Series: Scorpio Galaxy Chronicles
Name: Ghosts and their Machines
Owner: SolZen321
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Chapter 1 Edit

“I see you little thing…” The little orb of particles, light and electrical arcs hovered in front of the large amalgamation of ships, satellites and probes. It sported a ring of different fuels, from diesel to bio-fuels which had begun to mix together. In the center was a large sphere like object, which glowed blue from underneath its panels. The strange oddity seemed to resemble…an eye.

Many years later Edit

                They tumbled down fighting all the way, three of them, three mechanoids. The first one was a grey, purple and black warrior, with a large body with a cubic design. He had tank tracks on the back of his legs and his shoulders. On his back was a small cylinder shaped cannon, while a large one rested on his right forearm. His helmet sported a red face plate, and a gold shaped V on the brow. This was Megatronix, leader of the now Chromium Star Empire. He had crushed the Commonwealth, defeated the Dai Apex and reforged his people into his weapon against the stars and all who lived there. Standing in his was these two, and the factions they represented.

                The other robot was just as cubic in design as Megatronix, but instead of orb shaped joints, he had wire of metal fiber muscles. Instead of kibble, imply another anatomy, he had smooth gold and white armor plating. He wore a silver cape, with a gold inside and a V shaped set of wings on his back. He was armed with a sword, a hi-tech, mechanoid sized version of the common blade, and a triangular shield. He was Maximus, head of the Engineering Guard, the ruling military body that controlled all other Rodanians in the name of their ‘gods’ the Engineers. Typical organics, the Engineers ruled with an iron fist, claiming to be the gods and creators of all mechanoids and thus their rightful masters. This was his world, his planet that they fought and fell through.

                Then there was Maxion, Maxion Prime, unlike the others, his body contoured to more curved, organic shapes. There was still a cubic aspect but less pronounced than theirs. He was a robot with a blue helmet, with a battlemask, forearms and lower legs, while the rest of him alternated between red and white. Across his chest was a red, thick metal band. On his legs where two pairs of large tired, while another pair rested on his back.

                He fought with an arm cannon that arose out of his forearm to replace his hand for the mean time. On this other arms, his hand had retracted in to be replace by a metal blade, which emitted a blade shaped aura

                He was Prime of the Vandoricons, who lead their security forces the Senticons in the defense of their planet. He carried the talisman, gifted from the last Chromium to carry it, Empyrion, to him, the only worthy Mechanoid that could be found, the legacy of the Ancients, but he knew it was much more. This fight was all over his world, his people, the one once organic Vandorans, now mechanoids called Vandoricons. The Chromiums had come to slaughter or enslave them, as they did with all the other mechanoid races in the Mechanoid Zone. The Rodanians had come, to enslave his people on orders from their masters, for the Rodanians were a dying breed. This was the Tunnel of Birth, where each new Rodanian crawled out by the ‘majesty of the Engineers’. Maxion didn’t believe that nonsense for a second, nor his people, who unlike the Rodanians, remembered their history, and the Chromiums, they were insulted that organics would claim mastery, let alone divinity, over them.

                Their three ways battle, culminated in this, a battle over the Tunnel, when something caused the roof of it to collapse. Even now, they fired and fought with each other, until Maxion had the good sense to stop, or at least slow his falling. He shoved his blade into the wall, and used the boosters in his feet, to slow down. The others did something similar, all the while still fighting, until they reach the bottom.

                They had fallen into a dark cavern, the ground beneath them abnormally smooth compared to jagged and compressed layers of metal. The only light came from their weapons.

                “This place…” said Maxion “it feels so…familiar…”

                “Of course…” said Maximus “this is where all Mechanoid souls, originate…”

                “Spare me the, that scrap…” barked Megatronix “no one is buying that scrap heap you’re shoveling…”

                “Indeed…” said Maxion “as much as it disgusts me to agree with that despot, I am Prime, and responsible for the creation of new generations of my people. His people evolved from the drones left behind by the ancient Mechanoids, rising up to sentience. We both have history and proof that your ‘Engineers’ are frauds of the highest caliber.”

                “Blasphemers…!” shouted Maximus.

                “Little thing…” said a woman’s voice “I know you…” said voice change to an inhuman, emotionless tone. “You have grown strong, powerful, beautiful, your research has come to fruition, yes…?” The other two just looked around, but Maxion stumbled back in shock.

                “No…” he said in shock and disbelief “that is impossible…” The voice giggled and spoke in the tone of a little girl.

                “But you said something what is ‘impossible’, don’t you remember…”

                “What demon are you talking to…?” shouted Magnus.

                “Demon…?” said Maxion with an annoyed tone “this is no demon, this is your creator, your origin, Rodanian, you, are a child of Tribunal, scourge of worlds!”

The Present Edit

                Maxion awoke on the metal slab, around him were several devices, some monitored him, other pumped glowing blue liquid to something under him. The slab he was on radiated blue light and particles, which his body absorbed with arcs of electricity catching the radiant energy. He sat up, his form different from the one all those years ago. It was now more bulky, but also the metal band was replaced by a red tinted windscreen and the tires on his back where gone hidden in his body.

                The lights of his room turned on, a large hangar like space, with white metal tiles. As he got to his feet, the machine around the metal slab turned off and computer terminals folded out of the walls as a chair rose out of the ground.

                He sat and reviewed his work, the status of the project and the any news of relevance. Several star kingdoms in wild space had started fighting. The term meant any power that only controlled a few systems as opposed to Star Empires that controlled massive amounts of territory. Maxion thought the conflict pointless, they were fighting for energy, in the middle of a galaxy wide energy recession. It was not just ironic, it was idiotic. His battle mask retracted as a cup of Engen appeared, a glowing blue substance, this time in liquid form. The removal of his face plate revealed a face that was as soft as any humanoids, but chrome in texture, though his eyes were still robotic optics.

                He downed the Engen, quivering and jumping in his seat. It was laced with Spacium, a mineral which was very important in energy production, making this ‘Ultra’ Engen as some of his kind called it. It like a cross between wine and coffee for him. On one hand it was expensive and delectable, on the other hand, it gave him the small energy boost that gave him the energy he needed to give a damn about the politicians he had to deal with.

                Speaking of politicians, there was a blinking red light on the corner of his console. A signal that ‘they’ wanted to speak to him, which was never something he was keen on. He often wondered why he chose to work for these ‘children’, and that wasn’t a stab at their age difference, instead, these leaders of the ‘free stars and systems’ could be so petty, with each other, but also him.

                He sighed and dropped his head on the console, the cracks in the touchscreen glass, slowly began to mend themselves.

                “I am too old for this…” he said with a whining tone.

Chapter 2 Edit

                On one side, the Planetary Federation, representative sat before one man on a podium overlooking a holographic representation of the galaxy. His platform had railing and before him a circular screen. He was a humanoid with tan hair, grey eyes and hair. He wore expensive red and white robes with golden ornamentation.

                On the other side of the room was a Basik man in a black suit, with blue rectangular piece on his chest which served the purpose of a tie. His hair was black, trim and he wore glasses with small holographic displays over his black eyes. He represented the Galactic Pan Species Alliance.

