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Series: Galactic Robot War
Name: Episode 6
Owner: SolZen321
Previous Episode: Galactic Robot War: Episode 5
Next Episode: Galactic Robot War: Episode 7

Note: Character Descriptions are mainly in the links.

Characters Edit

Part 1 Edit

Sagus didn't know why she was running, she just knew she was afraid and it was dark. Soon the darkness gave way to bursts of light and fire and screams. Other people, or at least their shadows, ran beside her in fear. Soon her curiosity overpowered her fear and she stopped and looked. A wall of flame was before her, standing in the space between the heavens and the earth. Out of it walked a dark figure, an all black robot with red markings and red glowing filled with hate. Sagus immediately recognized Maxion, her son, but he was different, even his face plate looked like rows of fangs. He saw her, and stretched his clawed hand towards her.

Sagus awoke on her recharging table, hand on her chest, and fear in her eyes. She didn't question it, she instinctively knew what it was she saw, or at least what it represented. She made her way out of her room and transformed in vehicle mode to move quickly around the base.

She found Maxion surrounded by warriors, half of them had flight capable alternate modes the others were ground based. Maxion was busy teaching them how to use their blaster rifles. Most had not mastered the art of conjuring a weapon from their body and so used these portable weapons. The best mode could muster was a simple blade and they were not that strong.

"When you see your shot take it..." said Maxion "if and when the fighting starts, they are not going to hesitate to kill you. Aim for their heads, it's the easiest way to take them down, the same goes for you..." Sagus could not continue to listen. On another day, in a prior time, she would've been supremely proud of him, now she was afraid.

"Why would we do that...?" asked the Shaman. Sagus stood before the circle of shamans, alone.

" too devoted to the idea of destroying them..."

"They plan to destroy us..."

"I fear that he is emotionally compromised, we already have Magnus, why should we risk the one whose genius saved so many of us already?"

"Maxion seems more than capable of defending himself, we have seen him in battle..."

"And I know my children, Helminon could defeat him, but Maxion..."

"What are you hiding...?" Sagus was silent, then she sighed.

"I am afraid..."

"Of what...?"

"Of Maxion, of seeing him turn into...his siblings. I have been having nightmares...of, of... the worst possible of outcomes."

"You expect us to believe this...?" he said with skepticism

"I am his mother, I expect understand, or at least act like you do."

"We...understand your concerns, but it is Helminon's task to defeat Gallus, we have agreed upon that, as for Maxion, he is a singular creature, we could order him to stay, but exactly how are we to keep him here? You would do better to argue with him than us, though I suspect you know that will be fruitless."

Maxion punched the large bot, it stood a head taller than him, and sported massive arms, with large fingers. The arena they fought in was composed of black tiles with glowing circuit lines, with large blocks around them. Maxion conjured his arm cannon and fired away at the beast, who jumped at him, punching at the ground. Maxion jumped back, but was back handed away into a block. The black bot charged at him, and Maxion got up, switching one of his blasters for a sword. He jumped forward and under the bot, slashing at the connection between a leg and the pelvic joint. Blue Engen spewed out, but the creature kept standing, roaring in rage. Maxion turned around and fired at the wound, blasting of the leg and downing it.

Maxion lunged at it, only to be caught by one of its arms. The bot slammed him into a block over and over, until Maxion sliced off several of his fingers. The robot recoiled and screamed in pain, but when it turned back to Maxion, it got a bolt of plasma to the face. It grabbed its face in pain, several of the panels had partially melted. It looked for Maxion, only for his blade to pierce through his lower jaw and up through his helmet. The intense heat his blade radiated caused the head of the bot to begin to melt, destroying its electronic brain.

"This is not good enough..." said Maxion, pulling out his sword and putting away his weapons. The bot, the blocks in the room, the discarded body part and the leaked fuel, all disappeared into particles of light.

"I fail to see the point of this battle..." said the Maxion "Not when more dangerous foes exist..."

"If I can't beat my brother, how am I to stop these threats you speak off, assuming they are even still around?!" The ship was silent "Before I won my battles because of my biology, because even though I'm metal I am still Vandoran, his performance musculature, backup organs. I could take down the enemy because I could endure for more than them. My brother has the same benefits as me, I can no longer hope to defeat him by fighting the same way as before, and he has been fighting much longer than me...!"

"Why do you suddenly care about these people, you abhored them..."

"They are my people, and while once I was ashamed of them, and their hypocrisy, I see that they have a chance..."

"For what...?"

"To be better, to be more than just marauders...I just want..."

"To be a Prime..."

"I don't follow."

"Innocents are in danger, the fact that they are your people only intensifies your desire to help them..."

