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Series: Galactic Robot War
Name: tba
Owner: SolZen321
Previous Episode: Galactic Robot War: Episode 2
Next Episode: Galactic Robot War: Episode 4

Characters Edit

Part 1 Edit

Maxion found himself walking his home world, back when it was alive. It was a lush jungle world, with architecture resembling ancient Egypt. There were Pyramids and Obelisks among the square apartments and buildings and statues showing monster headed gods.

Maxion walked as a red and blue robot, his armor plating was curved and felt organic in shape. On his back and the outer side of his ankles were wheels, kibble belonging to his alternate form. His face was plates of metal, forming recognizable features, eyebrow, a forehead, a nose, cheeks, lower jaws, the chin and his lips, while blue optics glowed in his sockets.

He walked through the forests, unusually quite for a world filled with mutated horrors and looked at the city, he looked at the children playing, smiling laughing.

"If you're going to send me here..." said Maxion "then you should know I have little happy memories of this place, this is not one of them... The scene faded in the wake of a white light.

Maxion, Maxion Prime, awoke in a cylinder shaped capsule of liquid metal, tubes were connected to parts of his body and in his mouth. He was about to panic until he remembered where he was. He was in the restoration chamber, a capsule filled with Proto-Matter, bonding with his damaged components and restoring them. With such cases as his, a Mechanoid would have had to have their parts replaced, however Maxion was not just a Mechanoid, he was a Mechanoid life form. That would mean amputation, also his body healed itself on its own over time. The tubes, fed him fuel, the liquid substance his cells would burnt through to generate energy. It was Engen and it was far superior to the fuel he used before, it burned clean, in fact it would have cleaned up the residue Ethium had left in his prior body.

The capsule emptied itself, the tube retracted and Maxion stumbled out. The surrounding environment was metallic, but the plating had the residue akin to bone. He was on The Maxion, the living ship that had given him his new name. It basically just mean that he was the Captain of the Maxion.

Despite his ability to heal and his short stint in the chamber, Maxion's body was still damaged. The plasma bolts from all those blasters had left scorch marks over much of his left side and even got between his armor plating to the wiring, tubes and metal fiber muscles underneath his plating. He stumbled about, too angry or perhaps too proud to fall.

"It would be best..." said the ship "if you returned to the chamber..."

"And it would be best, if you stayed out of my dreams...!" There was silence.

"It is not within my power to intrude on such things..."

"Something was in my head, showing me things..."

"Perhaps, you should ask the one in your leg...?" Maxion paused and them opened a compartment on his thigh, retrieving a dagger of some sort. It was Empyrion's sword, until he died and gave it to him. The blade and sheath shortened themselves to fit into his leg. The handle was golden, bearing swirling markings, the hand guard was two points sticking up, and bore a blue gem with a peculiar glow. The blade was hidden within a rectangular metals sheath, composed of rectangular bars joined together.

"Maxion, what is this...scan it..." A light shot down from the ceiling and on to his hand and the dagger.

"A photonic crystal with a Proto-Matter casing..."


"The crystal is made of a combination of carbon and metallic elements, creating a composite material able to hold vast amounts of energy and information. While the rest of the object appears to be metal, heavily integrated with circuitry, it is instead composed of Proto-Matter. The shape of this object, except for the crystal, is programmable and it appears to be intended to interface with a bio-field, something absent from Chromium bodies, despite being Warm-Wired. Their internal electrical fields are too rigid and mechanical to truly integrate with this device."

"Then why did Empyrion have it...?"

"Most likely to safeguard it, though his internal energy seemed to be more powerful than the typical Chromium's, he was most likely one of the few, perhaps only one of his kind who could use it. Speaking of Empyrion..."

An image appeared, showing several mechanoids, Chromiums, gathering to a large metal building on their metallic homeworld. Each of them had cubic armor plating, and humanoid builds. The camera view moved inside the building, a large circular area, like a coliseum, in the middle of which was the body of Empyrion, put to rest.

