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Series: Galactic Robot War
Name: Episode 4
Owner: SolZen321
Previous Episode: Galactic Robot War: Episode 3
Next Episode: Galactic Robot War: Episode 5

Characters Edit

Note: Character may not be described. If you want their description, look on their page, via the links.

Part 1 Edit

Chromium, a metal world home to a robotic race of the same name, for generations it had been a peaceful world, a force for peace among the Mechanoid Zone. Now, it was war torn, its once great cities were battered and damaged as troops continued their battle. On one side was the forces of the Dai Apex, the legal ruler of Chromium and its Commonwealth, on the other side was Megatronix, once vice chancellor.

Said usuper stood on the blasted ruins of a hill looking down as his forces and the forces of the Dai Apex clashed. His body was different gone was the simple body. While still black, grey and with red lines, his body was large, with a cannon on his back and right arm, his face was red with a face plate and he sports a golden V on his forehead.

Behind him were many of his lackeys, but most important was a cyclops in black and purple armor, and a cannon for an arm. While Megatronix smirked at the carnage below and in the air, he patted his foot on the ground impatiently.

"Yes, Hyperion..." said Megatronix, amused but slightly annoyed.

"You promised..." said Hyperion, somewhat angry "You promised that I would be allowed to go after the alien!"


"The robot who stole Empyrion's sword, and possibly all of his knowledge!"

"Oh, that one, I doubt he's much of a threat now, besides we have other issue to deal with. I am certain one of the bounty hunters will deal with him..."

"That was Deca-Cycles ago, before the start of the war! Since then there have been reports of him hiding on an organic world, using technology to temporarily become an organic."


"Not the point, the point is, he clearly has access to technology and data, and he is the master of a TechnoMorph Titan, one of the vessel mechanoids of the ancients! This bot remains a very real threat, even if we win, we could face an opponent with technology we can't hope to match!" Megatronix finally turned around.

"Fine, you are right, such power would be useful to us, I will see to it the search for him is made more serious. However, you are still needed here."

Maxion fell onto the cold metal floor of the room, leaving a thud and the sound of metal scrapping against metal. The red and blue bot with wheels on his back and heels got up as his sparring partner continued to mock him with her playful swaying of her body.

Sagus, was a good head taller than Maxion but her build was thinner, with a light blue paint job, a wheel on her back and attached to the bottom of her feet. Both of them had faces composed of metal plates, their brows, eyebrows, cheeks, lower jaws, noses, lips, while at their joints, metallic fibers could be partially seen. Both of them also had the same color green optics.

"Really now..." said Sagus "Who are you going to defeat with moves like that? You punch, but there's no emotion behind them..."

"I'll show emotion..." Maxion muttered under his breath.

"What was that...?" as Maxion got up.

"Nothing..." Sagus spin kicked him, sending him face first into the floor.

"Then don't mutter like a coward, have a spine for once..." Maxion growled, he had heard those words before and they stung just as much now as they did then. "If you have a problem, solve it with your fists..." Maxion fired a bolt from his plasma cannon, barely missing Sagus' head. The wall quickly healed itself but Sagus remained stunned.

Maxion got up, and retracted his weapon, and politely bowed.

"My apologies, it would seem I let my anger get the better of me..." Sagus sneered, not because he tried to kill her but because he apologized, Maxion stood up and simply left.

"Ship, I know you're watching and listening, why does, why is he tall..."

"That is what his genetics dictated..." replied Maxion, The Maxion, the ship.

"When he was flesh, he was shorter than the average male, so why now is he so tall...?"

"Thinking...apparently he suffered an injury as a child which broke his legs, this most likely stunted his growth and denied him the stature his genes would have given him." Sagus looked stunned.


"I said..."

"I know what you, he wasn't 'born' a weakling...that was the fault of his parents...poor boy, denied the chance to be strong, he probably doesn't know what to do with his power...."

"That is not how he would put it..."

