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Series: Galactic Robot War
Name: Episode 5
Owner: SolZen321
Previous Episode: Galactic Robot War: Episode 4
Next Episode: Galactic Robot War: Episode 6
Note: Character Descriptions are mainly in the link.

Characters Edit

Part 1 Edit

"You are certain...?" said Megatronix, sitting in his office. The large black and grey bot had a cubic design to his armor and a Gundam like face. He spoke via hologram to a bot with a much smaller built and was primarily green, a flier, given his kibble.

"Positive, the two of them disappeared in an energy disturbance..." said Devus "it clearly not cloaking and I do not believe in magic. Do you think this is from Empyrion's legacy?"

"Perhaps, or perhaps the power of the Titan under his command, regardless, keep up the search..." He cut the communications and pondered the situation. He hadn't given that alien bot much thought, he presumed that he could deal with him after he had won this war, but teleportation. Chromium scientists had been attempting it for ages, their only success was the Jump Drive. This, sub-light matter transmission , it could revolutionize warfare, he had to have it secret. He pressed another button, and the bust of a cyclopian bot appeared. " would like to go on a hunting trip...?"

The two mechanoids were different from the Chromiums and most other mechanoids in the galaxy. Instead of singular, rectangular and cubic armor and limbs, their design was curved and often times composed of multiple plates. The male was a red and blue bot, with large wheels on his back and the back of his ankles. The female, more slender but taller, had wheel on the bottom of her feet and had light blue armor. Their faces were the single smooth metal meshes seen most commonly, they were made of over laping metal plates; their eyebrows, cheeks, lower jaws, lips and jaws. At the joints metal fiber muscles, wires and glowing lines could be partially seen. They were Maxion Prime and Archon Sagus respectively.

Sagus was leaning on the grey wall, a cross in texture between bone and metal. She held her chest, the faint discomfort reminding her that it had previously been blown off.

"You alright...?" asked Maxion.

"i'll live, it's every day your skin gets blown off and you get a new one..."

"I don't know, in some parts of the universe, that could be a common day occurence..." Sagus looked at him with surprise.

"Was that a joke, did you actually just make joke with me...?!"

"...If I say yes, will you hug me?"


"Then, no..." Sagus scowled as Maxion walked off, his injuries also newly healed. "Maxion, how has he been doing...?"

"Unknown..." said the ship's voice "He was initially resistant to entering the CR capsule, it is hard to say. All I am certain off is that he did not want to come here..."

"Come 'here', so we have arrived...?"

Sagus found her way to the bridge of the Maxion, a large room with circular control terminals. Maxion stood before a hologram of a desert world. Sagus looked at it with both joy ad sadness, for this world was once lush and green, the numerous nuclear wars had only made life on this world resilient and strong. Now, much of said life was dead, or struggling. Maxion stood with his arms cross, and his expression dour. This was not a place of happy memories for him.

"Sad isn't it..." said Sagus "what those wretches did to our world..."

"We drowned their planets is rivers of their own blood, with the excuse that they were weak, yet together they brought us low."

"Weaklings, gathering with weaklings, is not strength...!"

"Strength... 'strength is victory, strength is determination, strength is cleverness, it is forethought and preparation. Strength comes in more forms than just the might of muscle'..."

"Don't quote the hunt to me coward..."


"You ran away didn't you, why else would you be afraid of coming back here?!"

"Afraid...?" said Maxion pausing for a moment to think. Certainly he didn't want to come here, but it was never fear he felt.

"Yes, afraid, you you were not on the ships when they returned and you were not among the survivors of the bombings! Somewhere between the End and our return, you ran!"

"Some don't run because of fear..."

"Oh, then why did you run...?"

"You would not understand..."

"Try me..."

"Maxion, prepare our descent..." He turned to leave but Sagus stood in his way.

"You can't just brush aside my question..." Maxion pushed her away and continued onward.

"Yes I can..."