                Both had come to speak to ‘him’, mainly about the project. In drove a large ground vehicle, like a sort of truck, white red, with a blue back portion and blue on the side of the hood. It sported a red tinted windscreen. Suddenly the panels of the vehicle expanded outward, partially removing themselves from the vehicle itself as the parts and the panels shifted about into Maxion’s humanoid form.

                “What do you want…?” said Maxion in annoyed tone…”

                “That is not how one speaks to their superiors…” said the Arcadian, the Federation representative.

                “Really…?” said Maxion, hiding his annoyance with sarcasm “Tell me, can you turn your hand into a weapon, can you transform, can your body withstand falling onto a planet from space, see in multiple wavelength, are you the head of the project that will solve this galaxy’s energy problem’s…?” He was silent “Then do not waste my time with your worthless arrogance.”

                “Aren’t we cranky…” said the Basik.

                “Contrary to popular belief, or should I say expectation…I sleep, I require sleep, not that much, considering that I should be sleeping right now, but I’m stuck listening to whatever your issue are, speaking of which, this had better be good, I am not in a ‘happy mood’. So what was so important that you lot felt the need to gather here, and more importantly, wake. Me. Up!”

                “Right…We, the Galactic Pan Species Alliance, have come to…change certain aspects of the deal…” Maxion growled, it was a mechanical note, with a deep bass that resonated in everyone’s chest, his displeasure.

                “Yes…” said the Arcadian “We are also need to go over ratios of distribution, once the project is complete…” Maxion rubbed his optics.

                “By all the stars, by all the spirits…” he said “you two, all of you…” he sighed “well out with it, what excuses have you brought to convince me to give one of you the edge over the other…”

                “I wouldn’t call it…”

                “But I would, those numbers were decided upon, after careful research to determine what about of energy your civilizations needed to survive…not make war. The purpose of this project is to end the source of hostilities between you two, not give you the energy to war with each other…”

                “Hah, a mechanoid pacifist…! What are the odds…?” said the Salan Queen mother.

                “You B@tch queen, shall shut it, because in the name of avenging your petty ego, you tried to see me killed, and this project ruined…!”

                “We the Salan could build this project on our own…!”

                “Maybe, if you had the time, resources, manpower…and physical stature, but since none of those things are the case, shut it! There is nothing to discuss…”

                “But there is…” said the Arcadian “Unlike the Alliance, the Federation has been joining with many of the Star Kingdoms in Wild Space, growing our borders and energy demands…!”

                “Me, thinks you should’ve thought of that, before you ‘convinced’ them to joined, but such information will be reviewed and decided upon, it is not a bartering chip.”

                “And what of, information on Mechanoids…” said the Basik.

                “By the agreement your governments signed, all withholding of information on Mechanoids and their possible continued existence, is ground for me to cut you out of the ratio!”

                “Like the Gormin…?” shouted a Hesh.

                “Withholding information and giving them to you lot, are not the same, nor am I contractually bound to such actions. Send the information and I will review it. This conversation is over.”

                “On what grounds…?” shouted the Arcadian “WE PAY FOR THIS PROJECT OF YOURS!”

                “You give me the materials I ask for, This project is being done by my technology, by my drones and under my supervision. It was proposed to solve the issue caused by the Cyberbot, Destroid War, which is nothing but a source of tension and possible conflict for most of the known galaxy. This installation exists to bring peace to a wounded galaxy and yet you people came here, hoping to convince, or at least bribe me, to give you the power to wage war.”

                “War, no one said anything about…”

                “Shut it, you are here trying to sway my ‘allegiance’, to one or the other side, sides engaged in a cold war, because of the fear of mutually assured destruction. Even before that, your governments were known for their competition. There is no other logical reason for this meeting and despite the pettiness I have come to know from some of you, I continue to hope that you lot won’t plunge the galaxy into another pointless conflict once this installation is complete and I am gone.”

                “Gone…?” said the Basik with suspicion.

                “I am a robotic ‘organism’…” Maxion replied with annoyance, I get old, I grow weak, and my Ember will one day give up and I will go the route we all must go, speaking of which…” He transformed and left.

Chapter 3 Edit

                Maxion entered the hangar with a duo of mechanoid drones. They were large robots, his size, but robots in the truest sense. They had no Embers, no Plasma Hearts nor sentient A.I. They had spherical shaped heads with a single optic, but otherwise they had the same basic cubic humanoid design, one would expect from a mechanoid and carried rifles.

                The Hangar was Alliance, but retrofitted to house communication gear, terminals and monitors. Atop a catwalk was a Basik female in military clothes. She had purple hair, but her red grey eye, was obviously false. Maxion found it odd how she willingly showed her cybernetics.

                “Prime…? I presume…” she said with an annoyed tone.

                “Indeed…” Several soldiers ran into the room, hugging the walls and pointed their guns at the three walking machines.

                “Stand down…!” she shouted. The men lowered their guns cautiously. “My apologies, my men were skeptical that you were coming…”

                “It is rather alright, they are hardly a threat, though I would prefer to leave her with all the equipment I brought…” he said motioning to his drones.

                “I thought they were your kin…?”

                “Some organics treat their pets as equals, it’s cute, but still…no. But I did not come for a conversation about sentience and non-sentience, where are they…?” The Commander snapped her fingers and the monitors turned on. On them was camera feed of a large cell holding three oddly shaped mechanoids. One was blue with a pyramid shaped head, another was grey with jet wings folded around its arms and legs, the last was red and black with its face sticking out of the side of a drill. They sat about, or shadow boxed or banged their head against the wall in boredom.

                “We’ve taken scans of the three…specimens. Some basic robotics, robotics we are not familiar with, Synthetic materials, armor plating with heavily integrated circuits, same parts we can identify and not identify but the biggest conundrum is the CPU.”

                “Show me the scans…” The images switched to show blue prints of the three captives. Each had basically the same overall anatomy, and it showed that they possessed extra features and devices in their limbs. The parts they could not recognize Maxion could, they were basic joints and features for typical mechanoids, primarily those that…transformed, without aid of Birth Metal, programmable matter. Yet there were signs of that, there were metal fibers, synthetic, plastic muscles integrated with wires, pistons, joints and circuits, if you ripped them out, they could be presumed some sort of synthetic organism. It was all interesting, his naturally grown body had some similarities to theirs, but it was made of Birth Metal. He spotted an engine in the chest, this body was made to run on most fuels, from diesel to Engen. Then his optics caught what she was talking about.

                He leaned forward, to the images to get a better view, resting his hand on the catwalk and bending it. She stepped back and the soldiers raised their guns again, but she made a quick sound and a quick stare stopping them from shooting.

                “Impossible…” said Maxion.

                “What is it…?”

                “That, those are cyber-brains…?”

                “Meaning what, electronic brains mimicking ours…”

                “No…your brains integrated with circuits, wrapped in preservative fluid and encased in metal shells and computers to be placed in a robotic body. These are not mechanoids, they are mechanoid like cyborgs…” There was commotion in the room.

                “What, why would anyone want to be a Mechanoid…? No offense…” Maxion barely registered her and he was deep in thought, evidence as he grabbed the end of his chin like he was stroking a beard.