Part 2 Edit

Maxion Prime walked the green of fields of the unknown world. He looked out over a cliff to a vast jungle under clear blue skies. Immediately he knew he was dreaming, but the vividness of this image struck him. This was like no dream he had before, whether he was flesh or Transmetal, it was less a dream and more of him seeing something, with his actual eyes.

Then they came, the flames, the fires, they came faster than he could react and took the form of a great bird of fire. Maxion found himself floating in a void of blue energy, these currents carried images of places alien to each other. These did not catch his attention however, instead, his focus turned to the thing before him.

The bird of flames had became a fiery winged humanoid. Flame was his flesh, lightning composed his bones, light of every color served as his skin and feather, while two bright stars were his eyes and an intense light, like the flash of a nuclear bomb shined where a human heart would be.

The entire time, Maxion felt overwhelmed, though somehow, he was able to process all that appeared before him. He instinctively knew this had to be a dream, his scientific mind told him that if this was real, even he would've been vaporized from the light.

"Hello..." said Maxion meekly. He grabbed his head in pain as the image of two people waving at each other appeared in his mind. "You, you don't speak..." he said meekly. Another image entered his mind, rolling fields and hills, then a dictionary with no words inside. Maxion gasped for air, a reflexive action. "A...a land of meaning, without words...?" The giant nodded. "What do you want...?" Maxion regretted asking. He grabbed his head in pain as more images flooded it.

Out of the darkness came a metal sphere, a metallic planet, upon its surface were metal fanged mouths devouring stars. Off its surface came metal devils, an army to overrun the cosmos. He saw Megatronix, the bot whose head he shot off, being rebuilt and morphing into his new form. Behind him was an army of other mechanoids all bearing weapons. Across from them was Maxion, standing before an mechanoid army of his own, both forces stood upon twinkling stars and faced each other. But Maxion did something unexpected, his opened his chest and released a bright light.

Maxion was at his limit, it felt like something massive had forced its way into his squeezing in like forcing an apple into a grape. Even so, he wanted answers. "That light, what, what was it..." he asked, bracing himself for next mental assault. Instead however, the giant raised his hand and poked one of the streams with one of his talons, bringing down a sphere of light with streams flowing in and out of it to the other streams. Maxion also noticed that some of the blue energy was flowing from himself. The giant poked him, sending the sphere into his body. Images flooded his mind, but unlike before there was no pain. He saw through the eyes of a million different beings, a robot, a man, a woman, a child, an insect, a grazing beast, people and things from a thousand different worlds, maybe more. For a second, he even thought that he was a bacteria, but the experience was so alien, so hard to explain to himself, that he quickly forgot it. So many points of view and all of them had eyes.

The giant outstretched his hand towards Maxion, and released a burst of light. Said light was all Maxion saw, until it was darkness, the darkness of his turned off optics. Maxion exited his CR pod to the sight of Sagus.

"Thank the spirits..." she said hugging him. Maxion was caught of guard and pushed her back.


"You first..." she said, motioning a tear down the cheek. Maxion finally noticed the odd taste in his mouth and touch his face. Looking at his fingers he noted the substance that should be running through his veins.

Part 3 Edit

"Maxion, open this door..." shouted Sagus at the closed door. She banged and banged "Maxion, training is not over, you need...Maxion, what is he doing in there...?"

"The Prime..." said the ship "is currently building a robot..."

"Playing with his toys...!?"

"No, the exercise seems to be there to calm his emotions and bring them back under control."

"He's gone into his own little world..."

"It is meditation, he builds, dismantles and rebuilds the same probe robot over and over when he wishes to calm his nerves..."

"Did he program you to make his excuses..."

"No, I learned this when I touched his spark..."

"His spark...?"

"His ember, his heart, his soul, the light inside your chest, without which you would be dead. It is the same with him and myself. Maxion gained his name by partially merging his spark with mine, restoring my fading life and creating a transmetal body for himself."

"So you're saying that..."

"We are energy beings, with metal bodies, yes..."

"So, my rescuer...I'm beginning to see why he doesn't trust you..." she walked away from Maxion's room. "So tell me, what happened to him...?"

"His spark was partially out of phase with his body..."


