A gamma burst blaster is a powerful and deadly weapon

Nature Edit

A gamma burst blaster, is a gun that shoots a miniature gamma ray burst, a large beam/explosion or gamma radiation that in nature can rip an atmosphere of a planet before its inhabitants can suffocate. The gun version shoots a beam of gamma radiation, which can pierce through or wither down most forms of armor and defenses.

The weapon has the effect of igniting any internal fuel in a mechanical target and also vaporizing, or instantly killing most forms of organic life.

The beam it self is often invisible to human eye, especially in a vacuum, but in an atmosphere it has a photo-thermal effect of a beam of plasma. It is often used by snipers.

As one can guess, generating such power requires a potent energy source.

Appearance Edit

Varies per designer, user.

Users Edit

  • Users can put their own characters, if they use this weapon.

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