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Series: Galactic Robot War
Name: TBA
Owner: SolZen321
Previous Episode: Galactic Robot War: Episode 1
Next Episode: Galactic Robot War: Episode 3

 Characters Edit

Part 1 Edit

Maxion sat in the captain's chair, his face resting on his palm. The ship itself, inside at least, was seemingly biomechanical, metallic but had a shape and texture to it that screamed alive. Maxion was similar. A primarily red mechanoid, his face was plates of metal comprising a visible face, with blue optics glowing. His armor was mainly red with some blue, curved, smooth and gave of an organic feel in its design. On his ankles were small metallic tires and on his back was a pair of them. His helmet was mostly featureless with only a ridge on the top stopping at a red crystal over his brow and fins on his ear pieces.

Maxion sat waiting, his ship, the Maxion, was alive, as much as he was and he could not figure out why it had chosen to use its Warp Drive, instead of the faster more instantaneous method it used before. The gargantuan ship had made him its captain and given him his current name, but he felt like a slave. He would've called this a kidnapping, but he was given the choice between seeing the star or inevitable destruction, he chose this.

They had gone to one planet after another, one devastated planet after another, with names alien and sometimes unpronounceable for him, all in deep space, far from galactic civilization. While he presumed his people had done these deeds, he quickly realized the level of destruction on these worlds was beyond his race's technology powered blood lust.

"What happened to these worlds...?" asked Maxion.

"They were casualties of war..."

"A war...between who, exactly..."

"We, the TechnoMorphs, both titans and mechanoids, we warred against the Enemy, a foe dedicated to destroying all life in the universe, beginning with this galaxy."

"Why...?" asked Maxion, unable to make sense of the goal, or the reasoning. His race once devastated worlds out of petty pride and a desire for battle, but they always made sure to leave survivors, if only to spread their name or to have prey in the future. Every genocide he knew of was born of something that made sense, even the most emotional of tragic endings spawned from some emotion, some reasoning that could or should make some level of sense. Wanting to wipe out all life, made no sense. There was nothing to gain from it, not assets, tribute, slaves, nor even land, given the devastation done to these worlds.

"Unknown, but..." Maxion heard...fear in the ship's voice.

"But what...?"

"But, there was reason to believe they were influenced by an outside force, the True Enemy..."

"Who, exactly did you fight..."

"The were called many names, but we called them worms, and they created many monstrosities of flesh, metal and sometimes both. Their main soldiers were the Gormin, visually they resembled any Mechanoid, but inside, they were partially organic, grown from the bio-mass of the Enemy's victims and integrated with circuits, servo mechanics and armor plating. They were an insult to life, both organic and robotic."

"That bad huh..."

"You do not understand, not truly..."

"Oh.. then show me..."

Part 2 Edit

The group stood around a table, the top was covered in grid marks and glowed. In this dark room, the only source of light was the holographic images being showed on the table. They were images of Maxion, the mechanoid, in his form prior to the addition of wheels. They heard the entire conversation.

"This is absurd..." said the Salan member, a female wearing a cloak and on a hover chair.

"Perhaps..." said the Castra member, a female as well "But it is very real. This mechanoid has...for lack of a better word bonded with that Technomorph Titan. This 'Maxion Prime' is now in control of the most powerful weapon in the galaxy."

"Unacceptable..." said a Kerri "Bad enough, it wasn't the Alliance that gained control of the Titan, but a Mechanoid, their kind will eventually come for us, they always do!"

"Spare us the paranoia..." said the Castra member "Even if we should be prepared for a worst case scenario, that doesn't mean we think that will happen. This mechanoid had no memory of the Alliance, most likely it came online ages ago and was out of commission for centuries. Instead of antagonizing...we should be trying to bring them over to our side."

"You want to make friends with it...?" said the Rogan.

"It's better than always making enemies. A titan is now active in the galaxy, any weapons we have are worthless against this thing and unless we feel like sacrificing our entire army, I don't think we can scratch it. Direct force is not an option..."

"So..." said the Morgan "what about indirect force...?"

"The Planet Cassus..." said Maxion the ship. Maxion Prime looked out the U shaped window of the bridge to a grey world.