                “Getting past the obvious bias born of poor relations and a history mired in conflict and the immediate situation of the galaxy, why would anyone want to be a mechanoid? We do not get sick like organics, our bodies are much more durable, much more…enduring, physical strength, and the various devices one can install onto their person, but if I had to guess from these spec readings…survival…”


                “The cyber-brain and the synthetic muscles, they are specially designed to block heavy doses of radiation. Whatever world these being hailed from, it most like was met with some cosmic catastrophe, this…transformation may have been gradual or their one chance for survival. Fascinating…”


                “Move past your bias, and look at the whole picture, these beings represent a bridge between two different forms of existence. Though truth be told I am more interested in where they came from…”

                “As are we, we found them on an asteroid in cryo stasis, the facility was giving out a distress beacon.”

                “What was wrong with it…?”


                “Such a facility would only send out a beacon if it was timed, or if something had gone wrong. Why was the beacon active…?”


                “Troubling…take me to them…”

                “Are you certain…?”

                “Why wouldn’t I be…?”

The door to the white room opened, and the three cyborgs stood together, the other two behind the blue one. In came Maxion, his guards were seemingly absent.

                “Greeting…” he said “I am Maxion, Maxion Prime…” They sneered and the blue one threw a punch that Maxion caught in his hand. “Explain…” He pushed him back. The blue one spoke, her voice was feminine, the dialect unusual, but it was Basic.

                “You explain, since we woke up in these bodies, that name is the only thing ringing through our heads!”


                “Interesting! We’ve been stuck in these bodies, for heaven knows how long, then shoved into this room and you think this is interesting?” She barked.

                “No, that is drool, the idea that you did not undergo said procedure yourselves, is interesting, it means there is more to this than at first glance. Your origins require…investigation.”

                “Really, why should we trust you…?”

                “What is your name…?”

                “I…I don’t know, all I have is 004, the grey one is 5, the other is 6…”

                “Charming, I’ll call you blue…”


                “Blue it is! Blue, ignoring the fact that you’re a brain in a robotic body, said body boasts not only similar features that are standard for most mechaniods, but also some impressive use of Synthetics, I am most curious to the origins which seem to escape you. That and the fact that whoever built you was clearly rather interested in me.”

                “…That’s it, you just want to see who your big ‘fan’…?”

                “Yes, yes, there is also you plight and what not, but my primary interest is your creator...”

                “Why, because as Mechanoid like being, you are seen as a threat to the galaxy at large, so I suggest you cooperate before these soldiers are allowed to destroy you.”

                “Well, when you put it like that…”

Chapter 4 Edit

                The blue robot struggled to buckle in and to their shame, Maxion had to do it, making her embarrassed. All four mechanoids were seated in the back, while Maxion’s guard drones folded away and merged with the wall for storage.

                “Where are we going…?” as the cyborg with the Drill head.

                “Well Drill…” said Maxion “we are going to one of my labs…”

                “One of…?” said ‘Blue’

                “All great scientists have multiple labs…” it was hard to tell if he was serious.

                “Or mad ones….”

                “Perhaps, but my main lab was not built to deal with Mechanoids let alone Cyborgs.”

                “And what does your main lab deal with…?”

                “Energy…Hans…” Maxion called out to someone behind a door. A green light went on and they could feel the ship move. Blue was taken back by the rumbling coming from both sides, intense levels of energy were being contained and bullied, most likely in the two ship sized engines she saw on the side of the ship when she entered. It was rather obvious, even more so now, that these engines were meant to be pushing some mile long capital ship across space at high speed, for in seconds, she wondered how she had survived the G Forces which came almost as quickly as they left. They were in zero gravity, at least for a second, before the artificial gravity was turned on. “First flight…?” For once Maxion didn’t seem smug or mocking. His tone was trying to be comforting.

                “Who knows…?”

                “A fair point I suppose. It won’t be much longer until we arrive…” The particles of light streaked past them. They were small in number but visible. “Tetryon Particles, it means we are about to jump, so stay put.” All three bots watched and looked at the sight with wonder, curiosity and fear. They pondered if this was safe for them. It didn’t matter, for soon they had jumped. Besides the disappearance of these particles, only Maxion seemed to notice their change in position in space.

                Soon they landed and out of the captain’s quarters came a brown mechanoid. He was humanoid, with rectangular limbs and a cubic upper body. His face was a pair of eyes, a nose and a face plate.

                “We’re here…” said ‘Hans’

                “Wonderful…” said Maxion, getting out of his seat “by the way, how is the misses?”

                “Fine, but having to suddenly go on adventures with you annoys her…”

                “Well after this you can go home…Just remember to leave the suit in the hangar and go home. I would rather not have a repeat of last time.”

“What happened last?” asked the Grey robot. From the way the two looked around, it clearly wasn’t a happy story.

The five of them found themselves in a large hangar, it was white tiles while the entrance was marked by a blue field of energy and beyond that the void of space. Hans walked to the side and attached to a stand. A small hover platform came up as Hans’ chest opened and out walked a bald Basik with a facial scar and a black body suit.

“What..?” said Blue. She was surprised that the mechanoids was in fact just a man in a mech suit, which made her wonder about her host.

“This way…” said Maxion in an authoritative tone. The hallways were clearly made for mechanoid sized people, and they were just as large, white tiled with unclear sources of white lights, just like the hangar. They eventually found themselves in a large circular metal room, with short little mechanoid sized tunnel to another room.

                There were several capsules, and a machine with a terminal at the end but also room for one to walk in. It was a cylinder shaped metal capsule with mechanical arms above with various devices.

                “So…?” said Maxion “who wants to be scanned first…?”

                “Just scanning…?” said Blue with skepticism.


                “How about you go in first…” Maxion looked at her

                “Can you read that…?”

                Her schematics appeared on monitors which had previous been camouflaged as the wall. Inside the capsule the mechanical arms moved up and down, mainly those with scanners on them. As they looked about her person the schematics became more detailed, revealing more parts.

                “You have fuel cells…” said Maxion, working at the terminal while the other two leaned against the capsules or watched the screens.

                “Fuel Cells…?”

                “Small devices, water is moved between the internal structure, breaking apart and fusing again, generating an electrical charge. It is reserve power for when you run out of fuel. I am also finding artificial lungs and Nutrient Paste reserves, as well as a device for dealing with organic waste, all of these things are redundant…”

                “Which means what…?”

                “That you didn’t start out so metallic, I think the reason you look so…mechanical, is due to continuous upgrades. There it is…”

                “There what is…?”

                “Your, Morph Core…?”

                “My, what…?”

                “You can transform your body into a vehicle, if I had to guess, a tank of some sort. Some call it a Transformation Cog, basically you have a powerful magnetic Gyroscope, that combined with you magnetic joints and such, allows you to assume an alternate anatomy, an alternate form, is that clear enough for you?”

                “What…?” Maxion face palmed

                “You’re a transformer, and if you sat what again I will turn this thing into a torture machine…!” There was an awkward silence.

                “Okay…what does that tell us…?”

