A birth defect often found on extremely unlucky Cybertronian boy. One in one hundred Cybertronian boy and one in one trillion human boy are reported suffer from this syndrome.

Symptom Edit

Gold Plate Syndrome get it name from the goldy shiny skin it granted the unlucky kid. Those shiny little armor plate and exoskeleton are made from a very brittle metal. That will break upon contact with anything, ANYTHING. Human affected with this condition also suffered the same effect, but worse because everything including organ of that kid is made from this shiny gold material. And 99 out of 100 case are reported that the kid will simply break into a big pile of blood and dust, BEFORE HE EVEN COME OUT OF HIS MOTHER WOMB.

It not a serious condition with the Cybertronian because new body are cheap. But to a human, it is a very serious condition

Serum Edit

Because this is "The Positive Omniverse" we talking about. Zen Seibertron Teikoku have keep a serum of this disease blood to research and sometime injected it to Xeno as a form of prank.

Important use of it are conduct by Star Saber who inject Princess Marie Ange with this serum along with Brickimus Maximus and Potus Manus to screw her firstborn child up. Then he use a coathanger to abort the child and eat it.

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