Galaxies are clusters of stars and their orbiting planets and etc

Galaxies Edit

Galaxies are comprised of stars and the planets they orbit as well as such things as asteroid fields, black holes etc. Their components all act under the same massive gravitational field exerted by the super massive black hole at their centers and countered by the gravity of its stars and Dark Matter on its out skirts.

Spiral Galaxies Edit

These galaxies which appear as spiral, are very young galaxies.

Spherical Galaxies Edit

As opposed to Spiral Galaxies, these Galaxies are old, even ancient and take the shape of spheres.

Examples of Galaxies Edit

  • Milky Way Galaxy: The location of Earth, both in real life and all/most forms of fiction
  • Andromeda Galaxy: A close neighbor of the Milky Way.
  • Pegasus Galaxy
  • Cassiopeia Galaxy
  • Cygnus Galaxy:
  • Scorpio Galaxy: Home galaxy of Maxion
  • Hades Galaxy:

Note: If anyone is interested, they can add their own Galaxies.

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