                “Little, it doesn’t dissuade from my theory that you lot were trying to survive some manner of catastrophe. Forensic data is contaminated with those grunts from the Alliance Base. The best I can do right now is attempt to connect with your on board computer and see what data I find.” An arm came down and connected to the side of her head. Maxion had already set the procedure to stop any viral attacks when dealing with foreign computers.

                The data came in and showed on both the terminal and the monitors. Then he saw it, he noticed it, the logs on uploads, updates, all signed…Hyperion…”

Chapter 5 Edit

The Distant Past Edit

                “Get of my planet…” said Maxion. His legs had only one pair of large wheels on the ankles, a pair on his back and his tinted screen was only part of his chest, not the entirety. The planet was a desert and the two were in front of a crashed shuttle. Mechanoids warriors were scattered around them, some dead, some injured and many still active.

                “Mercy…?” said the purple and black Mechanoid. He had a single optic for a face, and a large cannon for his left arm. His body was cubic, rectangular; boxy in design. He was on the ground, having just been punched, and Maxion’s other hand was transformed into a cannon. “How unexpected from you.”

                “I won’t ask again…”

                “Very well, my men are gone, and you have outmatched, but tell me, what became of Empyrion’s Legacy? Is it as powerful as rumored?”

                “Power? Power is not the point of that trinket, and it is no longer his legacy, it holds the future of my people…”

                “Really, how unfortunate.”


                “Megatronix, for now he is preoccupied with his little war, but when he wins or loses, the Chromiun race will send all of its remaining might down on you and your people. You stole the device for what…?”

                “It was not stolen, Empyrion called me to your world, gave it to me, apparently there were none on your world who could…inherit it.”

                “Yet you could…curious…”

                “Enough talk, my mercy only goes so far, and we do not fear the Chromiums…”

                “You should, you should…”

Many Years Later Edit

                The battle raged, like the Chromium Warriors, the Vandoricon Senticons transformed into vehicles such cars and jets. The battle raged, on the ground, in the air, and in space. The Chromium Warships kept jumping into the system, intent on ending the Vandoricon race for refusing to bow to their empire.

                “Get out of my system…” said Maxion calmly, but for forcefully on the monitor. On the bridge was Hyperion, with Megatronix, his leader.

                “Seriously…” said Megatronix in a mocking tone “How do you expect to make us do that. Maxion ‘Prime’ is it. I do not see your Titan, did I scare him off; did he run when he heard that Megatronix, conqueror of the Commonwealth is coming?” he shouted. Maxion stepped back and just gave him a look.

                “Are you done…?” he said with an annoyed tone.

                “No but you are, my forces will sweep through you ‘Vandoricons’, whoever is left will be melted down for spare parts, no one will ever…!”

                “Just shoot this idiot…” said Maxion rubbing his optics. The two fleets uncloaked and opened fire on the Chromium fleet and all arriving ships. The beams came not only from the ships but down from the planet below, Ion cannons that disabled their ships.

                “You glitch-spawn, do you not know who I am…”

                “Everyone knows who you are we have ears, or in your case auditory sensors. I also know I cut you down as easily as the rest of your men back then. Let me guess, Hyperion there had a backup save of your memories and personality. What would you do without him? But for the last time, get out of my system…”

                On the metal world of Rodania, they fought, the Chromiums, Senticons and Rodanians, a three way battle. Overhead their ships also duked it out. Maxion sped across the planet in vehicle form, running over and crashing through Rodanians and Chromiums as he made his way to the capital. That was where the ‘Engineers’ were, it was where Megatronix was headed, it was the best way to kill to birds with one stone. Then an explosion knocked him on his side and he transformed back into robot mode and rolled. The tank transformed into Hyperion.

                “I’ve been waiting for this ‘Prime’. It is time to finally see who the superior Mech is, who has the superior weaponry, the superior…”

                “Say superior one more time and I will give you a ‘superior’ bashing. I don’t have time for this, I have a war to win…!” Maxion stood up.

                “How can you hope to beat Megatronix, if you cannot defeat him…?” Maxion turned and fired his arm cannon at the sword wielding Rodanian running at him screaming, taking his head clear of, and then fired several more shot, taking out more Rodanians and Chromiums around them.

                “Don’t you have that backwards…?”


                “Don’t give me that, your boss was literally just that, a mob boss, a brute that knew how to be organized; a corrupt politician that sadly believed his own hype. Dare I ask, where would he be without you? I imagine not very far. When you first came to my planet, you had a small army, a huge battleship, you were important and he knew it. You built his new body correct, you design all of his weapons, you gave him all his great power. Yet he is superior to you how?”

                “What is your point…?”

                “My point is this, if Megatronix is gone, who will be the most powerful Chromium…?”


Present Edit

                Maxion stumbled back in shock. The last he had saw of Hyperion his Plasma Heart was melting through the casing to ignite all the fuel in his body, an effect of the Wave he unleashed on the Chromium descendants the Cyberbots and Destroids. Yet these logs, they were recent, very recent.

                “That’s not possible…” said Maxion.

                “What is…?”

                “According to these logs, the being who did this to you, he, he should be dead… We need to see where you were found.”

                “What, why…?” said the Grey bot, the small ones said they purged everything.

                “If it truly is that one, then there is going to be something…”

Chapter 6 Edit

                The location was dark, not just in terms of lamination but also the amount of energy the sensors detected.

                Maxion was in the bridge of his personal shuttle, a small place with a circular style of terminal and round monitors over the half circle that was the window. It was made to seat two mechanoids, although it had a special module for a typical sized organic to use.

                He was there alone, scanning the asteroid that held the base where the three were found. Though it seemed as if he was doing nothing, he was simply having the data transmitted into his on board computer. The computer windows opened in his personal point of view, but to anyone else he was staring into space.

                In came blue, who sat down beside him and crossed her arms.

                “So are you going to tell us why we are here…?” she barked.

                “Why do you think…” he said, barely hiding his annoyance.

                “…Who is Hyperion…?”

                “He was…a Chromium, and later a Destroid, and for a long time he was a rival. His goal was to create the ultimate, the supreme, the perfect mechanoid body. He saw me as a rival, an obstacle, a stepping stone to overcome.”

                “Why is that…?” he looked at her and looked away.

                “When we first met, I was young and I cut down several Chromiums warriors, thugs and an assassin, Hyperion and a crime boss. Since then he has made it his goal to surpass me.”

                “Did he…?”

                “I don’t know and I don’t care. His body was built, mine was grown, I don’t see why he was so interested in comparing them.”

                “I don’t understand, you’re a machine…” He looked at her.

                “Mechanical Life form. I have a genetic sequence, I have cells, and though I have long life, after five hundred thousand standard years, I will be living on borrowed time, if at all.”

                “So why would he consider you a rival…?”

                “Because I defeated him, despite all of his upgrades, like organics, my body is much better at adapting than simple constructed bodies. Still it is a moot point, if I want I can just replace parts, upgrade myself and the new organs would be incorporated into my body as my own flesh.”

                “So how are you not a machine…?”