Part 2 Edit

"My fellow, Chromiums...!" said Megatronix, the Chromium was black and grey with red line, a metallic face and red eyes. He wasn't small he was an average build. "We have come together to pay respects to the great elder Empyrion, murdered no less, than earlier this same stellar cycle, but the devious alien, calling himself Maxion Prime!" A holographic image of Maxion appeared in the air "Said wretch came to this world under the pretense of diplomacy and shared scholarly, then murdered him and several nearby civilians and warriors as he made his escape! We the sovereign people of Chromium will not sit back and allow this crime to go unpunished. As of this moment, this Maxion Prime, is now the most wanted Mechanoid in the entire Common Wealth. He will find no place to hide but in the regions of space controlled by the metal hating organics! Maxion, if you're listening, we are coming for you...!" Maxion cut the feed, when Prime gave the signal.

Prime, sat down on a chair, sighing in relief.

"You do not seem upset..." said the Maxion.

"Perhaps..." said Prime "I'm just too tired. I've gotten a better understand as to what I am now and I didn't know him for that long. Besides, my greatest question is how Megatronix is alive and well...?"

"Most likely he had backup systems for his A.I., just as you have redundant organs. To destroy him, may require that you obliterate his entire body."

"Why would I need to destroy him...?"

"You battle showed you have a predisposition towards violence..." Maxion was silent.

"If you watched all of that, why didn't you teleport me out...?"

"Several reasons, you did not ask for help, you did not look like you needed it and the building had its own Zeta Particle Shield, blocking teleportation. Said shield, is gone however, even from the entire planet. It would seem the Chromium's themselves were not aware of their own protection." Maxion was silent again before he sat up.

"Take me to an organic planet, full speed and put up ghost shields..."

"I do not..."

"JUST DO IT...!"

"Nice speech..." said Pontus. Megatronix was in a pool of green liquid, while several mechanical arms used spinning brush heads to polish his body. The two were in a large white metal room, statues in the image of mechanoids.

"It was, what it needed to be..." said Megatronix as he sipped on a glass of fuel, a glowing green substance that he mixed with a pink crystal. Said crystal dissolved and gave the liquid a sparkling effect.

"But did you really need it? None of the weapons could be linked back to you and as you said, the cover story was already ready. Why this interest in some alien...?"

"Empyrion's body showed nothing but that he was an older model. There was no hint as to how he performed his great feats and his data tracks had been whited out, intentionally. He took his secrets to the grave... of he gave them to alien. Empyrion's sword is missing, I want it back."

"I see..." Pontus pulled out a slender monitor from his arm and looked at some data.

"So, who has stepped up...?"

"Everyone, seven million shanks is a lot of currency, even though it's doing so poorly right now. You should probably fixed that."

"Don't sass me and get on with it?"

"Naturally, all B and below class warriors have been turned away, all except one..."

"Farron, has asked for permission to go after him..."

"Denied, she is my bodyguard, and her blasters are meant for targets more immediate."

"Devus has signed up..."




"The Linonians have offered a squadron of Hunter-Killers..."

"Good, but they only get out of their debt if he is caught."

"Hyperion also wants to go..." Megatronix stopped.


"Apparently, he takes issue with being defeated by the alien's weaponry."

"Bring him..."

Part 3 Edit

"So...?" said Maxion, somewhat confused. He was in a room in a wooden building, it was traditional Japanse in style, with tea table in the center, the kind with curtains around the edges for one's feet. There sat Empyrion, seemingly drinking tea, with his sword on his lap. Maxion looked around, outside the windows, the doors, was nothing but a white void. "This is a dream isn't it...?"

"Why do you think that..?" asked Empyrion. The old mechanoid sat in his chrome armor with gold and red lines and blade running up his shins.

"The last thing I remember was powering down on a recharge table, going to sleep..."

"Yes, that would make sense."

"Also the white void outside, kind of makes it heard to believe this is real."

"This is real, from a certain point of view."

