These are the events of great cosmic upheaval during which Super Robots, appeared as the main combatants. These conflicts put the/an entire galaxy, maybe even universe at stake. They are also known as the Super Robot Wars.

History Edit

First Super Robot War Edit

This battle was between the TechnoMorph Titans and the Invaders from beyond the dimensional veil.

Second Super Robot War Edit

It came about as a result of timeline changes, erasing the first war from history.

A war between the Robot Masters and various other races, using their robot creation/servants as weapons/soldiers.

Third Super Robot War Edit

This war puts Super Robots against their own. With the Cyberbots facing of against the Destroids, with the fate of possibly the universe hanging in the balance.


Combatants Edit

First War Edit

Second War

  • The Robot Masters and their creations versus
  • The Gormin.

Third War

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