"I thought Prime, meant I was your captain..." Maxion was silent for a moment.

"Did you never wonder how one earned that title?"

"No not particularly..."

"In the days of my kind, the lesser children of the Titans, the..."

"Ancient Mechanoids..."

"Yes, they would be gifted with a Matrix, a symbol of office, which held the power and wisdom of its predecessors. Connecting to the source, these objects held the life force of each prior bearer, the pure sacred energy of life itself..."

"Wait, could these Matrices, could they be used to...create new life..."

"That was not their purpose, but all lives are connected to the source, as such all Matrices could be considered fonts for that power. I suppose that is why only one remains now..."

"Can used to create more of my people...?" The ship said nothing "It can can't it, it can be used to create Embers...there is just the question of the body, but with a system to extract our genetic information, combine and re-sequence..."

"That object exists to create the spark of life, for those of the ancient Mechanoids, a life force, similar in form but still different from your own. What ever code you try to introduce to it, would be overwritten. You would create Mechanoids but not vandorans..."

"Then tell me how..."

Part 2 Edit

"What will you do with such knowledge...?"

"What do you think...?"

"I think, such information is dangerous, a Matrix, positive or negative, is a powerful thing..."

"My people have no way of procreation, even if we could do it the old fashion way, our bio-fields do not work as they did before, they..." Maxion paused as he thought.

"Your greatest strength, it comes not from muscles, brute force, or even your fists and weapons, it is your mind, even now as you have stopped focusing on destruction, your mind works to create wonders. This is why I chose you to be my Prime."

"...'Chose' implies there were other options..."

"Indeed, I could have answered to no one..."

"I see, but regardless I have an issue to deal with, here and now." A holographic map of the area appeared before him. It showed both the base and a series of crashed ships, clearly the Predabot's base of operations. "How many are in there...?"

"I sense the husks of several hundred thousands of your kind, some kind of conflict I suspect, right now, there are only a couple hundred, along with your settlement, that is barely a thousand." Maxion clenched his fists in anger at the pointless loss of life the Predabots unleashed upon themselves and the civilians. In his heart he knew this was why the 'Hunt' existed, the philosyphy that had ruled his kind for so long. He knew it existed to push their violent tendencies outward and away from each other. Now cut off from the stars, they had turned their blood lust inward. It was a system to control, and direct their violence, but never address it.

"What are their defenses, any infrastructure to exploit, where to hit to best cripple them..."

"I sense machinery, which barely functions, all fuel on the ships seems to have been drained and given the size of them, I suspect the conflict is the reason for that. Maxion, your people would not have had long to live had you not arrive when you did..."

"I realized...Gallus must be stopped no matter the cost..." Maxion turned away from the map and thought to himself. He knew he wasn't ready, but any time now, the fight could start, Gallus would attack, or they would attack Gallus. He knew those that fought with him...were not soldiers, they were the lower class, and Helminon was just a Magnus, a bodyguard, that did not make him suited for leading. He knew that they needed one, one who knew how to lead them into battle, into victory. He did not have that experience, not yet.

He pulled out the Matrix, it changed from a dagger, to an eyeball shaped object with handles, the holy light glowing from its center.

"Okay, I need answers, I need help, I ask you, no...I order you, help those in need, give them what they need a leader..." The light intensified, Maxion looked away but he found himself forced to look into it, as his chest opened up and revealed his Ember, which shined back. The light of the Matrix flooded his Ember chamber, and through his optics and into his mind.

"Where is Maxion...?" asked Sagus. Helminon stopped his overseeing the training of the militia to turn towards her.

"He went up to his ship, something about training..."

"The hologram room, he's expecting to fight..."

"Do not worry, I will deal with him..."

"I wish that was comforting, but I cannot get back on the Maxion, nor can I contact Prime..."

"He shares his name with the ship..."

"The Titan gave him that name, Maxion Prime, It named him its master, no doubt a massive ego boost. Maxion will fight, I do not think anyone can change that..."

"He hates Gallus that much...?"

"Gallus and Marik...were chief among his tormentors, I would be most surprise if he didn't want to fight...Continue with what you were doing..."

Part 3 Edit

Maxion walked through a world of white fog for a surface and an atmosphere of blue light. Though he heard the sound of his own footsteps he pondered the reality of them. He knew this was a mental experience.

"The shadows are the substance..." said Maxion "or in this case the light..."

"What does this one know of shadows and light?" Maxion turned to see Empyrion, both hands on his sword, as if it was a cane. Maxion looked at his hip. "No, it is not there, nor is this one real..."

"Are you real...?"

