The enemy of all Kishin, he hold a connection to Maxion, blaming him for the current state of affairs.

Appearance Edit

Purple and dark grey, while the portion of his limbs below his elbows and knees are curved and organic in shape, his upper limbs are rectangular with cylinder shaped portions attached. On his right arm is an arc shaped piece where his Particle Cannon unfolds from. His upper body is barrel shaped, and his head sports a three point crown with a red jewel. His face is liquid metal and he sports a retractable face plate.

When summoned, his Particle Cannon takes the form of a large cannon, the barrel is composed three bars curving around an energy cloud and fusing into a barrel end.

Personality Edit

Gigatron follows his duty to the letter, eradicating all Kishin and their works, across the universe. He holds a keen interest in Maxion, for while he is not on his 'list' he desires to battle him. He holds him as a failure, and a traitor to his masters. It also stems from the fact that his body was based on Maxion's.

He also fears Maxion's Regenesis Matrix.

History Edit

The scourge of the Kishin, when Magnus took over and started his war, his creators were unhappy, to put it mildly, but they do not directly interfere with the lower dimension(s). When Maxion went into exile, they created another instrument of their wrath, Gigatron. Since then Gigatron has gone about eradicating all Kishin and their works.

Anatomy, weapons and abilities Edit

Gigatron's body was based on Maxion's anatomy but modifications and additions were made to make him the perfect Kishin killing machine.

  • Construction Method: Proto-Matter
    • Armor: Tritanium Beta- A hardy metal that can withstand all but the most extreme
    • Internal Composition: Transmetal - Like all Kishin, Gigatron is resistance to weapons and things that are generally harmful to machines, such as an EMP. It also means he naturally heals over time
    • Power Source: Micro Singularity (for his main cannon)
    • EM Gyroscopic Joints: These reduce friction and stress on his body
  • Weapons:
    • Phaser (from his forehead stone)
    • Particle Cannon (at full power can create a mushroom cloud)
    • Photon Warheads: Fired from his Chest, and home in on an enemy.
    • Shock Absorbers: Allow him to punch and do more damage, take less to his hands.
  • Black Ember: Gigatron's soul/heart, this sphere of black light is his life force manifest, but it also weakens other nearby Kishin via his Photonic Aura. It also means life forms begin to weaken and wither away
  • Feet:
    • Plasma Wheels: Generated under the sole of his feet, they allow him flight in any direction at high speed.
    • Shock Absorbers: Allow him to land from extreme heights and not worry about damage.

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