                “You see this computer…”


                “It has variable for input, once those things are taken in, they will go through a formula, algorithms and it will give out outputs. Artificial intelligence, the actual thing, not that strawman people are so afraid of, it is nothing more than the illusion of intelligence. Input, process, output, the cycle will go on and on with the same outcome. You can change input, but the outcome is still predictable. You cannot change it once the cycle has started, and A.I. simply puts pauses, for more information to be included. Even so the rule is not broken, it is bent. That is a program that is a machine, effort is put in one place and through the machine it comes out in another. That is the be-all and end-all of a machine, it is bereft of thoughts, dreams, desires and standards. I think therefore I am.”

                “But, you’re still a machine following orders, a bunch of programs…”

                “I have an onboard computer that is like saying you are just your ear, because it gives you auditory information. If you had a computer put into your head, would you ‘just’ be a machine. A wait…”

                “It is not the same thing, I’m organic, just trapped…”

                “That doesn’t solve your argument. You are organic and every cell in your body is following the instructions buried inside of them, your DNA, a system of memory storage, data storage. You are, you were, one big mass of machines, crafted by trial and error, or destiny, or some higher power’s agenda, regardless, you have less proof to your ‘life’ than you think.”

                “But I think, I can fight my instincts…”

                “So can I, what is your point, that you’re special. ‘Special’ is everyone else being inferior. In all my long years, the biggest difference I’ve found between mechanicals and organics, is not their size, their chemistry or even anatomy, those are rather irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. The biggest difference is the sound they make when they scream.”

                “…That got dark very quickly…”

                “It’s hard to talk about life and not mention death. After all, is death not the reason we seek to pass on our genes? It’s ultimately just systems of memory that have grown to be snippy with universe. In that case, what is the difference, organic, mechanical, past the flesh, the parts, the code, it’s self-awareness… There is a heat signature…”

                “A, what…?”

                “Something is on in there…” he responded but it felt like he was ignoring her. He had begun pressing buttons and sliding his finger across the screen, programming a course for the ship to take.

                Inside the base was dark, dark metal panels, dark corridors due to a lack of power, Maxion had to pry open the doors. He walked in, using his night vision to scope the place, he followed the schematics he had gained from scanning the place. Maxion had begun to think it odd, how the Alliance soldiers didn’t destroy this place, simply erase all the files. He suspected that they instead had simply downloaded everything and purged the system, but still he wondered why they didn’t destroy the place. The Alliance’s dislike of Mechanoids was widely known, they had shared a border with the Mechanoid Zone for a long time now. So it was odd that they let this place persist. The three were easier to explain, they wanted answers and they couldn’t just download it out of their minds, they also wanted some sort of leverage over him.

                Maxion found his way to the point of interest, it was behind a wall, a small box like device, hooked into the infrastructure. Its purpose was not obvious to Maxion, it was just a box, one his sensors could not scan, not beyond the surface panels.

                “What is that…?” asked Grey, Grey and Drill were poking out from behind Blue, who was annoyed with their cowardly antics.

                “I do not know…” Maxion responded, “Beyond a heat signature it is not giving of anything, I can’t even scan it.”

                “Should we leave it alone…” asked Blue

                “If we want to know where you guys came from, with certainty, this may be our only option…” Maxion reached for the device, but stopped, it suddenly became much more active, lighting up and broadcasting. He tracked the signal to…

                He turned to see all three cyborgs with guns aimed at him, triple barrel devices which is odd, because he scanned them for weapons and the means to conjure out weapons. Their eyes were cold now, lacking the personalities of before.

                He was still, but at the first twitched they fired, and he understood why his scans had found no weapons, these were EMP Blasts. He had scanned for something like a blaster, a laser, a disruptor, an EMP cannon, without the right specifications put into the search protocol, would just read as a communications device.

                Maxion flew back, his circuits, his nerves were ablaze with energy. A simple robot would’ve have the charge in his circuitry wiped out, but instead his bio-field was a mess. He was paralyzed as no signals could get through to his body. Blue walked over and fired another shot in his face.

Chapter 7 Edit

                Maxion’s consciousness with thrown into the currents. This was a place beyond time and space, a place that existed to represent a single fact, that all are connected. Every life form, every conscious mind, everywhere and every when, made up a drop of these blue currents of energy.

                This was not his first time here, he first came when he truly gained the ‘title’ of Prime, when he interfaced with that relic of the ancients. He knew now that they were not the same ancients as the ‘ghosts’. Whoever made that talisman was the other side, those who fought for freedom for all.

                It didn’t matter to him though, not now, now he wondered why he was here. He was unconscious but he dreamed not dreams but the alien and distinct point of views of different beings, some mechanical, some organic, some sentient, some were beasts. He wonder why he was here, he did not have the ‘Matrix’ he hadn’t had for a long while now.

                A hand plucked him from the stream, its flesh was fire, its bones were lightning and its skin was light of every color. He knew this hand, and the creature it belonged to. It picked him out of the stream and flicked him to another, with pinpoint accuracy so that he could see.

                Rodania was gone, blown apart from the inside, the end result of Maxion’s attack igniting the ancient, condensed fuel that had lay dormant near its core for untold centuries. With it gone, the Rodanians were gone, and their false masters. Rodania was Tribunal, the mad A.I. that consumed fleets, pilfered worlds, all to become one itself, but no knew why.

                The small shuttle moved through the massive debris field collecting what its pilot desired with mechanical hands. It was Hyperion, and he was here as the triumphant Vandoricons were busy with some unknown project. He collected them one by one, pieces of the humanoid Rodanian, the beastly cousins, but this was the most interesting, a Blue Box, a computer core designed to specifically to hold a true A.I. He knew who this belonged to.

                Hyperion got up, his back systems had kicked in, but they would only keep him alive for so long. There was a hole in his chest, where his new artificial Plasma Heart had been installed, and where the Wave ‘convinced’ it to melt through its casing and ignite all of his internal fuel. He had closed his energy path ways, but the damage was still mortal. He had only one thing left to do. He pressed a button, through wireless transmission his mind was transferred a mind based on algorithms, memories, programs. Maxion could not say if the location would hold Hyperion, or a new being based on his personality of memories, he didn’t know, it didn’t matter. He simply knew that Hyperion had ‘saved’ himself. With his mind gone, his body collapsed onto the floor, the Birth Metal began to disintegrate into sand.

                Maxion awoke bound, his arms were held separately, his feet bound together. His restains arced as electricity jumped between them and the large metal circle he was within. As he came online he noticed his surroundings. The three cyborgs were there, standing against the walls like lifeless machine. The room was circular and he was in the middle, while mechanical arms rose up and down. Circular monitors dropped down the ceiling, sporting cameras on the top.

                “You know…” said Maxion, barely hiding his annoyance “I’m really not into this sort of thing.”

                “I almost forgot you sense of humor…” said Hyperion’s voice. Maxion looked around.

                “Where are you…?” he demanded

                “Here, everywhere, it is not important…”

                “Okay, then answer me this, who were they…?”

                “Concerned with others while you are in danger…how typical of you. They are as you seen them here and now. Protein Circuits and a personality simulator.”

                “You…have been busy…”

                “You have no idea…”

                “I think I do, Synthetics, organics, all bound in a mechanoid form, they can transform can’t they?”