"From my point of view, it is not..."

"Put aside your ego, young one and sit." Maxion sat down, not because he wanted to but because he suspected he was not getting out of here without permission. "So much suspicion in you, so much doubt and fear..."

"It was how I was raised..."

"Then you must unlearn what you have learn..."

"How, in the pit, does one 'unlearn' anything, I think you forget..."

"Wow, you are annoying..." Maxion paused for a second.

"Alright I have nothing for that one...this time..."

"So confrontational, but then again such was your race..." Maxion growled "You are angry, at the truth, that you do not want to accept, that you and they are of the same race..."

"They are gone..."

"Not entirely, this is not the purpose of our meeting."

"What is then...?"

"Do you remember what Empyrion said, about the 'spark of life'...?" Maxion paused.

"You're not Empyrion..."

"True, but you did not answer my question..."

"It sounds similar to our concept of 'Mana', the energy that defines the difference between being alive and not being alive. Why is this important...?"

"Because I want you to understand something..."

"Oh, there is something I also want to understand, what are you..." 'Empyrion' stood up and Maxion found himself standing up. The two were in a void, out in space, with stars shinning around them. However, Maxion soon realized they were not stars, he could feel them, sense them. These lights were not stars, they were...

"Everyone, everyone in the galaxy..." said Empyrion, has the spark, like all energy, it can behave as both a wave and particle. What you are feeling them, everyone their emotions, their feelings, broadcasted on a frequency few can perceive. Each of these stars, represents a world's worth of inhabitants and there are more you cannot perceive."

"This, technology..."

"No, not technology, there is device born of science from the third dimension that can do this, this..."

"What is that...?" said Maxion, focusing on one star in particular, it was a peculiar instance, as despite all of this being new to him, he felt a familiar feeling from this particular light, he felt the call off...

Maxion awoke, on the metal table, the hum, glow of light and arcs of energy between him and the table stopped as he woke up.

"What is it...?" asked Prime, annoyed and groggy.

"I have scanned the extranet data streams for a list of those who have taken up your bounty from the Chromiums..."

"Oh, joy, a composite list of everyone made of metal who wants to off me, just what I needed in the morning..." he said with heavy sarcasm.

"The concept of morning does not exist here in the vacuum of space..." Maxion sighed.

"Seriously, how do you function...?"

"Very well..." Maxion rubbed his eyes.

Chapter 4 Edit

Megatronix sat on a couch of metal, his arms spread open and one leg across the other's knee. He was in a white room, white panels, white light and white furniture. Before him was Hyperion a purple and black, wide shouldered mechanoid with a tinted glass chest and a single optic for his face. While his armor was cubic like all of his race, at his joints, one could see some of the wires, tubes and metal fiber muscles that moved him. His body was far more advance than most robots on the planet, perhaps the galaxy. Although he was made of active metal like every other Chromium, the complexity of his body made him more resemble Maxion, a Transmetal being, in terms of anatomy. Hyperion sported a laser bazooka in place of his left arm, a large hi-tech cannon.

"Well...?" said Megatronix "care to explain why you, the planet's foremost weapons expert, want to play bounty hunter?"

"He hurt me..."

"Petty pride was never your thing..."

"Indeed, so let me finish. He hurt me, me, who spent centuries researching upgrades to my systems, save for my A.I. Core, there is nothing remaining of the body I was first forged in. You know my power, my defenses, this chest is not for show, yet that alien's weapons were able to damage my person. Were it not for my backup systems, I could have shut done, permanently...I find that both, infuriating and interesting."

"So what, you wish to...?"

"The others would destroy him, bring you a head, whose quality is not assured, I desire his secrets, to see the extent of his weapons systems and compare them against mine. Is this enough reason to satisfy you...?"

"No, you are the planet's head weapons specialist, you've also supplied my men with most of their arms. Your sudden absence, will be...detrimental to my plans..."

"Oh, so you are beginning soon?"