"A strange question, one that is a moot point. In here lies the sum wisdom and experiences of those who bonded with the Matrix. Our minds brought out of the Netherworld of the Source to provide wisdom. The one before was just the amalgamation, the repsentation of the wills behind the Matrix, but now you are inside. Though your Ember remains intact your consciousness has arrived here, on the other side. About time..."

"What does that mean...?" Maxion said unhappy.

"It means that we should have met, some time ago, months ago, years, back on Chromium, before you 'retired'. You may not put much worth behind your own life, but you seem to care deeply for others, an admirable character flaw..."

"As nice as it is to see you again, I need your help..."

"No, you want my training, rejoice for here..." Empyrion drew his sword "time has no meaning. You have plenty of time to train...!" He lunged forward, swinging. Maxion blocked with his own blade, conjured from his forearm. Maxion found himself on his knee as the older bot seemed to overpower him. Empyrion kicked him in the chest, sending him rolling back.

"Rather strong for a dead bot..."

"You think muscles, servo mechanics, motors or engines have anything to do with strength? Here of all places. Do you not know who, or what you are...?"

"I am a Vandoran..."

"Vandorans were a race of blood thirsty organics, your kind are neither basic organics, or prone to war mongering...are they...?" Maxion paused. It was true in a way, none of the Vandorans he was with, felt a need for violence, not even the militia who were training. If anything they were a simple folk. "No, you are not so strange a creature at all. Listen to me boy, the worst of any race is almost, always the same, but their best? The best of my race has come and gone, now there is only the left overs, the Matrix has seen that, it is your race now, who must now do as we were suppose to, protect the galaxy against the dark."

"We don't even know how to create more of us...!"

"Do you know, and this place the answer should be clear...." Within Maxion's mind was the image of two Embers merging together. "Yes..."

"I cannot ask that of them...! They are our elders, we rely on their wisdom...!"

"Speak to them, you will be surprised. Regardless, if you are to succeed, the Matrix will have to be converted, your integration will only be the first step."

"Succeed, succeed at what?"

"Did the Titan no warn you, there are other problems for your kind to deal with...The Chromiums and...that one." Above appeared the image of a metal planet, upon its surface, massive jaws opened to spew out metal demons to consume the stars. Like that, the image was gone.

"What was that...?"

"What 'is' that, it is a danger that still exists. Maxion, yours is the battle that cannot be lost. If you fall, so to does this galaxy and perhaps beyond..."

"This galaxy doesn't care..."

"Enough! You are beyond such pettiness, you know righteousness you have been called to fight on its behalf. That is why you are to be a Primed..."


"Enough talk, for now..." Empyrion slammed his hand onto the ground, a wave of mist swept passed them. When it was gone, Maxion found himself surrounded by green, green grass, trees, bushes and white and yellow flowers. However he could not enjoy the view. Empyrion swung his sword, unleashing a wave of energy, electricity arcing all over the arc of energy. Maxion jumped into the air, barely dodging it, before rolling.

Part 4 Edit

Wave after wave, Empyrion unleashed from his sword, and not all of them were dodged. Maxion's body was covered in burns and carbon scoring.

"Come now..." said Empyrion "You are a genius, you must have figured out the trick by now, or at least anticipate my attacks... But I see your problem, you fight with your energy core, not that impressive brain of yours..." With a downward strike he sent out another wave. Maxion rolled to the side, only find himself pinned down by Empyrion's foot. "Disappointing, especially from a shaman." Maxion swung his blade but Empyrion jumped back.

Empyrion landed upon a massive stone wall whose side stretched onward into infinity towards the horizons. Maxion got up and fired his blaster, only for the old bot to swat away the bolts with his sword.

"If you wish to hit me, you must breach this wall...!" Maxion fired at the wall, the bolts did nothing. From his chest shot missiles, nothing, his sword, nothing; finally he punched it and did nothing but hurt himself. "This wall is composed of no solid substance, it is made of stubbornness and polished with ignorance. No brute strength will pass it."

Maxion put away his weapons and closed his optics. Then the ground shook, a distraction. He focused, as he had before, a deep focus 'through himself and out to the world around him', only to be besieged by so many voices, was now, as it was speaking to that giant of flames.

"How sad..." Empyrion mused to himself "He is the last hope for this galaxy, undeserving as it can be, but still...oh..." Maxion, who had fallen to his knees, stood up, as mist flowed into him. From under his armor, came a light, a white blue glow that was reflected even through his optics. Said glow became a fire and he rushed forward and hoisted up a section of the wall throwing it away.

Empyrion jumped down, the wall, the field, the fire, was all gone. Maxion looked around at the change of scenery.

"Excellent..." said Empyrion "you drew strength from the world around you, remember that in your days to come, in the battles you must fight remember the basics..."