Part 2 Edit

"How long have you been able to do that...?" asked Sagus. Maxion was in the teleporter room, sitting with his legs cross and his hands on his knees. Around him floated a cube, a rubik's cube of sorts, which was self solving, as Maxion sat there with his eyes turned off. That was until Sagus spoke and it dropped like a brick as Maxion turned back on his eyes. "I see, you were a shaman, I take it you can't do it at a whim, shame, we could have used that with that green fellow..."

"Devus? Do you make it a habit to not remember your would-be killers' names...?"

"Oh please, so many have tried to kill me..."

"And that one could very well do it, he is more advance than we were, even in our prime, and for all your 'warrior's pride' you fared very little. As someone who has faced many of his kind, I must say this, the Chromiums are not to be taken lightly. Now let us go..." He stood up.

"Where to...?"

"Maxion already has the coordinates of my base, he is just waiting for you."

"I don't see why he can't just teleport us from..."

"These platforms were made for a reason, from here it is easiest to bend and warp the cosmic stuff. I fail to see why we should valuable energy, because you're too lazy to walk. Now come..." Sagus rolled her eyes and sneered as she got on the platform.

"You talk to your mother that...?" she asked rhetorically

"You would be surprised..." A blue white energy disturbance surrounded and enveloped them. Inside they could only see a current of energy and particles raining upwards. When the sight passed from their eyes, they were on the desert world that first bore their race.

Sagus looked at it first with joy, and then a little sadness. Not even home, was 'home' for her now, just a dead shadow of that place. Maxion looked at it was tired stair that looked like he wanted to sigh. This may have been home but it was not a happy place. It was also not a happy time that they arrived. In the distance they could see the rebuilt base and they understood why Maxion did not teleport them inside, it was under attack.

"Want to go back on the ship...?" said Sagus with a mocking tone. Maxion said nothing. He transformed and took off, with Sagus struggling to keep up. His four wheels were better designed to deal with the sand.

The warriors were Vandoran, robotic humanoids, like Sagus and Maxion, however, they were mush slimmer with thinner armor. The pieces with any thickness worth mentioning were the chest pieces. Their helmets were bucket shaped and they all wore the same mask, a plate with a visor, a cross between a V and T. They were not using body mounted weapons, they instead carried rifles that they kept shooting at the massive doors and walls, their plasma bolts hitting only the shields. One among them stood on the dune over looking them, he has a small shield on his left shoulder and was surrounded by the more common soldiers.

"Yes...!" shouted the Commander "bring down their precious shield, this day will be ours, this weaklings will be slaves or dead!" Maxion had heard that tone, those words, far too many times for his liking. Several missiles killed most of his guards and stopped the assault as the force sent the commander sliding down the dune. Everyone watched as he got up, then watched as Maxion drove of the dune, into the air, transform into robot mode, flip and land on his feet.

In their stunned state, they were caught off guard, a fact Maxion used to attack. He conjured his blasters and began firing at them. Many tried to return fire, but it was for not, Maxion's thicker armor, could take more than they could let out and anyone time. Within seconds, half of them were dead from an outward sweeping motion from Maxion, who turned and fire at the commander, hitting his rifle right up the barrel. In reflex the bot threw it away and ducked as it exploded and knocked him back. As he got up, dazed and his armor steaming, Maxion put away his cannon.

"You, me..." he said "you know the rules, one shall stand, one shall fall, and then your friend can get out of our sight..." The bot got up.

"We would we leave..."

"Because it is almost customary for the looser to run away..."

Part 3 Edit

Sagus arrived in time to transform and hear everything. She was surprised yet again by Maxion combat ability. These were the warriors that had sent her tribe in retreat all those years ago, yet here Maxion had just slaughtered so many of them, via head and Ember shots. She listened to him speak and she listened to the Predabot's response... He growled, much in the way Maxion sometimes did when he was angry, but it was different, less restrained.

"Why would we leave...?" he snarled.