"My duties can be given over to a drone..."

"No, your duties cannot, besides your physical might and destructive potential, there is also the matter of your expertise."


"That alien showed me something, I may be the most powerful on this planet, but in space I am just another ruler. That needs to change."

"This will not be looked upon kindly by the council."

"They will not be a problem, when I'm done."

"I do not understand..." said the Maxion

"What is there to understand?" said Prime "take me to an organic planet."

"I do not understand why you would want to go. As a mechanoid, most of the galaxy would not welcome you..."

"At least they aren't hunting me, like here in the Mechanoid Zone."

"As my Prime, you most likely will be hunted."

"Perhaps, but not if I am in disguise..."

"So you know about that..."

"Indeed, I need time to think, to process the information this...dagger uploaded into my head. I need peace, quite, I need time, which I cannot get here."

"I see, and what of our mission...?"

"You can pick me up when needed, and somehow, I doubt you need me to fulfill this mission of yours."

"You do not know that..."

"But I sense it, I need to do this Maxion, I need to find myself, nay, to figure out what I am, who I am, and as much as I like gallivanting around with you, I'm not going to figure out any of this alone on a spaceship." The ship was silent for a moment.

"Why, why do you feel the need to do this...?"

"You have been keeping secrets, I feel this, I know this. There has always been something off about you, when we merged, I sensed it, you were keeping parts of yourself shut from me. Unless you tell me what it is...?"

"Who said it was about you?"

"I have seen memories of you bombarding planets, organic planets, to kill some disease before it spread. I have seen that you walked its surface, burning it all, so don't look at me and say, your secrets are not about me! I want the truth, or you can find some place for me to have peace!"

Part 5 Edit

The Planet was called Arcadus Prime, named after some Eden like place in Basik mythology. It was a garden world, able to sustain life. It had green fields, blue skies and oceans. The colony here had grown from a few thousand in modular constructs, to millions in a bustling city. It was a relatively unimportant planet in the Planetary Federation, as far away from the Mechanoid Zone and the Wall, without getting into the Cross System Empire, or heading off to the Free Systems. Given that it was near the middle of the Federation, the security was somewhat lax.

This was where 'Max' lived, a simple colonist, who set up a robot repair shop in the outskirts of town. It was a small business, enough to get by for the couple of months he lived there.

Max was a humanoid, with a bronze hued skin tone, thick strands of white hair. He had jade green eyes and wore simple clothing like most colonists, a tunic, pants and a belt, but he carried a satchel.

Max was in the bar drinking with some friends, other humanoids some young men and women, from the tools on their belts, mechanics as well.

"Seriously..." said the bald one, having a drink like all the others inside the bar "what is with those robots. You would think that with their whole 'Common Wealth' they would've figured out how to get along!"

"I know right..." said the green haired fellow "maybe they are alive, I can't think of simple robots just quarreling like that, reminds me of family reunions..." most of them laughed, except Max. "What's wrong with you?"

"I once met some of them, before I came here...really traumatic..."

"What happened...?" asked the bald one.

"They tried to kill me, except one of them, he tried to help, so they killed him, barely got out of there with my life..."

"Harsh man..."

"Well I'm alive, so let's drink to that!" the three cheered and down their drinks, several of them in fact. As the night came upon them, they embarked on the journey home with Max leaving his friends at the hover train station. Unlike them, he seemed much more capable at holding his liquor. He walked down the dirt road to his apartment when it hit him. A sound in his head, that made him stumble forward and wobble. His eyes were wide open with pain. He fell on the wayside as images flooded his mind, images of battle, of machines, inside and out and a word; was it sage, was it saga... he couldn't tell. He simply knew that his head was hurting him. He stumbled home, the pain got worse with each step, until only bullheaded will got him to his apartment complex, to his apartment, to his bed and he collapsed.

"You're a difficult creature to talk to..." said the glowing blue mechaniod. Maxion Prime looked around, the two were in some strange dimension of flowing streams of energy over an all black background. "This, is Infraspace, a visual representation of wireless communication, do not think to much upon it."