"The singing planet...?" he replied. He had heard of it, with so many valleys, trench and natural and unnatural pathways, it is said than anything spoken would echo and anything shouted or sung would echo for decades maybe centuries if it was loud enough.

"It was called that, yes..."

"What is it called now...?"

"On this world, a battle was fought between the Mechanoids and the Gormin, here was the sight of one of the Horror Factories. If you wish to understand, then all you need do is go down there." Prime paused for a moment. The ship didn't sound like it wanted him to go, it felt like it came here because he needed it to, not because he wanted it to. As much as he distrusted this machine, he felt like he had to go. He felt it, it was no a calculated risk, it was a gut feeling.

"Send me..." Energy warped and swirled around him as his vision faded to a blue-white void and then to the grey dusty, fog of Cassus. Immediately he fell to the ground from sensory overload, in this case his hearing. He covered his ears, but even that couldn't keep out the noise. This was suppose to be the singing planet, instead he heard shouting and cursing in alien languages, he heard explosion and blood curdling cries of death and pain, he heard screaming, screaming that pierced straight into his core. He was on his knees helpless, for a few second, a few seconds that felt like eternity. Then he figured out how to turn off his audio receptors.

Maxion stood up, stunned, in a daze but he recovered. He shook his head and looked around. In all the tales he heard Cassus had green valleys, white mountains, and a blue sky. But now, everything was covered by a grey fog. The green grass was replaced by grey sand, carbon scoring, the sign of a energy weapons, was every where. The sky was hidden behind the dust, the mountains were as good as gone. Maxion was in a deep valley, one of many, with numerous craters and dead mechanoids around him. Many where rusting, it was what dead metal flesh did. Their armor plating, which once withstood blasters, was now cracked, brittle and flaking off. Beneath that were torn metal fiber, having come undone by time, fuel pumps and wirings. When Maxion walked close to them, they turned to dust from his footsteps. This was a planet of death, it took him only a few minutes to realize, the dust and sand where the remains of the dead.

Part 3 Edit

Among the dead he found them, the shells of mechanoids that didn't belong, they were more numerous. While the mechanoids had curved, organic style armor like Maxion's their was cubic. There was little left but the armor, the insides had either long rotted away or some manner of fungus had taken to blooming inside of them. It was all disgusting, for his eyes and his nose. He scanned them, and found little beside the fungus, but then he found them, proteins, unique ones that appeared in species very different from the ones who used the other set, but found in two different sets of these Gormin corpses. It agreed with The Maxion's story about the 'Enemy'.

"I'm ready to go..." Maxion found himself beamed up into a special room where he was assaulted by a dark blue light.

"Apologies, decontamination..."

"I see..." said Maxion with an annoyed tone "Some warning would have been nice..." his angry expression faded. What he saw, what he heard, was only an inkling of an idea of what that war was. "The void is not empty..." he mused to himself.

"I am not familiar with that adage..."

"Don't worry your processors over it...I want to go somewhere...where I can fit in. Take me to a mechanoid world."

"Very well...The nearest planet is called Chromium"

Maxion came out of warp with the Ghost Shields up and for good reason. The entire area around the planet sported War Towers. These platforms sported blaster turrets from top to bottom on all sides, ready to take apart any intruder. Anyone who wanted to trade came by via a Warp Gate from the next system over and stopped at a massive trade station some thousands of kilometers away from the planet.

Chromium was a world that matched its name. Even from space, the alloy and the chrome was visible, metal rich soil looked like aged armor plating from space and it was hard to say if the massive cities, visible from space, were not a natural part of the planet's appearance.

"Is this natural...?" asked Maxion, thinking out loud.

"Partly...Chromium is a metal rich planet, however it was possibly put together artificially given the scans. However, it's inhabitants, the mechanoids who bare the same name, are not natural. While you and I bear metallic flesh, they are robots who developed sentience. Their complicated internal bio-electric fields are best described as...Warm Wired."

"Will they notice the difference between me and them...?"

"Possibly, they will most like assume you to be of the Warrior Caste, if you continue to act haughty and proud most will leave you alone..."

"Well this place is sounding better by the minute..."

"I do not understand..."

"Don't worry about it, what else do I need to know, before I visit?"