"That generally what losers do..." said Maxion with a confidence that bordered on arrogance. It would have been arrogant, if Maxion's tone didn't make clear that it was a threat. The Predabot lunged at him, throwing a punch. Maxion turned in motion with the blow, dodging it and using the momentum to elbow him in the back of his neck stunning him. The bot fell to the ground and Maxion picked him up and put him across his shoulder and pulled from both ends. There was the sound of metal grinding against metal, metal cables straining and snapping, valves popping and metal being bent. When Maxion through him to the ground, his abdominal region, the armor was forced out of place, a green fluid, fuel most likely, leaked from under his armor, forming a puddle around him. From the scent Maxion knew what it was, Ethium, a substance he devised to match the 'nutritional needs' of his body. The battle was over, the duel was over, all that was left was for...

Maxion slammed the bot's head into the ground, almost crushing it under his boot. There was a look in his eyes of pure hate. It was hate born not out of ignorance, but pure intented hate.

"Get gone..." he said "and take your friends with you..."

"This is not how an honorable..." Maxion pressed harder, now the sound of stress as his helmet began to bend, could be heard.

"Do not talk to me about honor, marauder, you and your kind came here to murder and steal what others worked for. You are a thief with to big an ego, and if I ever see your around here again I will rip out your Ember!"

"My what...?"

"The ball of energy in your chest that's keeping you alive...!" He kicked him away now move.!" The others began to run away, transforming into small ground vehicles, with two helping him and one serving as his rid. They rode past Sagus who kept eyeing Maxion with a look of discomfort. She slid down and went up behind him before following him to the base. There was an uncomfortable silence between the two.

Coming towards the shield Maxion spoke via EM waves, and suddenly the shield was down and the doors opened. Out ran the inhabitants, Vandorans like the raiders, but with thicker armor. Like them they were armed with hand held weapons.

Leading them was a tall large one, with red and black armor and spikes all about his body. He came out ready to fight, unlike the others, who clearly had never used a weapon before in their lives, the way they shook and were nervous.

"How did you do that...?" asked the large one.

"I built this place, I think I would know how to do that..." said Maxion in response. His tone was joking but also mocking. He walked past the stunned crowd and with Sagus following him, she gave the tall one a glance and he gave it back.

Part 4 Edit

Maxion walked the rebuilt base, rooms that were once empty and blasted were rebuilt with patchwork metal work and filled with makeshift furniture and items. Couples, friends and families clung together in their little groups and looked at the two. To Sagus they gave unhappy looks, to Maxion, they gave looks of surprise, curiosity and wonder.

Maxion noticed that none of them had kibble, heavily implying they didn't have alternate modes. Many wore makeshift clothes and wrappings. Maxion seemed to know where he was going as everyone else began to follow him. He walked to a room, and went up to a wall. There he opened his chest armor, revealing the light of his Ember, causing the door to reveal itself and open. In he walked, as it shut behind him.

Maxion walked down a dark hallway to a room, there was nothing there but a wall wide monitor, and a touchscreen keyboard. There wasn't even a chair. By the light of his Ember the computer activated and began showing schematics of the base and the damaged areas, most of it was gone, most of the top side base. Maxion closed his chest armor and began to work on the base.

When he exited, some two or more hours later, humanoid droids with a single optic were walking about repairing everything, but also expanding the base and making rooms and beds for everyone. The crowd was still outside the room and looking at him bewildered. Maxion just turned to the dark bot.

"Where are your leaders...?"

Maxion walked into a dark room, for reasons unknown to him he could detect nothing, then he felt it, pressure on his head, his mind and he fell to his knees. Then he knew, he knew why he couldn't see anything, shamans. The scientists of his world, trained to have powerful mental abilities, magic to some. Now, here, they were elders, in more than just age, rank. Maxion resisted, refused to let them into his head and from his hip, came a light that chased away the darkness, revealing them.

These Vandorans, they were less than the marauders, they didn't even were armor of any kind. The metal fibers muscles, wiring, tubes, even the honey comb like structures that was their brains, were visible on their metallic skeletons. The joints, circular connections, and the metal bones, glowed with circuit lines to a greater degree than the rest of the body. From under the chests, the light of their Embers could be seen, dim compared to Maxion's or Sagus'.

Maxion got up and looked back to see Sagus and the large bot, with a few others.