"So our next lesson, strategy...?"

"You do not need such lessons, you already know the ways of warfare... instinctively"

"I sense a hidden meaning behind those words..."

"Indeed, both the Titan and I agree, you are not ready for the truth about that knowledge, in time. Just know that they who call themselves...'higher beings', are not your friends, nor allies, even if you both are on the side of the angels..."

"What...?" Empyrion placed his hand on his chest and Maxion was gone in a burst of light.

"You seek to turn him against us..." said a cloaked figure in white, or so it seemed. Said cloak, its body was pure white light, though its clearly had a man's face hidden.

"I am not wrong, he is just a weapon to you, he came to you seeking friendship, enlightenment and you did that to him. Is it any wonder he bared his fangs at you?"

"His kind..."

"Enlightened, and yet full of bigotry, I see 'equality' is a commodity for you lot, to be given out, when it's affordable. Begone..."

"You do not order me about machine!"

"I am more than just that, here and here, what power do you wield...?"

Helminon stood before the gates with his men, and Sagus, they were ready to launch their attack on the Predabots. Then it happened. In a burst of light, Maxion appeared, on his knees and the Matrix in his hand.

"Where have you been...?!" shouted Sagus, who rushed over to him, she examined him, his chest was open and his Ember visible, the uncharged missiles in his chest armor were also visible. Her hand moved towards the Matrix and he pulled it away.

"Do not touch..." he said standing up. He closed his chest and the Matrix morphed back into dagger form. He put it away. "Going to attack...?"

"Indeed..." said Helminon.

"No, not yet..."

Part 5 Edit

"Excuse me, while you were away doing, whatever..." said Helminon "I as training the men..." The men shouted in Helminon's favor.

"Perhaps, but while I was away, I got this..." From his optics shot a holographic map of the area between the two bases.

"Oh..." said Sagus.

"I already know the layout of their base..." said Helminon.

"But do you know the location of things, where they are based in this graveyard of ships, the best angle to approach from?" Said Maxion.

"What are you suggesting...?"

"I am suggesting, a different approach, to simple brute force. One that spells less possible casualties for our side."

"Sire..." said the 'bearded purple robot "out lookouts detect a large movement towards us, they are coming..." They were in the darkened remains of a bridge, the command room of a ship. The bot had somewhat thin armor, a helmet with three points, gatling guns on his forearms and jet wings with engines on the tips. His commander sat in the dark, on a chair made of dead Vandoran, integrated into the command chair, trophies. Both of them had red eyes.

"About time...I had almost begun to think that my brother's cowardice had infected them. Let the battle begin!"

Helminon rolled towards the graveyard of ships that had brought his people to and from their home. He moved forward in tank, mode assisted by rocket engines in the back and followed by his men. Most of them were in the form of medium, small sized vehicles, while a few had larger builds, similar in size to trucks. As they approached, Helminon fired upon the seeming shards of ships, taking out perimeter guards stationed above. They stopped at the entrance to a valley of sorts made by the ships and Helminon fired into the side of the main ship blasting a hole in the wall.

"Gallus!" He shouted "Come out and face us..." Out marched the Predabot Warriors from the main entrance while Gallus' second in command appeared on a ledge.

"My master, was expecting someone else...!"

"Cyclos, tell that over sized brat to get out here now, we have a score to settle..."

"If so, why not come closer..."

"And be ambushed, sorry, we expect a lot of things, from you Predabots, fighting fair is not one of them!"

"You dare to question our honor, we are not the weaklings hiding in some abandoned facility. Now tell us, where is this...'Maxion Prime' my master would very much like to see his little brother again."

"He can learn that, after I'm dead, have at thee...!" Helminon conjured his blasters, and his men pulled out their rifles, and opened fire on the Predabot Warriors. They in turn fired back and charged and took cover where ever they could find it.

From Maxion's scans they knew, the entrance, was a sort of gladiator ring, it could close and entrap them, which is why it had so many places to take cover. Gallus or any other Predabot leader, or maybe all of them, set it up for duels, executions and perhaps just entertainment. Helminon knew he had to stay out of there, especially for part two of the battle plan.

Sagus lead Maxion and several other militia members through the bowels of the main ship. They attempted to be as quite as possible, but only Sagus could be silent with her tires for soles. They proceeded towards their objective knowing that most, if not all of the Predabots were now outside.

The Predabot was busy sorting the parts of the dead bot. The room was filled with body parts, brutishly, amateurishly cut apart, heads, arms, legs, and some internal organs. Body fluids, fuel and other necessities were stored in open barrels, while the Embers, balls of energy with bolts arcing between them, were stored in a few glass containers. The bot turned only to find Maxion's blaster aimed at his face. The others came in with two standing by the doorway as look outs.

