Leader of the Darkcons, Gigatron is now a figure of legend and hatred.


Gigatron is a large bot, dwarfing most, even those that are normally consider tall. He has a grey and black body with purple lines and a large cannon on the side of his right arm. His head sports a triple crest and he has glowing red eyes. The back of his legs are tank tracks and he had jet engines on his back.


Gigatron is pompous, selfish and a tyrant, who care only to have his way. The only thing known to make him stop is forcing him to admit that he was wrong. Despite all of this he is a capable leader. He also does not take kindly to failure from anyone. He is also misogynistic


Gigatron, as the leader of his faction, is their strongest fighter and greatest warrior. He rivaled Magnus Prime the last true matrix bearer, in terms of combat ability

  • Riot Cannon: The cannon on his right arm, it is powerful enough to cause a small nuke level explosion
  • Black Promethium Plating: Gigatron's superstructure appears to be nigh invulnerable. Only Magnus Prime has even been known to hurt him in any significant manner.
  • Back Thrusters: In both robot and Tank form, they allow him to fly.


  • Tank to Robot: Gigatron's tank legs become his tank legs. The top of the tank turns to the side with the cannon pointing the right. Gigatron stands as the tank's top unfolds to form his arms and upper body and his head come out of his chest.


Since the end of the last great war, Gigatron has been hiding, bidding his time until he make his return. How long that will take is unknown but from the shadows he has had his remaining minions target and assasinate Primes, claiming their Matrixes for unknown purposes.


  • Gigatron is undoubtedly inspired by Megatron, his triple crest comes from the IDW's comics Megatron, whose original body had a triple crest (his helmet was actually not a part of his body)