"Who are you...?" asked a shaman weakly.

"I am the one who built this base, I am Maxion Prime."

"That is not your name..."

"It comes from the fact that the Titan Maxion, made me his Prime, his commander. A creature like us, who transforms into a star ship..."

"You say that, as if you know what we are..." Maxion paused.

"You are transformed beings, once organic, you DNA has become bio-code, your flesh has become transmetal, your souls, Embers, mere pieces of the sacred flame, souls made manifest, balls of energy, the spark of life and sentience." People outside were talking.

"Who are you..."

"I am Maxion Prime, it is who I am now, it is all that matters..."

"Sagus, who is this that you brought before us..." All eyes were on her.

"He is..." she said uncomfortable "the one who made this place."

"We figured that out, but what is his name...his real name...?"

" should ask him..." she said turning away from Maxion's look. Maxion looked at her.

"So..." he said "you know..."

"Of course I...! You knew, as well...why didn't you say anything...?!"

"Because I had a good lie..."

"A good lie?"

"An excuse not to shoot you in the face..."

"Yeah..." she said sadly "all my children seem to have that problem..." Maxion turned back to the Shaman.

"You lot, I was called here, for a purpose and I suspect, fixing my former home was not it..." There was silence.

"We had a vision, a spirit of great power appeared before us, a spirit whose flesh flame..."

"Whose bones were lightning and whose skin was every color in the world, within his chest was a great sphere of light. I know the creature..." There was slience, this time with shock.

"He said, you would come, that you would save us..."

"He said...?"

"Well, images flashed before our eyes, we could barely withstand the communication and it left us as we are now. How did you...?"

"Apparently my...Ember is special, though how and why eludes me... So I am to play savior, I admit, that was not what I was expecting..."

"What were you expecting...?"

"I do not know, but this wasn't it...The marauders...?"

"The Predabots..." said the dark bot.

"This is Helminon, former Magnus, he is the head of our base..."

"You mean..." said Maxion, looking at him, "the head of your security..."

"Ours is a purely advisory role..." Maxion said nothing.

"The Predabots..." said Helminon "They were our former army. When we awoke, many among us wanted to seek out a new path, different from the hunt, they did not agree, and we were forced out. Since then, they splintered and fought among themselves. Now only the followers of Gallus remain..."

"My brother..." said Maxion "No doubt, the others died out from lack of resources, or bad luck, I cannot see that fool leading anyone, anywhere but their graves. I also expect him to attack soon..."


"He's a pompous blowhard, I sent his army scurrying back and shamed his commander. He's going to retaliate soon. Before then, we need to prepare. Helimon, come..."

"I don't take orders from you, just because you're an Archon's child...!"

"No, but you will listen to me..." The two stared at each other.

"Helminon..." said a Shaman "go with him..."

Part 5 Edit

"Well, will he help us...?" the shamans were alone now with Sagus.

"I cannot say for certain, for reasons unknown to me, he holds a certain...dislike to our warriors, perhaps it is jealousy, but he will work to stop them..."

"So he will help us...?"

"Hard to say, he hates them, but I do not think he like us..."

"What an incredible mother you of your children is our greatest threat, the other helps only because he hates our enemy more, and all of your children seem to have a desire to kill you..."

"...That fact was not lost on me..."

"I fail to see why we can't turn back on the shields..." said Helminon, he and several others followed Maxion down the hallway from the elevator.

"Because I have put said functions under isomorphic lock..." said Maxion "since Maxion's teleporters can't get past shields..."


"My name means I am the captain of that ship, that Titan's partner."

"And why can't you just order it to..."

"Maxion was created to fight a certain level of enemy. The Predabots are far too...insignificant to invoke the wrath of its cannon or fists..."

"A likely story..." They entered a large white room with several machine and objects. "What is this place...?"

"Newly built, first things first, you lot, carry those canisters upstairs, the drone will help you unload the fuel..."


"Engen, infinitely better than Ethium, this variant made from Ethium also has medicinal properties." The other bots did as told "Now, you Helminon, come..." Maxion walked towards a large machine.

