The Gormin
Gormin Profile
Homeworld: Nomadic
Tech Age: Space Age
Appearance: Large blocky humanoid robots
Common Traits: Internal Organics
Zealous to their mission
Series: Super Robot Diary
Type: Villains
Affiliation None
Created by SolZen321

The Gormin are a cyborg mechanoidrace devoted to hunting down, 'the beast', a terrible eldritch being only they believe exists. In truth they were servants of the Enemy

Appearance Edit

The Gormin appear as ten, fifteen feet tall beings, large insectoids in organic like mech armor. They had long heads with large pincers and three sets of eyes. They also have a pair of insect wings and clawed hands and feet. They also have 'stinger' on the side of their arms.

Nature Edit

On a microscopic level, their bodies are composed of cells integrated with circuitry. On a macro level, they are cyborgs, with a Mechanoid like anatomy.

At the center of their being is a Bio-Core, and their bodies use an odd glowing red blood that can metabolize fuels like Diesel or Engen. They also have a green viscous substance which hold Chlorophyll which allows them to use simple light as an energy source. Their favored energy source is Amalgomous Energy. Without it they are relatively lethargic

Technology Edit

Their technology is heavily based on Active Metal and Protein Circuits. Nearly everything they build has some degree of organic components. Interestingly, they do not have the means of producing their favored source of energy.

  • Gormin Stinger: Standard arms, they fire Hyper Lasers
  • Gormin Detonator: A grenade that explodes with Amalgomous Energy.

Culture and History Edit

Created by The Enemy, they were created to serve as soldiers in the war to eradicate all other forms of life. They worship their masters as gods and hold carry out their goal with a religious zeal.

At the end of the war, what scant few remained retreated into the core. Many were destroyed by the gravitational forces, but a few remain in hibernation.

Some were turned into The Ones.

Eventually those that remained were consumed to create the Cube

Starships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Their body design is based on Animated Starscream, while the head is based on Animated Waspinator's Wasp Head.

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