"Who are..." said the Predabot.

"What is this place...?" asked Maxion with an angry look on his face.

"The medical center..." said the scared bot.

"You jest..." said Maxin, he was really unhappy.

"Look, we didn't know much about our new bodies, so Gallus, well Cyclos advised that we dissect the dead, the defeated and traitors to see what makes us tick. Here we sort them, and if someone needs a replacement part..."

"I take it, they don't take very well..."

"No, replacement parts never seem to operate as good as the originals..."

Maxion...?" asked Sagus.

"It's is because..." he replied "Once the Ember has been removed, once the bio-field is gone, the body begin to break down, to rot, or in our case rust." Maxion was now, very unhappy. He eyed the operating table. It was a Predabot "Who was this...?"

"He was a failure scout, he came back and instead of giving any useful information, he began attempting sedition." Maxion cut off his head, there was silence, anticipation of his next remark.

"Two of you, take those Embers and make your way back, the rest of us will carry on to the target." Two bot went over and grabbed the containers and left in the direction they first came.

"Will you be alright...?" asked Sagus.

"Will you, no one here, came for this, but this is just another reason, another example of why they have to be stopped. We're moving..."

Part 6 Edit

"How disappointing..." said Cyclos "Here I was expecting a final great battle between us and Helminon's forces before we wiped them out, but this, this battle is without honor, fighting from the distance, where is the glory?" He turned to his master. "Shall I go and show them true glory...?" Gallus just gave an uncaring flick of the wrist and the Cyclos took of into the air.

He immediately made his way towards Helminon, opening fire on him and tackling him. The two rolled across the sands, until Helminon got up and threw him off.

"Cyclos....where is your master...?"

"My master has deign me worthy to exact his revenge upon you!"

"Or he's scared..."

"You know full well why that's not the case..." Cyclos' claws extended into long blades. In response, Helminon conjured axe heads from the sides of his arms. "Oh, well that's knew..."

"You can thank his little brother for the upgrades, that boy knows his way around these new bodies of ours..."

"So that's why you've been hiding him...where is he...?!" Cyclos lunged at Helminon.

In Gallus' throne room, Sagus entered silently.

"Oh..." said Gallus "This is unexpected, how did you get past the guards..."

"What few are still here, were not that hard to take down."

"And my brother...?"

"On, a fool's errand, why do you care...?"

"I have need of him, just as you had need of him, to build you weapons, to create starships, to take us to the stars that we may hunt again...!"

"Hunt? HUNT?! We are barely a thousand, barely surviving both your group and mine!"

"We have ships..."

"With no fuel, Maxion scanned this place, all the great reactors have already gone dead..."


"Maxion Prime, it's his name now...say his name..."

"Maxion Prime...?"

"No, his actual name..."

"What Ah...Ah...Ah..."

"So it's true, his name has been erased..."

"What does that mean...?"

"You wouldn't understand, I don't understand, I understand that he has some great 'destiny' to fulfill..." Gallus laughed.

"That weakling...!"

"I have seen that weakling take on groups of mechanoids on his own, defeat an opponent I could not, best your Predabot commander. Since he arrived, he has restored his former base, given us a new fuel source, repaired and upgraded us. That boy is our best and maybe only hope for a future. Is it any wonder, we distracted him, he was so intent on facing you..."

"Then he was a fool..."

"Or brave, honestly I wonder what the difference sometimes, regardless I will be facing you now..." She conjured out her arm blades.

"Mother, have you forgotten, what happened last time...?" Gallus stood up and walked out of the darkness. He was taller than Sagus, who herself was a tall bot. His purple armor was thick, except for his left leg, and he sported a cannon on his right arm. His helmet sported on large massive horn, and his body had stains upon it, most likely from the corpses he had been sitting on. "Did you forget why you ran away?" He aimed his gun at her and opened fire.

From the outside, the new hole in the wall caught everyone's attention, however the Predabots did not feel the need or desire to go and investigate, surely it was just their leader, venting off anger.

Inside, Sagus was on the ground, to her left was carbon scoring and melting, red hot metal. Her left side, had been damaged, was much or her armor covered in boils and deformed from the melting process that nearly took her, even her left eye had stopped working.

"You see, this is why you should have joined me...!" The missiles came from around the corner, through the door and flew directly towards Gallus. Seconds later, a massive explosion removed what was left of the room, and Maxion jumped down, carrying his mother, breaking his fall, with the thrusters in his soles. His first action upon landing was to firing plasma bolts in arc near the closest enemies.

"I thought..." said Sagus.