"For what...?"

"I'm going to rewrite your genetic code..." Maxion paused "well no that's inaccurate, I'm going to add to it...!"

"What's the difference...?!" said Magnus in protest. Maxion turned on the control terminal and began working.

"One is fatal, the other is not. Maxion taught me many things, for one, we did not turn into robots, we turned into robotic life forms. We still have a genetic code, but its rules can...bend further. I'm going to give you some upgrades via, downloading some science into your body."

"What sort of upgrades...?"

"Combat upgrades, and transformation..."

"What...?" Maxion turned towards him and transformed into vehicle mode and then back.

"Doesn't that hurt...?"

"No..." Helminon got on the table, which retraced into the machine. Inside he found himself stunned as a light shined upon him. It was strange, it was if his nervous system was connected to this light. "What..."

"Don't worry about it..." said Maxion, now more calm and jovial then he had been before "So tell me, what sort of alternate mode do you want...?" A hologram appeared over his head, small it showed a ground vehicle, and then switched to others. "That one..." it stopped at a tank.

"Primary ranged weapon...?"


"Melee weapon...?"

"Arm axes, on the outer side of my forearms..." The light shined brighter, and Helminon's body began to change. His curved armor became more angular hard lines in some places, tank treads appear on the back of his legs and so on. When he emerged, he now had denser, thicker armor. "How do I change...?"

"Have you never changed before...?"

"I turn into a car, like everyone else. This is new..."

"Listen to your body, it already know what to do..." Helminon closed his eyes and loosened himself, imagining his alternate mode. There were small 'tugs' about his body, small impression of how his body wanted to go and he listened to them, followed them. His armor expanded outward as his head retracted inward and his limbs shortened. They shorted but the armor did not, as it moved about, and then he was a spiky dark and red tank.


Part 6 Edit

Maxion spent the day giving upgrades to anyone who wanted, converting Ethium into Engen, upgrading the base, repairing the shamans. He was tired and as night fell and the shield went back up, he went into his private room and jumped on the recharge table, the equivalent to a bed.

"Had a good day...?" Maxion was up, pointing his blaster at Sagus who stood in the corner, arms cross and leaning on the wall. "You should've, you've done so much, I wouldn't be surprised if they made you Archon..." She walked over towards him and go on the table.

"What are you..." She pinned him down, leaving him shocked and confused. She then placed her ear to his chest.

"Your name, your real name, the one that is gave you is..." Maxion sat up.

"Enough, this stopped being funny ages ago!" Sagus smirked, a mischievous smirk.

"Oh come on, you would've killed to have mommy snuggle with you..."

"I am several thousand years old damn it!" Maxion paused. His eyes opened wide as he grabbed his head in silent pain. Something in his head had cracked and he rolled of the bed and into the fetal position.

"Ah..." said Sagus, with concerned, but her voice was cut off, she tried again. "Ah...Ah, why can't I say your name?!" Maxion trembled on the floor and Sagus got down and reach for him. "What's wrong...?!"

"It's burning, everything is burning...stop looking at me..." Sagus was left confused. Maxion was not looking at her, he was looking at the child wrapped in flames, but their large expressive eyes still staring into his soul. Soon he was surrounded by other burning bipeds, people whose names and races he didn't know, but were all too familiar to him. Sagus saw non of this. She simply saw him try to crawl away, be he stopped and looked up at the woman in white. A humanoid with short silver hair, moon pale skin, red eyes, and a white robes that glowed. Sagus stood up, she saw this creature, a giant their size, she knelt and placed Maxion's head on her lap and he calmed down.

Maxion was on the recharge table, asleep on his side, while the woman in white was beside him, stroking his helmet as his head rested on her lap. Sagus was back in the corner, instinctively cowering in fear. She did not like the look in this creature's eyes, it seemed so innocent as she looked down at him...until she licked her lips. Then she looked at Sagus and Sagus knew that look, she had seen it on the faces of many females, and it was on her own more than once. It was a look that said 'he's mine b!#*h!'.

