The leader of the Predabots after the death of his older brother Marik.

Appearance Edit

Gallus wears grey and purple armor, his upper body is rather wide for his species, and his forearms sport kite shaped shield/bracers. His fingers are large claws and he sports a blue jewel on his forehead.

Personality Edit

Gallus hates his brother Maxion, for many reasons; their people abandoning the old ways, for the death of their brother Marik, the destruction of his men and for the death of their people.

Despite their animosity, he can somehow hold a conversation with him, in the middle of battle.

History Edit

Maxion's older brother and younger brother of Marik. He constantly teased and bullied Maxion and referred to him as midget due to his stature.

As mechanoids he followed his older brother in trying to reinstall the old ways. He fought Helminon Magnus while his older brother went to kill Maxion and their mother. After his brother's death, he took control until Maxion forced him to leave, reducing the Predabots to mere pirates.

Eventually his forces were forced back home where they fought both the Alliance and Senticons and Gallus fought Maxion on the hull of a starship, only to be defeated and forced to retreat.

Floating adrift in the void, the Ancient took him to a remote planet where their experimentation on him resulted in the creation of Proto-Matter and the Titans

Armaments Edit

  • Disruptor Cannons: His transformed bracers can fire sphere of green electricity which damage molecular bonds to make the target explode from the inside.
  • Disruptor Swords: His bracers can also form blades which emit the same energy.
  • Missiles: Stored in his chest.
  • Thrusters: Gallus had thrusters installed in his feet to give him better agility.
  • Jet Mode: His alternate form was a fighter craft.

Trivia Edit

  • Gallus' name and appearance are based on Galvatron from tranformers. His personality is based on Galvatron from season 3 of G1.

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