"The targets are being dealt with..." said Maxion "and did you really think you could keep me from this fight..."

"Look, MOVE...!" Maxion jumped back with help from his thrusters, barely avoiding being crushed by Gallus. Gallus' body was now covered in carbon scoring, black marks where the plasma of the missiles exploded upon him.

"Wow..." said Maxion in a nonchalant tone "You are durable...or are you men just weak, because that was enough to take care of a whole bunch of them!"

"Oh, you think you're clever!"

"No, thinking implies a lack of confirmation, also, what's up...?"


"Now...!" said Maxion, touched the side of his helmet, he was using his com-link. Gallus looked up as fight crafts came down out of the sky and opened fire on the Predabot forces decimating their numbers. Cyclos saw this, and tried to take off, only to be shot in the back by the Plasma Cannon Helminon conjured on his back. Gallus growled and turned back to Maxion, only to receive his knee strike to the face, assisted by thrusters.

Part 7 Edit

Gallus stumbled back, dazed from that blow. Sagus sat against the wall looking at the fight to come with sadness. Maxion simply stood as his brother regained his composure and the Militia forces advanced forward and overpowered what Predabot warriors were left. Helminon dragged a defeated Cyclos and pinned him down under foot. The rest aimed their guns at Gallus, but stopped when Maxion signaled for them to stand down.

"Brother..." said Maxion "I have a question...well several..."

"Oh, and what would that be?"

"What were you going to do...?"

"Excuse me...?"

"We are dying, we don't know how to reproduce anymore, I have some ideas, but I have to test them. You, you slaughtered any who opposed you, wasted the fuel of these massive starships for your petty little feuds, what were any of you going to do, that would win us a future...?"

"We would hunt we would claim what we needed by right of conquest...!"

"You killed all the space engineers, for your 'right of conquest', you couldn't even fix yourselves properly, you don't even understand how we work. You think we are machines, that is so oversimple and ultimately incorrect, we are energy beings, with metallic coverings. Your path is the short road to our extinction!"

"Then fight me, prove your might, show them whose is the correct path...!"

"'ve already lost, look at what I did with some brain power, that your brute force could not, I engineered a situation that no matter what, you loose. But, if it's a duel you desire, so be it...!"

"Prime...!" said Helminon

"NO..." replied Maxion "he is mine...mother, move..." Sagus got up and with her wheel feet, moved towards the other side of the area. "Magnus, have the wounded sent back to the base, let the fliers take them...!"

"Why do you care about the weak, if they were strong..." said Gallus

"They would still need medical attention when they get wounded, spare me the bravado..." The flying members of the Militia took of, with wounded ground fighter, while the rest watched the two brothers. Maxion pulled out his face plate, getting himself in the mind set of battle.

Like that the two aimed their energy weapons at each other and fired at the same time, the colliding blasts causing an explosion. Maxion jumped up and towards his brother, using his own strength and thrusters to make the distance in record time and came down with his arm blade. Gallus blocked with his arm, as he was brought to his knee, but Maxion continued with an uppercut. While his brother was stunned, he spun around, sheathing his blade, he grabbed Gallus' horn with both arms and threw him face first into the sand. He jumped after him, but upon landing, Gallus band handed him and sent him rolling across the sand. Both got up and charged the other with their leg thrusters. Gallus punched at him and Maxion seemed to give a frontward kick. However, his foot collided with his brother's fist and he used it to get up and give him a double spin kick to the face, and a palm strike to the chest that sent him stumbling.

As Gallus tried to regain his footing, he found himself crippled by a kick to his left knee. The joint buckled and deformed from the force of Maxion's kick, and the connecting wire, tubes and metal fiber musculature began to tear off, leaving green fuel to leak out. Gallus could no longer stand up properly without feeling terrible pain, and Maxion was not relenting. He delivered punch after punch, never relenting, until with a chopping motion, he broke of Gallus' horn and kicked him away, then by the grabbing of his cannon arm, he was pulled back as it was pushed into the sand. A mistake, Gallus thought, as he pulled up his cannon and swatted Maxion in the face with it. His younger brother spun through the air. Maxion got up to Gallus, pointing his cannon at him.

"No..." said Gallus "You have fought with honor, and have shown your strength brother, if you would just bend the knee, I will-"



"I don't fight for honor, you either have it or you don't, there is no 'fighting for it'. I fight for my people, for their future, because they need me."

"The Hunt..."

"We are no longer the creatures that need a philosophy an honor code, to control our blood lust. We are new, and we are heading to the future! You can join us or get out of the way, that is the only way your walking out of here alive..."

"Oh..." Maxion went on his com-system again and stood up.