"Who are you...?" asked Sagus finally "and what is wrong with my son...?" her expression changed from man stealer to fake surprise.

"You're his...well that makes me your daughter-in-law.." she looked at Maxion with a genuine sad but smiling expression "not that he remembers."

"He said something about that..."

"You've been asleep for longer than you know, but he was awake and active during all of that time."

"So what happened...?"

"War, a terrible war, he has done far worst things than you know, he burned entire worlds, to stop the advance of armies, he did things, that he can never forget..."

"That explains nothing..."

"You forget, he has a conscience, not like you, who used 'honor' as an excuse to murder millions..."


"I can see into your soul, do not lie to me..."

"...So you two are married...?"

"Oh yes..." she said, putting her hands on her cheeks and blushing "oh the things we did...the things he put into me..." Sagus immediately felt uncomfortable. Before she was just teasing him, as she had done ages before, but she really didn't want to know about her son's 'history'. They both quivered, the woman in ecstasy and then Sagus in disgust.

"Why can't I say his name, why..."

"For the same reason he can't remember any of this, or before..." she said finally with a serious tone "When he remembered how old he was, it put a crack in the 'wall', it all began to pore out, it would destroy him..."

"I won't ask how you lot could do such a thing, but, why would his memories..."

"You would not understand without seeing..."

"Then show me..."


"Why not...?"

"...Because you would never be able to look at him as your little baby again, never want to hold him tight...They wanted a weapon, and they took his soul and...remodeled it to serve their needs, yet they have the audacity to call themselves the good guys."

Part 7 Edit

Sagus stood there, hardly believing what she was told. This thing, this...woman, bothered her, because all of her sensor told her that she wasn't there, yet her optics beheld her. She was sad now, as she stroke his head, it was when Sagus finally noticed that particles of light appeared after every stroke. They were small and easily missed. Sagus turned her sensor to Maxion, these particles were seeping into his head.

"What are you doing to him...?"

"Fixing the wall, and improving it at the same time..."

"If you are so powerful, so beyond me, why is it taking so long..."

"I am beyond you, but he is different. His, Ember, a lovely name by the way, so romantic, it is far more potent, more powerful than yours, than any others. It could survive on its own, as just an Ember, while yours would fizzle out without a proper casing. He has barely scratched the surface of his potential."


"Yes, I've told you his past, his present, would you like to know his future...?"

"Okay, I'll bite...what is in his future...?"

"His past, though a lesser version of it, it will be a great war, your people will face extinction, and he will as always, stand up, when others kneel , be in the front lines, while others will sit back. He thinks Prime is just some rank, he is so wrong, but then again Maxion cannot tell him the truth..."

"So it's true..."


"Why are you telling me these things?"

"You will keep him safe, from himself, from his nature. He will go and do great things, and terrible things, in the name of the greater good."

"If he does these things, will we survive...?"

"He hates your kind, hypocrites that you are, he didn't use the Hunt as an excuse to murder, he saw it as a call for self improvement, find, facing and rising to the challenges of life. As you are now, we wish to cultivate into something more, something better, the Predabots...he will rip their Embers out, eradicate them and any who follow their ideology. Yes, all of his actions are for the betterment of your kind, even now on my lap, he looks for your future."

"You're not going to make this easy are you...?"

"No, it won't be easy, at times it will be hard, trying to save his soul and your race, but you will try..." She disappeared, leaving Maxion's head to hit the metal table and wake up.

"Uh, what, why are you in my room...?" Sagus paused for a moment. She walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek "I just wanted to wish you a good night..."


"Ya know, I'm trying to fix our relationship, you could at least meet me halfway..."

"...You know who I am...?"

"Indeed, despite its changes, I still know this face. Though, perhaps you could, do something about these metal faces, I think it would help calm everyone...?"

"I'll think about it..."

"Good night." Sagus left the room, hiding her fear and discomfort. She at the door and then looked down the hallway. Something had caught her attention. There was nothing down hallway, but still, she summoned her blasters and pointed down the hallway.