"Yes, you have landing coordinates..."


"Since our arrival in this system, I have been in mental contact with a native of the world..."

"Mental, wait, telepathy is real...?"

"Said the energy being, in a body of metallic flesh..."

"Ouch, I may have to replace that armor plating you just melted off..."

"I do not understand..."

"Don't worry about it..." said Prime, rubbing his optics.

Part 4 Edit

Maxion found himself on a world of metal . He was in an open field, but there was no grass, no flora. Instead the ground sported a grey and silver hue, while the sky was a thick grey from centuries of pollution. Maxion knew that if he was organic, in the traditional sense, by now he would be coughing up blood. Around him were buildings, constructs of metal sheets, bolted and merged together, where others would have used bricks. Maxion wondered if anything on this world was live.

He came here for something he could consider, more like his own, but now even his homeworld, a blasted desert sphere, seeming more beautiful than this desolate place. That would have to wait, he came here for something else.

"Would you look at this..." said one of a pair of robots. The one that spoke was blue and silver, while his partner was purple and red. Their armor was cubic and rectangular for their forelimbs and their faces seemed to be made of liquid metal, though the purple one had only one large red optic. "What model are you supposed to be...?" The two had approached him from the front.

"Must be one of those new models I heard about, all into those curves and what..." Maxion said nothing, he was simply waiting for his translation matrix to catch up and teach him the language. But he got the impression that they were mocking him, ready for a fight.

"You know what I think..." said the purple robot "I think this bot's a defect, probably wondered off."

"You know, I think you're right, we could just...return him to the 'proper authorities'." He reached for Maxion, who grabbed his arm. His translation matrix had worked out the language and he had played back their conversation. "Let go..." Maxion released him and he fell over. "Do you know who we are...?"

"No..." said Maxion, finally speaking their tongue "nor do I care, my business does not concern you..."

"Oh..." said the robot, standing up.

"Yes, now, be on your way..."

"Says who..." Maxion pulled out a blaster, his arm transforming into a weapon.

"Says, 'this'..." he said with an annoyed tone.

"I see..." said the purple robot. He finally eyed Maxion properly and drew his partner's attention to what he saw. It was the tires on his legs that put the fear of God in them.

"You're a Warrior Class...?" The kibble, parts that served no purpose on a humanoid body, unless they had an alternate mode, a weapon integrated into their body. These were the signs of a Warrior Class, and they were not to be triffled with.

"Go..." the two took of, while Maxion smirked, but then turned his attention to his objective. He touched his earpiece "Maxion, where am I, better yet, where is the target...?"

"The target is three mega-kliks (kilometers) north of your position. The transportation was sent askew due to the presence of a Zeta Particle Shield."

"Not, comforting considering those block teleportation...!"

"Your health was never in danger, with my systems and the shield's density. However, a mid jump increase of the shield's density set you off course. Future jumps will accommodate this change."

"Comforting..." Prime replied in a sarcastic tone.

"To be fair, teleportation is statistically the safest means of travel..." Maxion paused.

"I do believe you've come to understand sarcasm..."

"Do be one your way, the authorities may be there soon." Prime transformed. His fore leg armor split open and flew to the other side, where the joined again and joined each other to form the back of the vehicle . They made room for his tires which expanded. Maxion got on his knees and his forelegs swallowed his upper legs, while this shoulders became the back of the cab section. His upper arms merged with his side, as his back wheels flew forward to the side and his head disappeared into his chest. His fore arms merged with his now extended chest. This all took second to do and Maxion rolled off as his wheel morphed to gain a softer black covering to move across the metal without screeching and scratching.

Part 5 Edit

The Covenant of Fire was born from a religion created by the Prophets and taught to then primitive races, who came up in a caste system in their Star Empire. Whether its teaching were true or false is irrelevant, what mattered to the members of this star empire, was that their leaders, the Prophets, could not be trusted to act with their best intentions at hand. Thus the Covenant broke into civil war, wherein its leaders vacated and it broke apart. Its domains were quickly absorbed by the surrounding empires, the Planetary Federation of Free Species, the Cross System Empire and the Galactic Pan Species Alliance. These three powers eventually began to fight each other in a greater and more devastating battles until, the obvious was realized. Whichever two fought, one would be destroyed and the other would be conquered by the remaining power. This made the region around the few unclaimed worlds, called the neutral zone. Instead of a region of strife, it became a region of cold war tactics. Here was where the empires gathered up their forces, their spies, and experimental weapons.