                “Indeed, but without the need of ‘Birth Metal’…”

                “Not unprecedented, or unexpected considering you are a Chromium. So I take it I am here for what, for you to gloat?”

                “Yes and no…”

                “I thought myself the master, your superior, after all you’ve just been building drones, while I have been building works of art.”


                “Well, what…?”

                “Are you going to tell me who helped you? Your based survived, despite the Alliance finding it, I highly suspect someone helped you…”

                “They all helped me, the Alliance the Federation. Disappointed…”

                “That would imply it is unexpected…”

                “I do not understand why you help them, with your knowledge and power, you could just conquer the galaxy, why in engage in this overly complicated scheme?”


                “The Plasma Prosperity Plan, PPP. The project you were working on, a safe, stable Plasma Scoop system, harvest stars, convert the plasma into Engen, and ship it to both sides and what, expect them to behave? Even before you came here they were trying to bribe you, coerce you, into giving them more power. Honestly they are not much better than Megatronix, and you know how to deal with his kind, so I am…confused, as to why you try to help them.”

                “…Because people need help…”

                “Right now, that applies only to you…” The screens came on, various leaders from around the galaxy. Chief among them the Salan’s Queen Mother, who smirked.

                “Oh, you brought an audience, to my execution…honestly I thought there would be more to see me dead…kind of disappointed.”

                “They have come here for that, indeed, but that is not my immediate goal…”

                “So, what’s the trade…”


                “What did they offer for my end, or what did you offer them…?”

                “It is simple, I will take over your project, and I will give them technology to improve their…defenses.”

                “You’re killing me so they can war and rampage at their leisure…pathetic creature indeed…” The Salan began to shout, but her voice did not carry.

                Down came mechanical hands, and devices on mechanical arms, which pried open his chest and ripped out his Super Engen Matrix. It was torn out, with tubes and cable connected to it torn and dripping fuel and sparking, until Maxion closed of those pathways. The Cylinder shaped device was removed, with metal caps on the end, and crystal middle, it left Maxion’s Ember revealed.

                It was a ball of light, electricity and swirling particles. It glowed a bright blue and every movement Maxion made, each twitch, pulse, was paralleled by an arc of electricity going off in that direction. It was held in a metal sphere, with a glass lid, showing the insides like a metal eye.

                “Now…” said Hyperion “For the main event…”

Chapter 8 Edit

                Maxion panted and closed his chest. He had shouted in pain, grinded his teeth and clenched his fists. Now he was just there, head hung over, panting and his Ember seemingly convulsing, with the bolts it gave off.

                “Why is he like that…?” asked the cat like Castra

                “He is in pain…” said Hyperion with an annoyed tone.

                “But he’s a machine…”

                “No, a robotic life form. If ever there was something that proved life, it is pain my friend. The Ember, an construct of radiant matter with a structure akin to a super cell. It generates a bio-field, electrical impulses and magnetic fields that represent life functions. It is that field that moves him. His brain, besides having a computer, it serves mainly to connect the body with the Ember. In truth he is more of an energy life form with a robotic exoskeleton that simply a robot. Even the Rodanians and the Chromiums with Mechanical Cells, had more in common with ‘organics’ than him. But it is all a moot point isn’t Maxion.” Maxion looked up, one optic flickering. “You see, I planned to kill you, take what I needed from you as I showed you my ultimate body, but you…enlightened me to the truth. Organic, mechanical, they are nothing, it’s all just systems of memory trying to sustain themselves, even if they have to mix and mutate and spread like a virus. That is life in a capsule. Yet I wonder, what lies beyond it, beyond mechanical, Synthetic, Organic, what lies beyond there? Energy, Plasma perhaps…? Yet that just brings us back to you. Crystal? Just another sort of mechanical, even if it appears naturally.”

                “Does…it matter…?”


                “This is not what we discussed…” said the Basik “we demand…”

                “What you demand does not interest me…Maxion, you know the answer don’t you, and even if you don’t, you are connected to it, the Matrix, legacy of the Ancients. What vessel, what Soma, is there that a sentient mind may take on, beyond the abilities of either mechanical or organic, Trans-Organic.”

                “Why are you asking me…?” asked Maxion.

                “Because I like to gloat.” Down came several sensors. “I do not have an Ember, but I suspect you are the closest thing to that answer.” The sensors turned on and Maxion squirmed and roared in pain as the waves assaulted his Ember, his core. Then time stopped. All but Maxion was held in stasis when they came out of the walls. They were ethereal beings, ghosts made of light.

                “Why are you here…?”

                “We are here, because you expiring is not within our goals…”

                “Oh…never thought suicide would look so inviting…”

                “Do not jest…something is hunting us, killing us, and only you can stop it…”

                “Ignoring the fact that you lot are petty despots with the goal of conquering the galaxy…why would I help you after all you did to me…!”

                “It is not about us, and not about ‘them’, or you, it is about the billions of lives who will suffer if he is allowed to continue…”

                “If he can kill you, then how…”

                “For the same reason that you can harm us, it has connections with the higher dimensions, with us gone, this entity, it seeks to turn its attention to the lower races, and none are so optimal a target in this galaxy, than your project.” Maxion was silent. “If you fall he will take it, complete it and you know the kind of damage he can do with something like that. If you fall, so too does the galaxy.”

                “And what do you want me to do about it, my Ember…”

                “You are not an Ember…!” The ancient put their hand on his chest “despite the similarities with your current…form, you know the difference between the rest of your people and yourself, and you know what you are. You are ‘Prime’, you are Primed; ready to become the ultimate form of humanoid life…”

                “That is not what ‘Prime’ means to me…”

                “But it is what you are, it is what you were afraid of, it is why you survived the Super Engen poisoning, it is why you could survive using Super Engen, when all others would be destroyed. This is the truth, use it now, or all will fall with you…”

                “…So save myself, and save the galaxy…”


                “Hard to argue with that…”

                Hyperion and the rest watched as Maxion cried out in pain, from the scanning, but then something happened. For whatever reason an alarm went off.

                “What is wrong…?” asked the Basik representative of the Alliance.

                “Unsure…” said Hyperion “For some reason his bio-field…is building up…?” There was a burst of light, an explosion of energy, destroying the monitors, but Hyperion still remained aware of the events in the room. Maxion’s restraints were destroyed and he was gone, and the three bots were knocked down. “Find him…” they got up and transformed. Blue became a sort of box like tank, Drill became…a drill tank, but Grey, he turned into a fighter craft and took off.

                Maxion walked down the hallway, keeled over and his hand on his chest. He noted how he had been brought to another location and wasn’t sure where he was, which made teleporting away difficult. He took of the irony, the near hypocrisy of his situation. He prided and presented himself as being a Mechanoid, but that apparently wasn’t completely the case. He prided himself on being a ‘Prime’ because of the moral uprightness that titled entailed. In truth it had nothing to do with that.

                The worst part was he didn’t know who he was lying to, himself, everyone else, the world, or was he just too afraid to admit the truth. Was he too afraid of the unknown? Mechanoids, he knew, Organics, he knew, even the supernatural, he was raised to be Vandoran Shaman, a Priest Scientist, so even that was not odd to him, even if he was not keen on fraternizing with it.