Part 8 Edit

The Predabot was thrown onto the ground in front of the newly repaired shamans, burn marks all over his body. All of them now had bodies that was a mix of curved and cylinder parts. Sagus, his captor, placed his her wheeled foot on his head. With her was Helminon and Maxion and a few others who had been given combat alternate modes.

"Well spy..." said Sagus "speak..."

"You will all die, and the true Vandorans..." he screamed out in pain as Sagus started to spin her wheels.

"That was not an invitation to be insolent. What have you been telling your master..." The bot was silent.

"He has told them nothing..." said Maxion, who walked forward "Cloaking is a rather energy expensive trick, so I imagine yours in one of the few still working. Also, no out going signals have been detected. I imagine you were planning to leave come night fall, but the shield went back up." The bot said nothing. "You don't have to speak, it is already confirmed that you've spoiled nothing here."

"Then we kill him...!" said Sagus, conjuring her arm cannon

"No..." everyone looked at him.

"Coward, afraid to get your hands dirty...!" shouted the bot.

"No, because I have a use for you. Answer me this...where are you going to go from here?"


"When we are all dead, when your master rules all Vandorans, what then, how will that save our race...?"

"We will have our honor!"

"Honor is a mask, used but brutes and thugs to mask their atrocities behind noble deeds, thousands, millions have died for it, it hasn't save single one, not even us. You can have your honor, we will keep our dignity. Now pray tell, how will your master prolong our race, functionally immortal we maybe, we are not undying..."

"Why do you want to know...?"

"Know? I know that you have no answer, that is the point. You path has no future, but the slow demise of our race..."

"We will build more!"

"How, we are not machines..." Maxion opened his chest revealing his Ember "despite our appearance...It would take a scientific mind, or one like a shaman's to solve that riddle, but any who will not bow to my brother will be destroyed, will be killed. You know he has not mercy, he plans to come here and kill us all. Any path that does not have him in charge, even a path that leads to us having a future, is abhorrent to him...and you still think you have 'honor'? Go back to your base, tell them what you say, and your friends, 'where do we go from here'?" He closed his chest.

"What of my master...?"

"If you ask him that, I have no doubt he will kill you..."

Helminon, Sagus and Maxion watched as the spy ran off into the desert night. He transformed and cloaked, the dust cloud he left behind in the moonlight, the only sign of his presence.

"Are you certain this is wise...?" asked Helminon.

"Whatever secrets he gained, they cannot hope to counter our technology, and I am not in the mode to lower the population of our endangered race without a good reason."

"So what will you do about your brother..." asked Sagus. Maxion looked up at the moon, a pale sphere like most, seeing that familiar pattern of light and dark grey comforted him. "Maxion!"

"He will have to die..."


"You've never killed anyone, beasts yes but..."

"I have killed..." shouted Sagus as the shield came back up.

"Sentient robots don't count, this is family, one of your own!"

"Gallus has to die..." said Maxion with a cold tone "he is a brute, a thug, worse of all, he has tasted power. To keep it, to maintain it, he will slaughter anyone, even those that can save our people, he has to go..."

"Agreed..." said Helminon.

"I have spent, longer than I care to remember, hating my own kind, hating our hypocrisy, the great lie we told ourselves, that we were honorable warriors. As terrible as our situation, we now have the chance to be far more than what we let ourselves be, what the galaxy expects us to be. If I have to walk chest deep in body parts and internal fluids to crush the spark of life in the last of these 'predabots' I will." Maxion left.

"He's determined..." said Helminon

"He's a killer..." said Sagus with a sad tone "all of them, Marik, Gallus, all those who I once was so proud off, in the end they were just killers. Now...him, the runt, 'my runt'..." She turned to Helminon "Gallus must die, but please, it cannot be Maxion who does it..." Helminon was silent.

"Is that how we cry...?" he aske pointing as her. Sagus finally noticed the blue particles, floating away from her eyes like fairy dust.

"I..I suppose it is..." she said surprise.

"Fine, not because you were Archon, not because you begged, but because you're a mother concerned for her last child..."

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