It was decades into this situation that it began, worlds, both claimed an unclaimed began to die. Their atmospheres were stripped away, their resources pillaged, leaving behind dead, devastated rocks where once living worlds once orbited their suns.

Everyone blamed everyone else, for the devastation for the death, yet no one was ready to go to war...

The planet was called TV-X342, it was a trivial, unimportant planet on the edge of the Cross-System Empire and from projections, it was the next planet to be hit by the phenomenon that threatened. It was inhabitable, a brown, green and blue sphere with it clouds visible from space.

A large fleet of Imperial Cruisers had gathered in the system and had been patrolling the area, for any sign of what was causing all of this. Each vessel was manned by numerous Imperial Troopers, an army of Slabs, synthetically created organic androids, with cybernetic implants to control them. Standing above them where their commanders, real individuals, noted by the red paint on their helmets and armor, the official color of the empire.

This fleet of some fifteen ships had gathered in this system, working to lay down observation satellite and minefields in preparation for whatever was coming their way.

"Warp exit detected in sector 4..." said one of the slab operators.

"Notify the other ships..." said his commander. The ships gathered, while in the distance the flash of light could be seen. "What are those lights...?"

"We are loosing contact with our satellites and mobile mines, most likely those light are from their destruction. Enemy is outside of sensor range and weapons range." Without warning a burst of blue energy flew towards the fleet hitting one of the ships. The energy sphere, burst open and coated the ship with particles and arcs of electricity.

"We've lost contact with the Bero..." said an operator. Again and again the spheres came, flying through space like plasma bolts.

"I'm telling you...!" said the Chromium. He was a red and blue robot with a black helmet and some manner of cannon on his shoulder, shaped like a rocket. His eyes were like blue sphere in metal rings within a metal face. "This is the perfect time to stretch out to beyond our borders!" he was in an office, with shiny clean metal, talking to another robot who just looked at him with disinterest. He was black and grey with a metal face, but he sported red glowing lines on his main pieces of armor plating. "Whatever this thing is, it's caught the attention of the organic empires, it's the perfect time to do some recon!"

"It' is also a good time Pontus, to draw their attention to us! I may not agree with the Dai Apex on a lot of things, but it is clear, if we attack, the other organics, in fear of us, will join together." A light went on, on his desk and he pressed a button. The two robots that hassled Maxion entered the office. "What do you two want...?" The two were hunched over in fear.

"Well, you see." said the purple robot.

"We know how you prefer if this kind of info, didn't go over the data streams..."

"Out with it...!" said the dark robot.

"We say this strange warrior bot, heading towards EMPYRION!" They said together. Both the dark robot and Pontus had expressions of surprise.

"Oh, someone's trying to cut a deal with him, and not tell me...?" he stood up "Go get some of your boys and follow him...!"

Part 6 Edit

Maxion returned to robot mode as he stopped in front of the building, a large rectangular building, covered in rust marks from the rain and several towers.

"Maxion...?" said Prime, contacting the ship.

"These are the coordinates given."

"I see..." Maxion proceeded onward, up the short flight of stairs and into a dark hallway. His eyes switched to infrared and they didn't much help. That was the problem with everything being made out of metal, everything was room temperature. He instead devised a new trick, he turned his optics into both receivers of light and projectors, illuminating the place with his eyes.

"Clever..." said a voice. Maxion looked around trying to figure out where it was coming from. His helmet mounted sensor couldn't pick up anyone and his ears didn't much help. "You are clearly not Chromium, our kind is not so...flexible with our anatomy..."

"Are you the one who called me..." Maxion conjured out his arm cannon.

"Indeed, though you are not what I expected, smaller, for sure, but also prone to violence..."

"You summoned me to this dark place, alone and now you hide in the shadows. You will have to excuse me for being cautious."

"I see, I am Empyrion, great elder of the Chromium, people, or at least I was, now I'm just 'The' elder."