"His mind was on another plane of reality, given his current progress that was beyond him. That and the internal damage he received, tells me that someone called him there..."

"How so..."

"My masters did not die, they simply moved on, and if his spark and one of my master's spoke, the Prime's spark should have been extinguished. That he could survive a conversation for so long..."

"I fail to see the relevance..."

"The being who spoke with put into context, information was downloaded straight into his soul. The 'volume' was so loud that it sent vibrations though it that rippled through his body causing the internal damage..."

"And it's amazing that he survived...I..."

"Your spark would have been vaporized by the first word. His spark is a great deal more powerful than yours interestingly, and that has nothing to do with our merger..." Sagus sneered. The door opened and Maxion stepped out, now fully healed, though dry fuel still marked his body. He ignored Sagus and looked up.

"Where is our next stop?" asked Maxion

"Meridan 3, in Alliance space, near the border between it and the Federation."

"Why there...?"

"I have located a material that would be easy to convert into our fuel. Even I must refuel every once in a while..."

"I see...what's the catch...?"

"I do not understand, the question..."

"Look, everywhere we go, bad things happen, I went to Chromium, I got framed for murder and am now the Mechanoid Zone's most wanted. I go to an organic world, blend in with a Quantum Hologram, again, I get attacked, because this shutta exposed me on a whim!" Sagus shrugged her shoulders. "My original home, where you found me, I was nearly killed by some Mech Suits! What problems does this world have?"

"Both the Federation and Alliance are quarreling over this world, as it is rich in a potent material, Specium crystals..."

Part 4 Edit

"Specium...?" asked Prime. A holographic image appeared, it was composed of circles and lines, arranged in a pattern. Sagus had no idea what it meant, but Prime did, though he was not sure why. He new it to be code of some sort for the atomic structure of some element. He found it fascinating. "According to this, pure specium...would be plasma at room temperature, or at least ionic, and they use this for what...?"

"Plasma Conversion..." said the Maxion "to convert fuel and lesser energy sources into pure plasma."

"How disappointing..."

"How so...?" asked Sagus

"According to this, you could do so much more than make plasma, if I had this back home, before the war..." Maxion disappeared into thought "no, perhaps it's best that I didn't..." Sagus raised an eyebrow "How far are we from the planet and basic data...?"

"We will arrive in four drells at current super light cruise, the planet's gravity is 0.9 GS, it's atmosphere is minimum, leaving it unprotected from the cosmic rays and stellar wings, which have produced the environment needed for specium to appear, but also means it is dangerous, even for you, for long periods of exposure..."

"Please, we Vandorans, are highly resistant to radiation...!" said Sagus with loud and proud voice "what's sun burn going to do to us...?"

"The rules of your biology has changed..." said Maxion "since your conversion into transmetal. You have no idea of that fact is still true..."

"Oh, our homeworld, is not so different from this planet, a desert with a thin atmosphere, the solar winds, lashing it every few weeks! The only safe place we could find was this blasted out structure...why are you looking at me like that...?" Maxion stared at her with shock, but then he brushed it off the idea and turned back around.

The two Mechanoids appeared in energy disturbances, which suddenly appeared and morphed into their forms and the items they held. Two cylinder shaped canister, Mechanoid sized metal barrels, with control panels on the side. The planet looked much like Mars, but the red sand glittered and twin suns shined in the purple hued sky.

"Pretty..." said Sagus

"But also dangerous if they get under your armor..." said Maxion. He slammed his canister into the ground, the ground cracked as tendrils shot out underground and dove deep into the crust of the planet.

"Oh...?" said Sagus "why is that...?" She followed his example.

"Specium is ionic, we may be resistant to ionic weapons, but that sand is going to be a right pain if it gets inside of us , in its raw state, heck it could knock you out..."

"Huh..." The two stood around, not willing to sit down in the ionic sand, and waited on the machines to finish collecting enough material before going home.

"So..." asked Maxion "your home, what's it like...?"

"It sucks... it's one long big desert, what more is there to say?" said Sagus "we found ourselves there after a long journey, an intense hyper sleep, we thought we would return after our enemies tried to wipe us out. We...didn't expect this change..."