"What do you want Maxion?"

"To warn you..."

"Warn me? About what...?"

"Somehow the bounty hunters have learned that you have located to yourself to this planet..." Prime was silent.

"Pray tell..." he said with a calm but unhappy tone "how did they manage that, considering...everything."

"You can thank guest for that..." Prime raised an eyebrow.


"Ah, a refugee I rescued, she was very interested in you, she is also rather mischievous to be nice. I..."

"I am not going back..." Maxion was silent "This reeks of manipulation, reeks of underhandedness..."

"So you don't believe me...?"

"Oh, I believe in the threat, but call me crazy but I think I would rather face them then suddenly jump back on to you..."

"What is your..."

"I don't trust you! Unless you want to tell me the truth I think I will be facing the bounty hunters!"

"That is illogical..."

"Well I'm not a machine so what did you expect?!"

"I see...Then you must face all of them alone."


"Then you must defend your friends...alone"

"What...?" Max awoke on his bed

Part 6 Edit

Max was in the garage, fixing a speeder, a hovercraft that most used to get around. He had on a welding mask and used a torch to repair a broken fuel line. He was with the others when his boss came into the shop.

"Uh, Max..." he said with an uncomfortable look "Can I see you in my office."

"WHAT!" shouted Max. It was the first real emotion he had ever shown since coming here. His roar of discontent could be heard outside. Inside, he left two dents on the manager's metal desk, two signs that reminded him to calm down. Max took a deep breath and calmed down. "Explain..." His voice was trying to be calm, but his anger was clearly just underneath the surface

"I can't..." he replied with an unhappy tone "Some big shot just called me and told me too. What did you do...?"

"Nothing, to anyone in the Federation..."


"Forget about, it is clearly beyond your hands. I will not endanger the shop, i will go..."

"Thank you..."

"Besides, I have an idea as to who is responsible..."

"But you said..."

"In the federation..."

Max walked down the dusty dirt road to his apartment complex. He walked because he wanted to be alone, he wanted to think, he wanted to understand, who or what was behind this. Was it bounty hunters? But such low lives could not have such political power, especially with the relations between organic and mechanical beings.

His answer arrived, landing behind him. Max looked back with an indifferent look to a slender white mechanoid. It had a pair of metal plating on its back for wings, EM Wings, from the looks of it, its limbs were slender and long with an elongated head with only a single optic for a face. It was armed with a metal pole, which ignited to be a spear with a short blade of plasma for a head. Others soon followed, forming a circle around him.

"Would you look at this..." said a woman's voice "A machine, living as an organic, disgusting, who do think you are!?"

"It is generally customary to introduce yourself, when asking someone for their identity..."

"Oh, and you have jokes, are you a protocol droid now? If you must know I am Harik, of the holy house of..."

"Name and titles, they mean nothing, what is your species and its planet of origin..."

"If you must now robot, I am a Hesh, from Vera Prime..."

"That would explain everything, Your race helped fund the creation of this colony and others, and you're the bread basket of the Federation. However, you did not explain how it was you know about me...?"

"An anonymous source..."

"No doubt, and now that you are here, what do your sensors say about me...?"

"They say that you are organic, but I have been made aware that you are using experimental technology to fool my Hunter-Killer's sensors. Such tech needs to be collected and reverse engineered before your kind can invade the Federation any further...!"

"I see, it makes sense, your fear and paranoia, you kind got its backside smacked by an A.I. you made centuries ago and now you're scared of every other sentient machine..." She growled "However, given the number of combat drones you brought, you clearly were not given accurate, or complete data on me..."

"Oh, a cocky machine..."

"Child, I am transmetal, I am as much a machine as you are an animal, but I digress..." Max pulled back his sleeve, revealing a golden bracelet, which he tapped with his finger. The bracelet gave off a bright white light. From said white light, Maxion's hand reach out and crushed the first drone's head, throwing it into the others.