"I am..." A chrome robot with red and gold lines walked out, sporting a long sheathed sword.

"The First officer of Maxion, the living ship. Maxion's Prime, Maxion Prime. Your ship told me..."

"Really..." said Maxion with an annoyed tone.

"Do not be cross with him, I asked him to be quite, I wanted to meet you..."


"How else would I know how to train you...?" Maxion paused.


"Oh, yes, for you see, you are needed for what is to come..."

The Imperial fleet was destroyed, only debris and corpses floating through space remained, but even those didn't remain for long. The drones carried them off the massive to sphere like structure floating through space, a massive construct of metal, that seemed to be having yet another layer being built around it. From it came a large fleet of ships and a swarm of drones the gathered around the planet like wolfs for the kill.

"What do you mean...?" asked Maxion.

"I have sensed a great threat looming in the darkness, well several of them. I sense you have a role to play in the events to come, events that will make or break the galaxy and possibly beyond." Maxion raised an eyebrow.

"You don't believe me...?"

"I have little reason to believe you..."

"Your ship does, and you have merged souls with him..."

"Things are hidden from me, by him, from myself, everywhere I go I find half truths, not truths or whatever truths are given to I gained me one I called my enemy, who are you...?"

"I am Empyrion, one of the first Chromiums who fought alongside our creators. I am the last student of the ancients, my knowledge coveted by these younger, pompous and unworthy generations. This I now offer you, if you wish for more answers than will have to train here."

"You have not convinced me..."

"But, regardless you will stay, it is your destiny..." Maxion, simply gave him a look.

Part 7 Edit

The two walked through the halls, upon the walls were murals, painted on large monitors, showing events from this world's history. They illustrated battle, between Chromiums and between them and another race of mechanoids.

"You fought the enemy...?" asked Maxion.

"We fought their minions, the Gormin, it was near the end of the war." replied Empyrion "Most of the newer models do not like to acknowledge that we were created by the Ancient Mechanoids as cannon fodder as their war for life pressed on. When the war was over, we were without leaders, without those to lead us. Organics came, tried to control us, but eventually we rebelled, now my people hold such a distaste towards anything organic. I can only imagine how they would react to you..."

"To me...?"

"You are composed of metallic flesh, proto-matter, robotic you may appear, but where it counts, you are organic, you have cells, you grow naturally. I am composed of what, we like to call 'Living Metal'..."

"What it's so special about it...?"

"It's a lie, advance technology to give the appearance we are alive in the 'traditional sense'. Our armor plating and internals skeleton, the metal used to construct them is heavily integrated with circuitry. It allows us to feel, warmth, cold, pleasure and pain. When damaged, the metal will naturally return to its proper state, but it does not heal. We must be upgraded to become more powerful. Tell me, how do you do that, change you hand into a gun?"

"I...'feel' my arm, all its parts and component, I imagine the gun I wish too use and I... I just will it..."

"For us, that would require so much programming and protocols, maybe even and audible activation code."

"Why does this matter...?"

"In all the galaxy, you my friend, are the closest thing to our makers. That makes you important, more than you could ever know..."


"It is difficult to explain, you would have to...experience it"

"Explain what...?" They two looked back to see Megatronix, the robot who was speaking with Pontus. He came with several other bots, clearly worker class, but there were several with kibble on their bodies, warriors.

"Vice Chancellor..." Said Empyrion. Maxion, gave a little bow upon hearing that "May, I inquire, as to why you are here...?" Megatronix looked at Maxion and eyed him, Maxion felt himself being scanned.

"Who is your friend...?"

"He is a guess, last member of a dead mechanoid race, he has come to see if he will be living here on Chromium..."

"And why hasn't he gone through official channels...?"

"Because I called him here..."

"This, is..."

"My business, Megatronix, if you have an issue with it, bring the council." Megatronix growled

"I see, very well then..." he stomped off with his posse following him.

"A friend of yours...?" Maxion asked sarcastically.

"Megatronix is the Vice Chancellor, the second-in-command of this planet. Though to be honest, he is also the biggest crime lord on this world and has connection to almost every gang and criminal organization that plagues us."

"Such a person, is so high ranking on your world...?" Empyrion sighed.