                It was a lie he liked, it meant he didn’t have to ask the question when he didn’t know the answer; ‘where do we go from here’? He asked the question his people, and turned them around, from marauders to honorable people. He wondered about them, but he did not have the time to do that for long.

                In the airless hallways he felt the rumbling, as Blue and Drill turned the corner behind him will Grey above them. Maxion wasted no time, he ran jumped forwards and shifted into vehicle mode, taking of at high speeds with thrusters from his back.

Chapter 9 Edit

                “Why are you running…?” said Hyperion’s voice “where are you going to run to, do you even know where you are…?” Maxion took of down the hallways, breaking through the doors as they tried to stop him.

                “I am on an asteroid…” said Maxion “bigger than the first one…”

                “Oh, and how did you know that…?”

                “The gravity field is denser here, and the artificial gravity fields, they aren’t…”

                “Aren’t we clever, but are we clever enough to escape from them, are you strong enough…?”

                “You, I don’t understand, you should have the knowledge to create an Ember, or at least something close enough to it, a plasma life form and more than enough know-how in building a body…!”

                “That would just be an organ, the benefit of your Ember is not just transformation. It is the ease of transference between bodies, it is adaption that a simple constructed form cannot hope to match, it is…”

                “You want Birth Metal…”

                “I have that already, scrounged up from the ruins of Chromium, no I want your code, your Life Code!”

                “No dinner and a movie…?”

                “Jest all you like, it will not save you! You cannot escape, you will not...” Maxion fired two missile from his hood, one into the trio behind him and another into a wall which he drove through. Plasma filled the hallway from both sides, but Maxion dove through the hole he made.

                Maxion transformed back into robot form and looked around. He wasn’t worried about those three, as the Plasma would’ve wreaked havoc on their circuitry. He was in a room with several capsules, slanted and leaning on the walls, they looked like cryo pods. Beside them were tubes and machines, like those found in a medical facility and monitors showing diagrams similar to those of the three he fought.

                “Your lab, I presume…”

                “Indeed…Impressed…?” Maxion looked around and scanned the inside of the capsule, the cover was tinted a milky white. His sensors picked up something, something metamorphic, a constantly churning liquid but baring heavy metallic elements, but the qualities of it were constantly changing.

                “Birth Metal…? No…something similar…”

                “It is true, think of it as a mix between Birth Metal, and Mechanical Cells, a memetic metal organism, awaiting code to follow, an Ember to bond with. It is all thanks to my research.”

                “What, was Birth Metal too difficult…?”

                “It was, too difficult to create, when I can simply create this substance, self-replicating, once given the right, nutrients…”


                “Oh don’t, there tons of animals, wild and domesticated that were just as suitable. They can also do this…” Electricity arced within the capsules as Maxion conjured his arm cannon. Various grey copies of Blue, Drill and Grey arose from the capsules, while the originals entered through the hole in the wall, their armor plating partially melted in various parts. Then they spoke, they all spoke with Hyperion’s voice. “What do you think…?”

                “I think this is like fighting…Tribunal…You didn’t…”

                “Didn’t what…?”

                “You found Tribunal’s remains from Rodania, during the end of our war, in the centuries that past, what did you do with it…?”

                “…I am certain…” said Hyperion, only now his voice had become more feminine “how it is you know that, but I dissected Tribunal’s code and integrated with my own, allowing me to control these units and their rudimentary A.I. I also absorbed its knowledge, and that is how I learned about you, what you really are. If you wanted to, you could abandon your body and fly off through the stars under your own power, no Ember can do that, no Ember could survive where you can thrive. I don’t even think you need fuel for your body, just a light source probably.”


                “Is what, what are you afraid of? All that power, all that might. Tribunal held you, but she knew that you had the power to escape. You mechanoid shell is just that, a little cage to keep yourself safe and secure. You gave her the information on Mechanical Cells, the information you used for your original body. If Tribunal was the mother of the Rodanians, then you were their father. You really have a knack for infanticide.”

                “Silence…! I gave her information because I believed in peace, I believed in understanding. She wanted a body, I gave her the means to have one and things ended peacefully… Until those damn Engineers came. Thanks to me Tribunal stopped sacking worlds, most of the galaxy is still here because of that.”

                “Ah yes, always the numbers, what better way to excuse genocide than to show the numbers…”


                “…Is completely you, all of it, the Predabots, the Chromiums, the Rodanians, the Cyberbots and Destroids. Who is left in the galaxy, the Linoans, they are just arms dealers. There’s and what of the Vandoricons? No one knows where they went, tell me, where are they, did you wipe out them as well?”

                “What you want from me, to break me down, to crush with the weight of my own sins, is that it…?”

                “What, no, I want the truth, the truth of the ultimate form you seem keen on hiding. Indeed, my psyche is powerful, and can make a Plasma Organ whenever I so chose, especially now, but the soma, the body, that I what I want. Power is the Ultimate truth, which comes before all others and you who sit on boundless strength cannot hide from it forever.” Maxion withdrew his arm cannon and was silent. He thought about her words, but he interpreted it differently

                “Kings…” he said “Kings, rule absolute, for their responsibility is such. Any, any who seek power, who seek authority with no care for the responsibility of their position… The corrupt, the despots, the tyrants, the unworthy.”


                “I was afraid of this power, afraid of what it meant, what it could mean, for when last I had this power, I was made to do terrible things with it… If what they say is true, I cannot afford to fall here…”

                “They…?” Maxion’s body began to glow, to sparkle and arc with energy. “Why is your body producing…Spacium?” He waved his hands about and the cupped them together. The aura and particles around him began to swirl and gather into his hands. “What are you…? Stop him!” They opened fire, blaster bolts and concussion missiles rained upon him, Maxion kept going, charging, gathering and condensing the energy as his armor plating was being worn off.

                He swung his arms open and the pulse of energy knocked everything back. However, this wave phased through the walls and rock of the asteroid, hitting the Super Engen Matrix and causing a reaction. It exploded and its volatile and contagious energies spread through the electrical and fuel systems of the base, causing one invitable reaction; an explosion.

Chapter 10 Edit

                He didn’t know how long he had been unconscious, he just knew his body was ruined. That was the problem, he thought, everyone got it wrong, so wrong. It wasn’t that Mechanoids could last forever, it was just that, often, it took forever for them to die. For some an electronic brain turned off could be turned on. Him, those with Ember, destroy the brain and the shock may cause an Ember attack, an overload of pain, confusing sensations that takes out the Ember…sometimes. Sometimes, the Ember is just there, a mind trapped in their own body, the fuel is still pumping, and all they have is to wait, for the fuel to run out and for them to expire or for someone to come and put them in another body.

                Neither was coming for him. What Hyperion said was true, unlike normal Embers, he could outlast his body, and he could be out here for centuries, maybe thousands of years, before he finally bit the bullet.  He knew no one was coming to save him, the organics had betrayed him and Hyperion wants to dissect him. He had one option, get out on his own.

                He couldn’t open his chest, what was left was sealed shut. He felt his body, not through nerves, all of them were shot and gone. He could sense no gravity, so the entire station had to have been vaporized. One would think Hyperion was gone, but if he did indeed absorb Tribunal’s code, then he could’ve done all of this from another location.

