One of the greatest conflicts of the galaxy, so named as most of the combatants where Mechanoids. It is also called the Great Robot War.

History Edit

The conflict involves three main factions, the Chromiums, Rodanians and the Vandoricon/Senticons.

The Chromiums ruled Mechanoid Space via their commonwealth, but when Megatronix launched his take over, he dove it into a civil war.

The Vandoricons were the transformed Vandorans returned him in a Mechanized state and eventually lead by Maxion Prime after he ousted his brother(s) and their followers the Predabots.

The Rodanians were created by the mad computer Tribunal who was experimenting with Mechanical Cells when the Engineers crippled her with a virus. Taking her body as a planet, and offspring as servants.

The conflict proper ended at the end of the Chromium Civil War, when Megatronix was poised to war with Maxion and his Senticon forces. It was around this time the mobile planet Rodania came into the sector and the Engineers claimed godhood and authority over all Mechanoids.

The three way conflict came to an end when Rodania ventured towards Vandorica to enslave them as the Rodanians has stopped being produced. The Chromiums and Senticons launched an attack on Rodania's capital with the leaders of all three factions; Megatronix, Maxion and Magnus of the Engineering Guard, falling into the Well of Souls which lead to the core.

There the truth was discovered, Tribunal had come back online and had been stockpiling an army of biomechanical beasts. Megatronix, Tribunal, and Magnus were all destroyed when Maxion ignited the ancient fuel stores, causing the metal planet to explode. Maxion escaped by Trans-Mat and the Senticons finished of the remaining Chromium ships via their super weapon.

In the aftermath, the Vandoricons disappeared to parts unknown, with most of the galaxy declaring they had been destroyed by the explosion.

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