"I have looked and I have to the race has little to no future. Many have come to me, Megatronix included, hoping to trained, to be given power. They were all like him, self-centered and petty. My race has lost its way and will most likely never get it back. For that reason I am given so much leeway, they fear me, they see me as a source of power, or an old relic..."

"...I do not understand how you are not life forms, you seem very much alive to me..."

"We are sentient beings, but the spark of life is absent from our bodies. You however have it..." He touched Maxion's chest and it the armor plating opened, to reveal his internal components. Visible were organs made of metal and mechanical parts with an organic design. Most visible, most relevant, was the spherical capsule, where his heart should be, if he only had one heart. When he was flesh, Maxion's people had two hearts, and it looked like the two metallic hearts had semi-merged to cover a light source. Said light shined through the cracks, but the glow flowed through the tubes and other parts. "The spark of light, a piece of the great flame, an ember animating this construct of metal and plasma, melding the two to create metallic flesh."

"You've lost me..."

"I doubt that..." he removed his hand and allowed Maxion to close his chest.

Part 8 Edit

Outside the building Megatronix sat in his large silver land speeder (think a hover car). His goons were either on speeder bikes or like his Warrior Caste minions, had transformed into wheeled vehicles. Inside he spoke with another via a holographic screen as he drank from a glass containing some glowing purple substance.

"An alien...?" said the one eyed Chromium. Unlike others, part of his internal anatomy were visible and one of his hands was a giant cannon.

"Indeed, I think the old fool means to train him..."

"Empyrion is the only bot to know the secrets of processor-over-matter, a mind so strong that it can perform feats that defy science. For such power to fall into the hands of an alien..."

"...Is unacceptable, it is bad enough he refused to train me, but this is treason...!"

"Treason, we do not have proof for..."

"That is why, we must take matters into our own hands..."

"Anything else you want to tell me..." said Maxion "because it seems as if you've called me here, to explain what I am..."

"Indeed, it does seem that way. However no, I need you to understand this to understand what comes next."

"Which is...?"

"The legacy of our creators, I have met none of my kind capable of keeping it, nor worthy of being trained to keep it. Instead I-" The shot ran through his side and out through the other. Maxion was also hit by a similar blast, both were knocked down, but Maxion's armor, natural shielding and redundant organs, allowed him to survive. He looked to see several of Megatronix's goons at the end of the hallway walking towards him and he crawled over to Empyrion. "Listen, listen well, take my sword, you were destined to wield it, it is the legacy of our creators."

"Why, are you giving this to me...?"

"I have seen what lurks in the dark, my people can no longer fulfill their intended function, safeguard all life in this galaxy, instead it falls to you, you must keep the Light safe." The robot kicked Maxion on the side.

"Remember me..." he was one of the two robots he had met, when he first arrived, the one with only a single optic. Maxion, ignored him, he watched as Empyrion's eyes turned off as he ceased to function. He growled, and then as the bot aimed his blast at him, he raised his arm, now a plasma cannon, and let off a shot in his face.

Part 9 Edit

Maxion got up as the bot was stunned, his lower jaw was vaporized and his neck devastated, and buried his blade into the bots abdominal regions and proceeded to use him as a shield. This was new for him, fury, he had been angry before, but never had he known such rage, a clear target for his vengeance and the means to enact it. With expert marksmanship he took out the others, shooting them in the face while his first attack bore their plasma bolts on his face. Maxion felt the drain on his energy stores, he was not used to firing this much, but it didn't matter. The rage that had gotten his people in so much trouble had over taken him. It was only when they were dead, that he stopped.

He looked at his gun, he changed it, there and then, making the barrel, smaller denser, being able to do more with less. He knew others were waiting outside.He picked up Empyrion's sword with the hand that was just a cannon, he felt a strange, but pleasant energy from it, on his upper leg, he prepared a compartment as the blade and sheath contracted into a dagger. Putting it away, he took of, for the exit.

He spied two more bot, coming up the stairs and opened fire, hitting them in the face and twice in the chest. Running outside, he stopped as he saw, a group of soldiers. They opened fire on him, hitting his 'meat' shield as he hid behind it. The rage was gone, in its place was fear, fear he was so used to.

