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Gentonic Trans-link System or GT System is an extra-dimensional system that can help a Transformers being able to control many body at one time.

Characteristic Edit

To ultilize the GT System, a Transformer need to transfer his own spark into a personal Transwarp. Then he active the system whom will spread his consciounes into many body, the limit of the system are theoratically un-limited, only limited by the ammount of bodies the Transformers have.

When combined with a cerebro-shell and a Quantum Harmonizer. This system allow the user to summon and control every single version of himself from the know Omniverse to attack one enemy. But due the absurd ammount of energy consumption, the user can only maintain the summoning for 1 minutes. GT System are currently locked in every Transformers in ZST. Due to the alreadly rampant "boredom" problem and absurd power ZST have. Shinning Convoy will only active the system, when something really bad happen. So this system is still lying their, await it chance for action.

The Power Of This System Edit

GT-System is really powerful, just imagine a robot whom can summon infinite version of iself from the Omniverse to attack it enemy. Then imagined a whole multiversal empire worth of robot whom can summon an infinite number of iself to attack the Enemy. And then imagined them all using Alternium, which turn them into godly being whom exceed the concept of space and time iself. This systemm, along with Alternium is so godly and insanely powerful, it become the third most powerful trump card of ZST, second only to the Alternium.

Due to it insane power, Shinning Convoy and Primus are the only one who currently know it existed. The memory of it are wiped out from every single ZST member, whom agreed to get their memory wiped, so they will not leak the secrect out. And they save it, for "something". Maybe they're just paranoia, maybe they are over worrying. But to ensure the smile in people face and the safety of Earth from the hand of "something" so sinisterly powerful, the ZST doesn't even thing it existed, and they doesn't know what is it, but they still make this system, just in case.

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