"Come out..." All around the 'arena' militia members arose on turrets and aimed at Gallus. "I didn't come here, to beat 'you', I didn't come here for some childhood vendetta, I came to eliminate the Predabot threat to my people"

"If I go, you go with me...!" The turrets opened fire, they were powered by batteries, Maxion had cooked up for them to use. Maxion ordered for them to stop, and the smoke cleared to reveal a badly damaged Gallus. Clearly he had covered his weapon from the fire, a fact Maxion found amusing. Gallus aimed his gun at him again, and Maxion just raised his hands and did nothing. Mad with rage, Gallus fired, it was in a fraction of a second that he noticed that Maxion's hand were empty, and he wondered where his horn had gone. It was another fraction of a second that he noticed the electricity arcing from his cannon.

The explosion was massive, nearly everyone there, felt the heat and had to look away from the light. When it was all said and done, there was just a massive crater with Gallus to the side of the epicenter, partially buried in the sand. His visible side, was blasted and melted. His arm was a twig made of metal, his armor plating all streaked to the left, his right leg had broken half and a good half of his rib cage had melted away, the other half was clearly badly damaged, with energy sparking from his Ember chamber which now had holes and streaking opening. Gallus was blind, his optics had melted from the intense heat and before that, had blown their fuses from the intense light. His helmet had lost its former shape, and his electronic brain was exposed, a structure composed of honey combs but with crystal circuits in between, only now it was partially melted and short circuiting.

Maxion walked over to his brother, still alive only due to his redundant organs on the other side which survived in some shape or form. Still he knew, he didn't have long, he wondered if The Maxion's CR Pods could heal this kind of damage in time. Maxion guessed that only his buried left hand would be salvageable at this point, both his ember casing and his brain had been badly damaged. The other less important orgrans had all been damaged as well, he could only imagine the terrible pain he was in.

"" said Gallus. He struggled with his damaged voice box. Maxion conjured his arm cannon, and fired a plasma bolt into his Ember, which exploded in a splash of plasma and light. Maxion thought about his action, before, he would've done it out of hate, anger, now he ended his brother's life out of pity. He could not save him at that point, and even if he wanted to, would he have changed? Did they change, could they have found a more peaceful solution, maybe, maybe it was a moot point for the group defending themselves.

Part 8 Edit

Maxion walked towards the militia, they had the remaining Predabot warriors surrounded. Maxion stood before them Sagus on one side, Helminon on the other.

"Well...?" said Cyclos "is this were you execute us..." The crowd cheered.

"NO...!" Shouted Maxion, to everyone's surprise "This is where we make our first steps towards our future, and it beings, by doing better by those that came before. I offer forgiveness, I offer reconciliation, for too long we have decided that blood feuds were acceptable, that we should slaughter our fellow Vandorans, those that don't follow our path, without mercy or hesitation. That was our path, and it got us this desert of a world, it was my brother's path and it reduced us from several hundred thousand, to just a couple hundred, it will not be our path. I offer you lot this choice, I offer you the choice, to not be our enemy, to not be our adversary, to not be Predabots, to be Vandorans, no, we are no longer that, to be Vandoricons, to walk with us to our future..."

"You expect us to believe that...?!"

"Indeed it is more than you deserve, but I suppose that's the definition of mercy, what is your choice...?"

"We will avenge, lord Gallus, we the Predabots, the true 'Vandoricons', we will rise...!" Cyclos' engines powered up and he jumped into the air, but Maxion caught him by the foot and pulled him back down burring his blade up through his abdominal region, through his chest, through his Ember and up to his head. The heat of his blade meant that he just fell off as his armor melted, leaving a gaping gash from his face to just above his guts with smoke rising from his destroy Ember Chamber.

"I accept your offer..." said one of them, he crawled to Maxion's feet bowing.

"Traitor, coward...!" shouted the others

"Oh, stuff it...!" he barked back "Look at them, look at their shiny bodies, their full stomachs, you think they were starving?! We lost, you think we were ever going to be able to accomplish this, you really thing we were going to rebuild, rebuild with what, our dead? 'Vanguards of our future' nonsense! We killed it, and now he brought it back. I'm taking my chances with them!" He pulled off his helmet and threw on the ground and Maxion let him pass, while the others behind him, held him.

"What say the rest of you...?" asked Maxion.

"We will not surrender our honor...!"

"It's honor, you either have it or you don't."

"Then you do not understand..."

"Oh but I do..." Maxion conjured his cannon and they took aim.

Maxion and company returned with that one former Predabot and returned to a heroes welcome. The civilians of the place cheered and shouted in jubilee. While the former Predabot was put in a cell, the Militia and the people celebrated, consuming Engen like alcohol, dancing, singing. Everyone was happy but Maxion, who sat alone. His head was down and he clearly had something on his mind.