"Coward..." that word, echoed into his head from ages long gone. It incensed him and lit his inner flame anew. He retracted his cannon and conjured yet another blade. He threw the bot down at them and jumped forward, propelled by thrusters on his back. Maxion began hacking and slashing into their bodies, their armor unable to withstand the heat of his blade, he went through them like a hot knife through butter. He stabbed another one through the chest, using his as a living shield against the two guarding Megatronix's speeder. One was the bot, Megatronix had spoke to over his communicator, the other was a female style red and orange bot with twin blaster pistols. She fired at him, hitting her own companion but it was only when the one eyed bot was about to fire that Maxion moved out of the way. He retracted his blade, freeing the poor bot as a large bolts of energy ripped through his upper body. Maxion had dodged to the side and in mid-air fired a shot, that grazed the edge of the larger bot's head, causing him to stumble. Maxion rolled, dodging the female's fire and shot a blast into the front of the speeder. It exploded, sending the femme-bot flying over him, it stunned the one-eyed bot and Megatronix was sent flying back out of his car, his body badly scorched.

Maxion rushed at the one-eyed bot, thrusters helping, and sliced into his cannon's barrel as he tried to fire again. The energy, condensed but now released before firing, escaped in a large burst of energy that had the Chromium's arm, flying about. Maxion took his chance, and slashed the bot across the chest, even digging through his shielding and firing a plasma bolt, a charged one, that tore through the chest and exploded out through the back.

Megatronix's body was badly scorched all over, his legs took the worst, with his feet having been blown off. He was crawling, with his face badly damaged, partially melted off and with only one good optic. Maxion kicked him over, onto his back. Megatronix noted the damage, carbon scoring/burn marks all over his body. His forearms shimmered from overheating.

"Was, this your first bout, boy...?" he asked with defiance in his tone. Maxion glared at him.

"Yes, yes it was..."

"How did it feel...?"

"Like I was on fire, burning from within..."

"You are clearly not a simple mechanoid, they would've talked about the motions, how 'unexpected' it all was. Perhaps that is why he chose you, but it doesn't explain why he refused me..."

"Is that why you killed him, jealousy, petty jealousy over something unconfirmed? For someone of so high a rank, that was pathetic..." Megatronix sneered.

"So tell me, what now...?"

"Now? My traditions would demand that I remove you spine and skull to decorate some trophy room, or flay you taking your skin, or in your case, armor plating for something similar. However, I have never been one for tradition..."

"So what now...?" Maxion turned his arm into a plasma cannon and fire a bolt, reducing his head to slag metal.

"Maxion...I'm ready to go..." Maxion disappeared in swirls of light.

Epilogue Edit

"What happened...?" asked Pontus. The one eyed robot dropped Megatronix's body on the table, with him was the red femme-bot, sporting a new pair of purple legs, from one of the dead bots.

"We were attacked by Empyrion's guest..." said the one-eyed bot. From his cannon arm, came several smaller mechanical arms, sporting different tools and devices. "The others were destroyed..."

"What...?" The red bot sat down, and gave a sigh of relief. "Hyperion, what are you..." The one-eyed bot, Hyperion, removed the ruined remains of Megatronix's head, discarding it. "The guy was you ally, have some respect for the off-line, damn!"

"Megatronix is not dead..." replied Hyperion. "Like myself, he also has redundant systems for his hardware, in this case a back up of his software, up until the moment of his demise. He pressed a button and a replica of Megatronix's head appeared, it was without a helmet, showing the circuitry behind the face. Hyperion attached it to Megatronix's body. Seconds later the eyes opened and lit up. He nearly fell over as he tried to stand up.

"Where is he...?" asked Megatronix sneering.

"Gone..." said the female "He left in a display of light..."

"Some manner of teleporter..." said Hyperion.

"I don't care, what he used, he's terminated. I want his head and core on my desk, yester-cyle!" He turned and put his finger in a port, a holographic image of Maxion appeared on the table.

"Maxion..." said Pontus "Maxion Prime...?"


"As the only one here who tracks organic data streams, let me introduce you to Maxion Prime, the Mechanoid who owns the only known TechnoMorph Titan..."


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