                There were no muscles to move, and whatever fuel supplies remained he was cut off from, his bio-field was just that, a field, so he concentrated it.

                Maxion’s body was barely recognizable as being once humanoid. Some of his limbs where gone, and all of his armor plating was vaporized off or melted together. It had all turn grey, and was beginning to rust. His chest window was gone, with the parts inside fused together into one mess of twisted and fused metal components. It was there that the light came from, a bright blue light, it flashed from under the metal. Each time it failed, until finally it shined again and this time turned red. A red light burst out of his chest, taking of for the nearest star like a steam of energy.

                It headed towards the sun, growing larger and larger until it was a large sphere of energy leaving behind a trail. The sphere turned back blue and flew back off, away from the system’s sun and flew off at warp speed.

                Project P3: Plasma Prosperity Plan. It was a massive space station under construction, appearing as a ring with three ‘fang’ shaped structures. Overall it was a massive construct, dwarfing even the fleets that had come to fight over it. As the station orbited within an asteroid, two massive fleets had gathered

                With news of Maxion’s seeming demise, the Alliance and Federation were ready to go to war over the unfinished structure and all it represented, at least to them, galactic supremacy. Inside the meeting room the two sides argued, and bickered over who would get the station and its limitless source of energy for their civilization. It was less diplomacy and more shouted and grand standing, with the fleets in the back ground. The only thing that silenced the was the light, a red light that came from the void, it circled about their fleets, causing energy waves that crippled all of the ships present…and then it turned blue as it sped towards the station.

                “Doesn’t this place have any defenses…?” shouted the Arcadian to one of Maxion’s guard drones.

                “Indeed…”” it replied mechanically.

                “Well, activate them…!” shouted the Basik.

                “You do not have that authority, nor is it required, the master is home…”

                “Your master is dead you work for me now!”

                “He works for us…!” shouted the Arcadian. And the shouting started all over again until the light of anomaly shined brightly through the windows.

                For once there was silence, as the entity disappeared over them. They wondered why the station had not been destroyed by. They then wondered why Engen was pooling below them. In the deep pit between both platforms, Engen was being pumped in and rose to just below the surface of the pit. Without reason three drones entered the room and walked towards the pool where they walked in and sank to the bottom. Then came the entity of light. Every panicked, some pulled out blasters, small pocket sized version, and aimed at the sphere. It ignored them. It hovered above the pool and condensed, shrinking in size.

                The fuel swayed about like waves as it sank within the pool which began to glow rather bright. Everyone was forced to close their eyes and when they opened it, the pool had shrunk.

                Out of the pool came a bio-mechanical hand, attached to it, a bio-mechanical giant of a humanoid who rested on a hover platform that came down for him. He stood on the platform panting as engen dripped of his body then it roared.

                Those with blasters tried to fire, but the plasma bolts were caught in some manner of electrical field that diffused them. The others just cowered in fear. Engen flowed up into the air and around him as metallic growth appeared on its body and burst open to liquid metal that began to move and form shapes as if it was alive. The flowing fuel hid its form and when it was done, when it dropped Maxion stood in the center. He was different, instead of a tinted red windscreen, he had a red bar across his chest. Instead of wheels in his lower legs, he had a large pair on his back and another pair on his ankles.

                Blue bolts of electricity arced up and down his person, he was growling, hunched over and feral. No one wanted to speak to him, they were too afraid, except for one, the Salan Queen Mother. She fixed herself puffed out her chest and raised her hover chair.

                “A wonderful show…” Maxion arm pointed at her and she immediately grabbed her throat, she was choking. He raised his arm and she took off into the air without her chair. Then he slammed her back down, releasing his mental grip.

                “I do believe…” he said “that my robots told you to get out of this room.”

                “We do not take orders from machines…!” said the Arcadian.

                “In this instance you should have…”

                “We are not afraid of you, we have…”

                “You had, a battle fleet, which I disabled, and if I so chose I can have an army come here and destroy. Unlike you I am not plagued by a lack of resources…”

                “Then why did we have to pay for this station…?” shouted a Hesh.

                “Because I don’t think I should waste my time saving a civilization too lazy to save itself…Now get out.”

                “Come now…” said the Basik representative “I don’t think you understand the situation…”

                “Oh I do, most, if not all of you, tried to have me killed and replaced by a mech…who holds no love for organics, and as integrated their code with that of Tribunal. Basically you wanted to hand this station over to a mad man, because I wouldn’t give you the resources you wanted to slaughter each other. Brilliant, I am so glad I don’t have to deal with you lot anymore…”

                “Now excuse me, but we are very important people, leaders of the free galaxy.”

                “And when you’re dead, others will replace you as leaders of the free galaxy. You are not that special, and the only reason that the deal still stands is because you lot are irrelevant. I did not build this station for any of you, with your private planets and large bank accounts. I built it for the millions, billions of lives you all represent. Those who are starving, dying as galactic civilization grinds to a halt. I find it disgusting that, I, a ‘machine’ seem to care more about your people than all of you. Have you no shame! No dignity! You were ready to risk everything for what, so you could settle petty feuds, got to war. That is the mentality of the Vandorans, and you all know how barren their world is now!” There was silence.

                “What did you mean by, ‘won’t have to deal with us’…?” said the Hesh. Maxion’s platform took him to the door.

                “The drones wanted you out because the process by which I revive myself, rebuild my body from raw materials…generates a great deal of radiation. I advise that you lot seek immediate medical help.”

                They were gone now, gone to find the best medicine their money could buy. He looked out to the void and looked at his hand. It was different now, it was the same as the hand before, but it felt different. He knew how it was different even if he couldn’t say why, not to himself, or anyone else. Today he took his first steps out of his ‘shell’ and to his annoyance, ‘they’ were right. He may just have to see what lies beyond being a simple ‘ghost’ in a machine. If not for that unknown threat, then for the one he knew…

Epilogue Edit

                 Electricity arced about the vessel as the ship seemed to shimmer into existence. It was a debris field, the remains of Hyperion’s laboratory. The ship was too big to be a frigate, but smaller than the average cruiser. It sent out drones, spherical, eye like machines with mechanical arms, which scanned all the debris until it found one specific object of interest, Maxion’s discarded body, or what was left of it.

                It was brought on board, and scanned and then taken apart. The ‘dead’ metal with removed by mechanical tentacles with a surgeons precision and along with some samples. The rest was put in a pod. The samples were analyzed for their code, their digital DNA which was sampled, stored, decoded and then uploaded into a computer. It was mixed with another program, one not as large but sentient.

                Send program was transferred to a capsule, like those Hyperion used to hold her Mimetic Metal. It opened, and out walked a female mechaniod. Her chest armor, legs and forearms were bulky, purple with tank treads on the back of her legs and shoulders. The sections in between, where black with grey glowing lines. She sported a cannon on her left arm, a pointed glass screen and her head. While her the lower half of her head was a chrome, human like, with a woman’s lips, her helmet covered what should’ve been here eyes leaving her with a single large optic for a face.

                “Wonderful…” she said “Now…how best can I muck around with Maxion?”

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