A race of winged humanoids who live secluded on their homeworld of the same name.

Appearance Edit

Most Garven are stone skinned humanoids, resembling muscular male specimens. They generally have red hair, white eyes, golden wings and despite their appearance, no reproductive organs. They also sport talons and sharp canines.

The only exception is the Queen, who resembles a marvel skin female, with golden hair and red eyes. She also has wings and is generally the only Garven to wear clothes

Culture Edit

The Garven all worship and obey their queen, who produces her servants via a process that generates excess biomass from her wings and produces pods.

They have a dislike for other winged humanoids and hold a superiority complex, which is why they refuse to bow to the Empire.

In terms of technology, they are bronze age, but have been known to dabble in 'magic', primarily in the form of potions. They use primitive furnaces and bronze and stone tools.

History Edit

The Garven were created as bio weapons for another winged humanoid race. Their first queen went rogue and wiped them out in a nuclear war that left much of the world a waste land. Since then, they have regressed in technology until the Empire came and conquered them.

They were enslaved, but due to their unruly nature their planet is blockaded by several war towers in orbit.

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