Maxion Prime conjured his arm cannon and fired several spheres of plasma into the attackers, blowing open their chests or taking of their heads. As more came into sight he turned and transformed into a ground vehicle taking off as several missiles hit the ground behind him. He would have kept going until he saw his two friend, by the bus stop, shocked and surprised by what was happening.

Knowing he could not change course fast enough, Maxion transformed, rolled forward and knelt over the two.

Part 7 Edit

The Hunter-Killers flew overhead and from the dust and smoke Maxion stood up, holding the two. They were still in shock as Maxion dove through the woods, often times going on one side of wheel to maneuver past the trees.

"Look..." said the bald one "I don't know what you want but, we're just mechanics..."

"I know who you are..." said Maxion "and my only interest is getting you out of this madness."

"Wait..." said the other "I know that voice..."

"There is a clear up a head, you two are going to jump out, once we clear the trees. Understood...?"

"Why are you helping us...we..."

"You've never done any harm to me, why do such a thing to you...Now get ready." Maxion opened his doors as soon as he passed the clearing, slowing down for them to jump out and speeding up and heading into the center of the plain. He changed back into robot mode, and waited for them, and they did come. The Hunter-Killers landed in a group in front of him, weapons ready.

"If you thought that I would give up that easily..." said Harik.

"As if I needed to run..." said Maxion "I came here, because someone's stupid drones, don't understand a thing called collateral damage. Seriously I'm transmetal, but I seem to care more about organics than you do..."

"I doubt that, most likely, they are more pretenders...!" Maxion raised his risk, showing a golden bracelet.

"Then they would have one of these, at all times, go ahead search them...but for now, you're problem is me..."

"Aren't we arrogant, my Hunter Killers..."

"Have been falling by the way side..."

"I have more, there is only one of..."

"Enough talk...!" Maxion roared as he charged forward, firing his plasma cannon. He took down a few, but the others opened fire with machine guns mounted on the side of their chests. The rounds were for nothing as they hit his armor and the natural shielding he had about his person. From his other hand, he conjured his blade and shoved it into one of the mech's chests, hoisting it into the air before swinging his arm and throwing it away. With a hook motion, he fire more shots into the others, blasting open their chests, and leaving smoldering, half melted wrecks of important parts and systems.

Maxion had found that he was a natural at this, that he had a drive, a spark about him that even the sentient mechanoids of Chromium didn't in his prior battle. In fact, beneath his face plate he was smiling. That smile faded when a spearhead made of shaped plasma, struck him in the thigh. He pulled it out and looked up to see more, besides throwing back into the owner's head, his chest opened, firing a few missiles that flew up into the air and exploded between the robots. They released bursts of plasma, which gave of EM bursts which down the machines. It also caused a flicker, a shimmer of light in the air, which Maxion took note of. He charged his cannon and fired a rather dense shot, which pierced the hull of the cloaked circular ship, leaving an entry and exit wound as it method of hiding turned off.

"Cloaking...I'm surprised I didn't notice that sooner..." said Maxion. He did notice a small spherical probe float down before him and projected a hologram of a green skinned female humanoid before him.

"Clearly you are a war machine..."

"I am what I feel like being, and I felt like defending my life..."

"Other mechanoids would not have fared as well as you..."

"I am not like other mechanoids, I am transmetal..."

"What does that mean...?"

"It means that my flesh, is flesh, except made of metal..."


"I don't care...You speak as if your opinion suddenly changes what is truth, it does not. I have told you the truth, you can except it, or take a hike. I do not care which."

"Pompous bag of bolts, your like should be bowing down to me!"

"Why, we are both sentient, but I will live longer than you, I am stronger than you, I am more resistant to injury to. Why would I bow to anyone, particularly an organic..."