"How did that happen...?"

"No idea, awoke outside our down ships, and our bodies were suddenly metal. Many of the old war lords began to fight for supremacy, dethroning the female hierarchy that had existed for years. Most of the civilians just left, especially when it became clear that we didn't have a means of reproduction anymore. We found this old lab, it looked like it had been destroyed decade earlier, with the equipment and the remaining drones, we found a means of fuel for ourselves, a way to defend ourselves, and learned about the Embers in our bodies. The wisest among us, surmised that our minds, our souls had been transformed into these balls of energy to animate our current bodies...I know you're Vandoran..."


"The base, it had your information, it presumed we were all its 'master' due to our similar, 'Life Code' and energy signature. Please, our people need your genius...!"

"I doubt that..." Maxion said coldly

"You built that base, on your own, with little to no resources, I came out here to find you..."

"And Maxion found you...?"

"Yes, I don't understand what that ship is..."

"It's like us, a transmetal organism, but instead of a simple ember, a great flame animates him. Instead our senses, he has the sensors of a starship, he is like us, but his mind operates on another level. I don't trust him..."


"He keeps things from me, I don't know how I became Transmetal, no, how I became a disembodied ember, from what I know about such things from his data banks, such a thing should be impossible. That 'vision' I had with one of his 'creators', he said it should have killed me, and I do believe him on that, but I get this feeling he knows why and will not tell me."

"I who are you...?"

"Excuse me...?"

"You said Maxion wasn't you name, it's your title, to the ship, you also said, you don't remember how you became transmetal, not who you were, you know your past, just no all of it, so who are you...?"

"I..." Maxion jumped forward and screamed out in pain as electricity arced all over his body. The pain caused him to fall over, worsening the effect as the electricity arced from him to the sand in bigger arcs, until he passed. Sagus tried to help him, but the bolts kept her at bay. She turned around only for something to hit her on the helmet. Second later she passed out.

Part 6 Edit

Sagus awoke in the sand, Maxion was right, it was a terrible feeling, like a million little bits all at once. She jumped up to all fours and began flexing and moving her armor plating and shaking to get rid of the sand. Maxion was also getting up, slower, as if the sand didn't bother him so much, though he was also moving the pieces of his armor. She noticed the bolt on his back and felt the one on her helmet. They were obviously was knocked them out.

Sagus looked around, mechanoids surrounded them and they were armed. While Sagus and Maxion were more organic in shape, with curves, segmented armor, and even some gaps for their joints, these bots were much more square, cubic with their armor, like boxes and rectangles stacked together into a humanoid shape.

"Who..." said Sagus.

"They are the Kerri, a member of the Alliance, the body of government formed from those that wiped us out and these are the Kerri Anthrodroid Guard, cyborgs..." One of them kick Maxion in the face.

"No talking in that mech talk...!" he shouted. Maxion couldn't help but roll his optics.

"My friend here, was asking about who you were, she's not familiar with your kind Kerri..."

"Why would a mech, need a female...?" ask another one.

"Curious..." said a third "perhaps we should take them back for examination...?"

"How bout no, the last thing I need is to feel bad for a mech, also, stop using that word, 'examination', you clearly don't know what it means..." The other one said nothing. Sagus, was lost, she could understand nothing that they were saying, she knew no language other than her own.

"Maxion, what is going on...?" she asked.

"She wants to know what's going on...?" Maxion parroted. The first Kerri shoved the barrel of his rifle into his face.

"What's going on, is that you two are on Alliance property, stealing Alliance property. The only reason you're not dead is because we want answers!" Maxion pushed the barrel and turned to Sagus, speaking in their native tongue.

"Listen, when I say go, take them down, because these guys exist to hunt and kill Mechanoids like us..."

"How..." she replied "with these things on our heads...?"

"When I say go..." he replied, while moving his shoulders, giving them impression he was saying 'I don't know'. He turned back to the Kerri "So what now...?"