"What's wrong with you...?" asked Sagus, now fully healed, like the other wounded.

"It's nothing..."

"You're a terrible liar." Two Militia members and Helminon walked up to him, their presence cutting the merrymaking short.

"The council has called for your presence..." said Helminon. Maxion sighed.

Maxion stood before the council of Shaman, Helminon was with him and Sagus and a crowd stood outside the door. Before the head shaman were the cannisters of decomposing Embers.

"Do you know why you were called...?" asked the head shaman.

"Because I didn't say hello, I honestly have no clue."

We called you here to talk about the issue of our future, when you had your enemies defeated, you were willing to show mercy, an unusual trait, but one we agree is admirable."

"Thank you...? I can't help but get the feeling that is irrelevant to why I am here..."

"I suppose so, what are these..." he motioned to the embers.

"Embers, they are, they were us, past the metal, we are just energy beings now, and the metal bodies, which hold our DNA codified, are just protective shells. It is why the Predabots' attempts at... 'medicine' would keep failing. Without those Embers, holders of the spark of life, our metal bodies, are just hunks of metal and computers."

"Why are they called Embers...?"

"I...I once had a vision, of..."

"Of all life connected as streams of light in one place, before you was a giant of fire and light. You saw it, all life, as one great flame looking upon itself from the perspective of many. You saw that we were all connected and sutle, but serious level..." Maxion had a sad look on his face, while everyone else was somewhat confused.

"You know..." he said with so sad a tone.

"We know how you must feel, you offered your enemies life, now you must demand said life from your allies..."

"What...?!" shouted Helminon. Everyone began to talk among themselves. Maxion took out his matrix, and it changed into the form with handles.

" the Creation Matrix of the Ancient Mechanoids, used to put the spark of life in their soldiers, in the form of Plasma Hearts, a thing very much like our Embers..."

"So we can create new embers...!" said Sagus.

"No, we can create Plasma Hearts, those were meant for bodies, not made of transmetal, bodies made of more conventional robotic technology, not robotic life forms, robots given life. They may be similar but our Embers also contain our genetic code in data form, like...I don't have context to give you. It can make life, but not us, for that...."

"It would need us..." said the head shaman "It would need for us to give up our embers and be absorbed by it that it may hold our genetic code..." There was silence in the room.

"There are other ways..." said Maxion in protest.

"These Embers are decomposing, the minds they hold, already lost and their code, already damaged. Anyone else does not have the mental strength to do this task..."

"We can build looms, creating more of our stuff, our matter isn't hard, we have replicators now. We can build machines to take the code of two, combine and randomize them and with Engen, added, a new ember will eventually form, saturated with that code..."

"You are destined to lead our race to the salvation of all life, can you wait for that process, can we afford it. It is a wonderful, untested theory, but you do not have the time for it. Other enemies are coming, the giant had told you this..."

"I am not the leader, we need your wisdom..."

"Our wisdom will be in the Matrix, for you and future leaders to carry. We appreciate your reluctance, but this is for our future, and our destiny, from destroyers to protectors, we are the last hope for this galaxy."


"We thank you for the destiny you brought to our people Maxion, this is the least we can do..."


"You must also merge with it..."

"I can't, I don't trust it..."

"You don't trust it, because you fear for your freedom, you fear that it will control you. Submission is putting your faith in another's power, not weakness. We now submit to you, Maxion Prime, bring forward the Matrix."

"Is there no way I can stop you...?"

"Not unless you wish to kill the guards..."

"I see..." Maxion stepped forward, holding the Matrix by its handles he hoisted it up.

"This is not a sacrifice, we give our lives for the future of our kind, and you will send us to enlightenment. We can only hope that one day all will see all as one. This is no longer the Mechanoid Creation Matrix, this is the Vandoricon Life Matrix, let he who hold be know as Prime, as you are now, for they hold in their hand our future." The chests of the council opened, and the light of their embers polarized towards the matrix, which in turned shined back at them. The embers left their bodies and circled around Maxion who floated up in the air in a twister of energy. Maxion felt like he was on fire, the plasma around him, but he could not let go. From the burning, up rose a new sensation, growth. Maxion grew in size, to a height that rivaled Helminon, and his brother. He now sported a more heroic build, with longer arms and legs and brighter eyes. He could feel the Matrix, the energies inside churning, the new life waiting to be born, with each Ember that entered he could 'feel' his mind expand. When it was over, his chest opened and the Matrix's placed itself on the front of his Ember Chamber, before it closed and he landed on the floor.

"Maxion...?" asked Sagus. Maxion passed out.

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