"Because I have these..." turbo lasers turrets began to lay a rain of plasma bolts upon him, larger and denser than even the shots Maxion fired. All around him was behind blasted rock and ruined earth by the ships full might. Everything seemed to be over until several missiles flew up from the smoke. The first few hit the ship's deflector shield, but the pulse of plasma they gave of on impact allowed the rest to hit their target, damaging different parts of the vessel.

It was hard to tell for Maxion, why the ship left, was it fear, or a necessity that cause the ship to disappear in a pulse of energy; a Jump Drive, an advance form of the Warp Drive, rarely used by most races in the galaxy.

Part 8 Edit

Maxion stumbled out of the smoke, a good portion of his armor plating was partially melted revealing a metallic skeletal structure with metal fibers for muscles. The wiring and tubing that carried his brain signals and fuel were damaged in this areas resulting in particles of energy bleeding away with sparks flying between them and his body. If he was an organic, one would say that over half of his body had third degree burns, but he was still alive, where most life forms would be dead.

Perhaps it was his redundant systems picking up the slack where his mains ones had fallen, perhaps it was simple stubbornness, perhaps it was a combination of both, regardless his life wouldn't last long and he knew it. As he fell he saw his friends, running away through the woods and he couldn't help but crack a smile. For whatever they said about him, he took solace that his end meant the survival of others, there was honor in that.

The sting of cyber-matter fusing to his body awoke him. Mechanical arms, small and large surgically attach the metallic bio-mass that surrounded him and he could the fuel being force pumped through his armor and skin, via heated syringes. He knew the sting of the CR tank well, and he knew of only one place that had one, he knew where he was.

Normally this would not have been so painful, and if it was pain it was the good kind, like a thorn being removed, but before he didn't have a good portion of his internal structure revealed to the world. In the minutes that followed as the pain disappeared, he exited the capsule in a part of the ship he was unfamiliar with. Around him were several pods, not the kind that he was accustomed too, but spheres of murky white glass or plastic in walls composed of a metal that bore an uncanny resemblance to organic material. This was not the only strange thing he met, before him was a mechanoid, like him made of transmetal. From the posture and measurements of the body, he realized a female mechanoid stood before him.

Standing with wheel under each foot, she had light blue armor, with a wheel on her . The armor of her forearms was oval in shape and her shoulders were half spheres with arc the twin tips pointing to the sides. On her head, her crest ended in an arrowhead like shape, to green optics, just Maxion's. Despite being thinner, she was taller than him, even without the wheels.

"Welcome back to the land of the living..." she said in basic "I must say that was a most impressive bout you had, no doubt your ancestors must be proud of you." Maxion was silent. He knew that face, he knew that voice and he wanted to shoot her in the face, but he could not figure out why either of those things were in a body of metal.

"Who are you...?" he simply ask.

"I am Sagus, but if your prefer titles, Mr. 'Prime', I go by Archon Sagus, or Sagus Archon..."

"Sagus it is..." he said, clearly annoying her. He walked passed, brushing her aside. "I take it you were the one who outed my position..."

"Yes, well that was an accident..." Maxion grabbed her by the throat and pushed against the wall before putting his cannon to her face.

"You nearly got me killed!"

"Almost..." she said with a smirk. For whatever reason, Maxion did not have it in him to blow her head of and dropped her. He simply walked off towards the end of the hallway.

"Maxion..." he said "what is our heading...?"

"We are currently parked over Arcadus Prime, with active Ghost Shields..." the ship replied.

"Ghost Shields...?" said Sagus.

"We are out of phase with everything else, enough that nothing can harm or detect us, but our trans-phase sensors can still pick up on what's going around us..." Said Prime.

"Oh, big words. Your mother must be so proud..." she said in a mocking tone. Maxion just growled at her.

"Maxion, take somewhere, anywhere..."

"Take us home...!"


"Why not...?"

"One, The Maxion listens to me, secondly, what could be there that I would possibly want to see..."

"My people, a race, like yourself, 'transmetal', a place where you could belong..."

"I doubt that..."

"You won't know unless you try, trust me, if you're judging them by my image, they will surprise you..."

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