"Now...?" said the Kerri "now you answer our questions! Who are you, Chromiums? How did you get here, stealth ship? Answers...!" Maxion sighed, and Sagus began to notice what he was doing. He was generating a jamming signal for the restraining bolts on them.

"Go..." he said in Vandoran. The two got up and attacked. Sagus, back flipped onto one of the Kerri and slice apart two of the others with blades from her forearms. Maxion slice apart the gun barrel with his blade, and grabbed the Kerri before throwing it into another, before spinning and switching mid-spin to his gun, the blast another with a plasma bolt.

Sagus conjured her rail guns to knock down two, while Maxion blasted the remaining soldiers, bearing their plasma bolts. The first Kerri, the one that had threatened Maxion, tried to crawl away, only for sand to cause his suit to short circuit. Sagus stomped on his back and readied to fire.

"Hold..." said Maxion.

"What why...?" she retorted, confused.

"The battle is over..."

"It's over when our enemies are dead..." Maxion walked up to her.

"I said 'hold'...!" In the distance they could hear it, even with the thin atmosphere, the sound of thunder. They turned to see a ball of fire, coming down in the distance, before another boom cast of the flames and jet like vehicle changed direction, heading towards them. Maxion pushed Sagus out of the way, as energy bolts flew towards them. He took the two, to the chest and was sent flying back while the jet flew towards them.

Maxion tried to get up, but he found himself under the foot of the green mechanoid with jet parts, now aiming an arm mounted blaster at him.

Part 7 Edit

Sagus tried to move against the mechanoid, but for her trouble, she got an energy bomb to the chest, putting her out of commission.

"Maxion 'Prime', I presume..." said the green bot "I am Devus, and you are under arrest for the murder of Empyrion!"

"I don't suppose saying 'I didn't do it' will help, will it...?" said Maxion with a tired voice. Devus' foot was on his chest with his chest armor, partially melted from the attack. Maxion guessed correctly that they were disruptors, similar to blasters, but only so much. A blaster, was a common slang terms, for a Plasma Caster, so called because the weapon, that more accurately fit that name, were like small cannons. Instead of condensed bursts of plasma, that could scar a star ship hull, a typical blaster shot a small bit of gas in a bolt, a short straight line of condensed plasma that could probably pierce your typical vehicle, but could also burn through more organics. A disruptor was a wave, or ball of electromagnetic energy, the kind which kept atoms from merging or kept them together as a single item. A disruptor did as its name implied, it disrupted this field, making the atoms of what it hit, fly apart. It was far more energy demanding than a blaster, but at the size of a blaster it could do the damage, or even more than a plasma caster.

"No, I don't think it will..."

"Then do make it quick. My friend there will need aide soon and I expect more of these Kerri guards to arrive soon, but I do wonder, how did you find me..?"

"We have bounty hunters scouting the galaxy for you, bearing disguises, I was nearby when I detected the comm about you."

"I see, that's discomforting, Chromium hunters just 'searching' for just one bot..."

"I sense an accusation in those words..."

"Perhaps, but perhaps it's less an accusation as it is an observation..." Sagus groaned. Devus, looked at her surprised, certain that she should be offline. Maxion knocked away his leg, grabbing him as he got up and throwing him away. Devus landed and rolled, dodging to the side, as Maxion's foot came down where he just was, leaving a small crater.

Maxion jumped after him, countering an energy bomb, with his right incendiary blade, only for the top part to explode in his face on contact. Out of the smoke he kept going grabbing Devus' right and pulling away so he could elbow him in the back of the neck. Devus was stunned, and then in pain. Maxion kept moving, going around and using what was left of his left blade to cut off the left disruptor from Devus' forearm. The two stumbled away from each other and then pointed their gun at the other, a sphere of disruptor energy and a plasma bolt hit midair, exploding between them in a large burst of energy.

Sagus, began to get up, pulling off the bolt on her helmet. While pain knocked her out, the pain the sand caused woke her up. She had seen the exchange,between the two warriors and was impressed, so much that she failed to notice the Kerri which had evacuated it suit in an eye like metal orb. Sagus' chest armor had been utterly destroyed, revealing her metal fiber muscles, her mechanical rip cage, and the organ/parts in her upper body. The main eye catch was that the circuit lines and wires which all glowed from the light of a metal orb in the center of her chest. Its circular window shined with a blue light, from a swirl of energy, particles and electricity arcing between the two.

