingenuous. It wasn't so much a lie, as he wasn't telling me things. I decided, what the heck, my other option is either be blasted, vivisected, tortured, or a combination of all three.

"Fine, let's go..." I said in a quite tone. He transformed back into ship mode and hovered over me, taking me up in a beam of light. The Kerri knew as they began to fire on Maxion. It did little to him as we took of to outer orbit in record time. Then it happened, it was bad enough the walls became transparent, but so did I. It didn't help that missile size plasma bolts sped past me. Then came the jump, it wasn't like my Warp Drive, there you could see the stars and planets speed by. Instead I saw streams of light of different colors.

It took some time for me to get to the bridge, though the direction lights in the bottom corners helped. I found myself in a large room with a U shaped window, with several consoles, all of them a combination of touchscreen, holograms and mimetic metal. There was the commander's chair but also a cylinder shaped chamber.

"So..." I asked "What now...?"

"That is for you to decide..." Maxion replied. "You are in command..." 'None are more enslaved, then those who believe they are free', I thought to myself. This ship was lying, I know it, but for my own sake I played along.

"Okay, what do you think is the best course of action...?"

"For now, I advise upgrading your physical aspect , in that station there. Then I advise we begin our search for our enemies..."

"We have enemies...?"

"Unknown, current information lists them as extinct, unknown. As a Titan ship, we should ensure their danger does not threaten the galaxy again." Dang it, I was intrigued now, curious, while I was oh so familiar with fear, my true love was my curiosity. I was trapped here, I knew that but if it meant I could see the galaxy...then I would have to decide if that was worth it. I put down the head and ordered the ship to hack it for information.

I stepped into the chamber and it closed on me. For a second it was dark, the top lit up with a blue glow as silver goo oozed from the ceiling. I realized it was some manner of mimetic metal, an organic metal and it held a conversation with my cells. Information was uploaded into my genetic structure, as this thing became bio mass. My body was being changed, morphed.

I stepped out changed, all damage was gone, but I now had small metal wheels on my ankles, on my back. My chest sported diamond shaped windows and my shoulders where now rectangular. I could feel a new organ inside my body, something that wasn't there before.

"Set a course for, the most likely place to find the...enemy." I said. I honestly didn't care where it was, I just hoped it was worth the price of the trip. As the ship jumped I thought to myself, before I was organic, ruled by fear and controlled by it, then I was some nameless mechanoid, powerful, but so very out of his time. Both of those individuals had their worlds destroyed, their lives uprooted, by destruction, by actions, both their own and outside of their control. Maxion Prime, cannot, will not make the same mistake...but I do hope he doesn't make a whole new set of mistakes.

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