"I am impressed..." said Devus "perhaps, you did murder Empyrion, I can certainly see how you managed to take down so many guards..." He was trying to stop his twitching, it was happening all over his body, the sand, it was ionic from centuries of cosmic rays and stellar winds and it was causing a sensation akin to pain in him. He assumed Maxion had the same problem, but the bot showed no such signs. This was because Maxion felt pain, not a mechanical approximation and he was bearing through it.

"Empyrion, no, he died because he gave me...his sword, something that 'Megatronix fellow was not to pleased about."

"Tell that to the court..."

"No, I do suspect any trial in your sovereign territory to be fixed, no, Empyrion tasked me with keeping his treasure safe, safe from you lot, your's is not a viable path to take..."

"That is not for you to decide...!"

"My fate is my own to decide, Devus and at this point, no matter what, this battle is over..." Maxion retracted his gun back into his arm, and put his arms down.

"What are you doing...?!" shouted Sagus in disbelief. Devus turned to her, then he turned to the two dings, which came from the two containers. They 'shivered' as their tentacles withdrew back into them and then it happened. Around Maxion, Sagus and the two container, was an energy disturbance, wherein they disappeared, followed by said disturbance.

"What...?" said Devus in shock.

Part 8 Edit

Devus walked towards his disruptor and picked it up, wiping away the sand. He reattached it and his repair system began to kick in, small internal wires that held on to it, and kept it connected. He ran and jumped, turning into a jet and taking off, despite the sparks flying about his person.

On board The Maxion, Prime helped Sagus to a CR Capsule, her damage was more life threatening, with her entire chest section blown off, and some of her internal organs were damaged on some level.

"Why didn't you fight him...?" she asked.

"The battle was over..."

"That is not our way...?"

"...'Our' way made us nuke our world five times, it got our world glasses and our people force into a nomadic sleep just to survive. For all our vaunted endurance and 'resistance to death', our way has done little but drive us to near extinction, it has to change, we have to change. I stopped fighting him, I didn't kill them, because I had won, I had achieved my goals and they had failed in theirs, and to continue would be to fight for the sake of fighting, not because it was right and not because it was honorable. If combat losses it purpose, it is just violence and no honor code, or philosophy will change that." Sagus was silent for a moment.

"You're a strange one, still what is your name...?" Maxion moved towards her ear.

"Maybe later..." he recoiled and pressed the button, closing the capsule.

"You should also find your way to a capsule..." said the ship.

"I am fine, for now..." two metallic craters, of partially melted metal where on his chest, two large holes, with the glowing circuit lines of his internal anatomy, partially visible. "I am just glad that the timers on the refineries were not touched... speaking of which why didn't you warn us, those Kerri were nearby?"

"The ionic nature of the surface made scanning difficult..."

"Would've loved to have known that before hand..." he sighed as he walked towards a capsule "I trust we will not need any more specium for a while...?"

"Specium simply enhances the Engen we use when properly mixed together, they will increase our fuel time, so I do not need to recharge at a star anytime in the near future."

"Good, set a course for home, for her home, my home..."

"I do not understand..."

"The planet I was living on, before I joined you..." He made his way to the elevator and stopped. With some difficulty he opened his thigh armor and retrieved the sword of Empyrion. In its handle was a sphere, with a crystal window, revealing vast swirling energy, it was similar to Sagus' Ember chamber, her spark of life. "Show me..." he said. He held the object by the sphere and the rest began to change. The blade/sheath and handle, split in two and reformed into handles which he held. "No..." he said to himself. He knew what it wanted him to do, put it in his chest, connect it to his ember directly and and access its knowledge and power. However, something instinctual told him not to do it, that this power was meant for something else. The object, transformed back into a blade, and Maxion put it away before, leaning against the wall and sitting down to go to sleep.

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